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My Daughters

Are you good? Alhamdulillah. As-salamu alaikum. May they be ladies of paradise. May Allah send us the
Sahib (S.Mahdi). May He send us Mahdi (as). May He open Sham and the East. Ya Rabbi. May these
daughters of mine be people of paradise. May they become neighbors of our mother Hz. Fatima. May
their children be of the virtuous ones. May I be among the virtuous too.
Where is that ....? Where is ....? Here she is. Kiss my hand. Bring me water.
May their ends be good. Mine too. "Waja'alna mina l ma'i kulla shay'in hayyin" (21:30) Angels of the seven
earths and seven heavens make tasbih for those who guard their purity, honor, religion and faith at the end
of times. Their tasbih comes. Therefore, these are my daughters. They are mine. May their ends be good.
Yes, very nice. Let them pray a lot for me. Shukr to Allah. May salat-us salam be for our Master. May they
continue their salawat. Our Ummuhan Sultan who let us be in this country and accepted you as well, who
was written for this country and has lain here for 1,500 years is watching both me and you. Fatiha. Read it.
May your lives be long. May your deeds be virtuous. Don't beat men. Beat men with sticks when you're
angry, not with hands, with sticks. Women will beat with pincers.
Marhaba. Marhaba. May archangels offer you marhaba. If only we could lay our heads on the sands
where the feet of our mother Fatima Zahra stepped, the most loved, generous lady of our Master. Make no
less than 100 salawat for our Master. That is our principal. May Allah be pleased with you. May He show
you good days. May He not show bad days. May your ends be good.
Oh Sham. May Sham be opened too. May Mahdi (as) come. May we take bayat from him and kiss his
hand. My Allah. Ya Rabbi. May He let us join the holy servants gathered under the flag of our Master. Do
they understand? They understand as much as I do.
Who is that like a minaret? O that one, hay faqir. Tell her to kiss her father's hand. Then tell her that he
shouldn't leave the maqam of the prophet Moses. If it were me, I would sweep the maqam of the prophet
Moses with a broom. The great prophet Moses (as). O glorious Nabi. He is a lion too. May you all be given
Are you happy? Are you comfortable? Do you have food? If only all of us were sand under the feet of our
mother Fatima z-Zahra. May she intercede for us. Fatiha.
Rukiya stood up. Rukiya Hanim, my generous one, put on green today so that it's seen that she is Hoja
Hanim. As-salamu alaikum. May your days be good. May your abode become paradise. May you become
neighbors of our mother Fatmatu z-Zahra. Fatiha.
May you not have troubles. Pray for me too. Pray. May they be like the roses of paradise. Your country is
festive. It has above and below. This is Na'ima hanim.
How, Rukiya? Aren't they cutting these? These dates? They've cut it. Sometimes you make soup. Perfect.
Sometimes you can't pass by it. Who made it? Jamila. Shall I swear at or respect you then? What shall we
do? Marhaba. Make a round like this, O bahlul (foolish one).
Marhaba. May Allah make you laugh. May you be beautiful both here and hereafter. May your ends be
good. May you be clean servants. May you become neighbors of our mother Fatmatu Zahra. Pray for me
as well. Fatiha.
O Padishah full of mercies, give from Your mercies to our body. May He remove these troubles as well.
Let us pray. What shall we do? How, Rukiya? Hoja hanim, kiss her hand. Hay faqir. Long live. Ya Mu'afi.
Let him come to me to work a bit. He will come to his senses. This is my daughter.
Look, a cat is coming. It's from the other ones (jinn). As-salamu alaikum, O holy ones. Witness the
beautiful conditions of our daughters. Accept me as well. May they respect me. May their abodes become

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