Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimMuharram: Dont beat your children, treat your wives well, and ladies should stay at home

If you fast 2 days, it will be like you fasted the whole month (of Muharram). May Allah make our fast complete and accepted in the Judgement Day. People have forgotten our original calendar, they are using the calendar of Christian world, they are confused and have lost their way. Therefore, the last day of hijri year 1431, is this coming Monday, (and) the first day of year 1432, is coming Tuesday: If you fast these 2 days, you get rewarded as if you fasted whole year. Then ashura days, they are 10 days. Whom they want, they can fast these 10 days or they can fast (the) 8th, 9th, and 10th day; or they can fast (the) 9th, 10th, or (and) 11th day.
Dont leave Muharram without fasting in it. It is an honoured month and it is coming loaded this year. Trouble and violence is everywhere now: do not go out too much, especially at night time, do not go anywhere, dont even go out to go to mosque, ladies. Do not go out for shopping, you leave shopping to your husbands and to your sons. You, ladies, do not go out for shopping. And also, in the month of Ashura, everyday make 40 salawat sharif tunjina:
100 times, Hasbuna Allah Rabbuna Allah
100 times say Bismillah er Rahman er Rahim
100 times Ikhlas al Sharif
100-1000 Salawat al Sharif

Be careful about your prayers. Like we said, if you want, you fast for 10 days, or if you want you fast the first day, and (the) 8th, 9th, 10th or 9th, 10th, 11th (day). Or if you fast only the 10th day, it is still enough. Whom they want to fast more, whom they want to please Allah and find place in Allah's heavens, they can fast more, they make more dhikr. Dunya is temporary, hereafter is eternal. We are not created for dunya, we are created for the servanthood of Allah Almighty. Your effort should be for hereafter - dunya is nothing. If you collect whole dunya, if it is all yours, even if all treasures of dunya belong to you: when you die, all of them are gone.

Try to find a place for yourselves in akhira, in heavens, try for the servanthood of Allah. You may find comfort in dunya, and your hereafter is eternal. Look after your children, at least keep them with you. Accustom your children to prayer when they are 5, 6, 7 years old. Do not torture them, be patient with children, do not treat them roughly, keep them well, dont beat them. Do not beat children, they are innocent, dont make innocent children cry, then you may cry. No matter how much they misbehave, maybe a little bit (punishment) because people have become wild now, they are torturing their children. Now there are evil people, who beat up their children very badly. That there is no limit to how much they will be beaten in hereafter. Whom they torture their wives,  there is no limit to their punishment. I am also speaking to men, to whole Anatolian people: treat your wives well.

If this government was (would be) good, they would make ladies housewives, not let them work outside. But all their work is against the Divine Law. Therefore always troubles, fires, disasters on them, in Turkey. Other nations even more, but there is noone who keeps the advice. There (is) fire, here flood, there earthquake, etc. In Turkey everything is messed up. For what? Because they left Allah's way for 90 years, they put aside Allah's Divine law, they are making laws as they like. The law they made as they liked, has no benefit for themselves nor for others. If they keep the laws Allah sent, then they may rise and their prestige go up and they may find honour, if not, they are on zero level. They can not pull themselves together.

Juma prayer is also put aside in Turkey, they put aside juma and put sunday (on its place). We have no connection with sunday, our holy day is friday. In every week, every time, juma is the festival day for believers. That day everybody, all offices work. This is done on purpose, so that people can not go to juma and it is forgotten. Juma can not be forgotten! For those who forgot juma, our prophet (sas) has cursed them; he said: they may not pull themselves together. Turks can not pull themselves together now, until they remove sunday and bring friday holiday.

Oh Muslims, listen! If you don't listen, troubles may come on you as well, dont let your wives work outside. Higher education has no meaning: what is high about them, if they dont teach Allah? How can it take you up? It may take you up, up and then drop, you fall and break down.

Ladies, you shall be housewives, keep your virtue and honour, do not let your daughters go to mixed schools. Ladies are not to work outside, for them their homes are appointed, they should stay in their homes, watch their homes. They should watch their virtues, they should be good mothers and raise their children well. Now what they say: my wife works and children are in limekiln (nursery). It is not limekiln, Sheikh Affendi, (words resemble: limekiln & nursery). What do they call it? Nursery. Why you call it nursery, not limekiln? Throw your children to limekiln and you go out and have fun, work. It is not men's turn to work? Men wander around in streets, all women fill offices - ladies place is not offices.

Lefke, 30.11.2010 translated from the Turkish

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