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(Sheikh Effendi spricht über Großsheikh Sharafuddin, der eines Tages seinen Schüler Großsheikh Abdullah fragte, wie er denn den Tee kochen würde. Abdullah ad-Dagistani antwortete, dass er den Tee nie kochen lassen sondern ihn vorher - halbheiss - aufschütten würde. Dies würde zu einer besseren Diurese (Harnlassen) führen als jedes Medikament und so eine wichtige Naturmedizin darstellen. Zudem hätte der Tee keine Nebenwirkungen so wie die künstlichen Medikamente. Sheikh Effendi fährt dann fort:)

Allah gave special quality to some herbs, with his wisdom. If you do this (drinking no-hot tea), it can substitute for the artificial pills; it makes no heaviness for the body, no harm for the kidneys. It (drinking not-boiled tea) removes excess water from the body. It is a wisdom from Allah. Allah appointed a cure for every sickness. It is natural, meaning every plant growing in the nature has a benefit. But doctors these days do not accept this. Regardless, they try to cure with their artificial medicine, what the natural herbs can give to people, they try to replace with pills or vaccines, they give to patients only for the reason of commerce, nothing else. Allah has not created a disease without creating a cure for it (hadith). Allah created a cure for all diseases. People can not get well with fake drugs. There are all kind of plants that Allah created on earth. There is a special quality within each plant; if people use this quality, they can take comfort. They destroy and damage inside the body, because they are fake drugs. It is necessary to put yourself in Allahs hands and believe. It is necessary to believe in Allah who arranges peoples live and to understand the purposes of what He created. Whom he has faith in Allah gets benefit from various types of plants growing on earth. Drugs can be found but the healing coming from those plants, growing in mountains, in deserts. Their healing effects may not show itself in a few days, even if takes longer time, eventually it will heal that disease. But people of this time have no patience. Because they have no patience, they want to get well immediately when they get sick. They cant be (well)! They cant be (well)! They have to be patient, they have to repent to Allah. Make Tauba, make Rabbun Allah, Hasbun Allah dhikr. Wa min Allahu tawfiq. May Allah make our belief stronger, so that we can have faith, whom he has faith, his live is sweet, whom has no faith, their live is bitter, poison. Fatiha.

Lefke, 13.11.2010

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