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This is a short introduction for a new medicine and treatment booklet. People in our days are
very much in need of this, because illness are increasing and it is becoming more and more
impossible for physicians or scientists to find names, treatments or medicines to cure these

Simple illnesses have simple medicines, but during the development of mankind and the
growing up of disobedience, the illnesses also started to be disobedient against the medicines
and could not be cured anymore. By permission of Allah Almighty a very grave illness can also
be defeated by simple medicine but the more mankind became disloyal and disobedient to
Divine Laws, the more illnesses were impossible to cure, even the most simple ones.

Nowadays you must use so many medicines for curing. Don’t believe that those medicines
and operations are of any use! If people were obedient servants, Allah Almighty could be able
to give health and to take away that illness. As long as people think that medicines will take
away illness, the illnesses will never go away.

The heavy pressure of artificial medicines will make them sleepy or even to loose their
consciousness. Then when the powerful medicine and poison is taken away, the bacteria and
microbes awake and begin to rush and to eat the organs because Allah Almighty gives
command: ‘Destroy!’

The reason for all of this is disobedience. These people never think that health comes from
Allah, they think that health is a result of tablets, pills and operations. That is a big sin.
Once I visited a doctor in Karachi, Pakistan. It was a simple clinic. Over the door was written
a Holy Verse from the Holy Quran: ‘If I will be ill, my Lord will give me health.’ (26:80).
That is a big warning and attention for everyone coming to a doctor. It is not correct to say:
‘This doctor doesn’t know anything.’ The cure doesn’t come from the doctor and from
medicines, but from Allah. When people left this belief and left paradise, thousands and
thousands of illnesses fell over them, even though there are only 360 organs.

Some people come to me after having gone to so many doctors. They say, ‘No-one knows
how to cure this illness!’ What I understand is that everyday new illnesses occur which not
even professors know anything about. Partly very strange illnesses concerning: eyes, ears,
tongue, brain, throat, heart, liver, lungs, stomach, kidney, bones, blood, nose…..
In our days such a complexity comes out of our bodies. People get ill, feel ill, go to a
physician, to laboratories, make x-rays, feel ill, go again and after having made a full check-up
the doctors tell them:

‘There is nothing wrong.’
‘But I am ill’
‘Everything is alright’
‘I feel ill’.

That is another kind of punishment, to feel ill. There is no medicine, but they will get drugs to
forget to make some parts of the brain not to function. The physician will feel obliged to give
drugs and so, even though the patient is not ill, the doctor will poison him. Millions have this
kind of illness.

The last thing will be that the doctors say ‘We must cut your head’. Then they touch the
brain. This is the most difficult operations, no one should accept it. With heart operations it is
the same: it is dangerous and hopeless.

To use a knife is always harmful, but nowadays physicians mostly hurry up and cut. That is so
difficult and so harmful. Without using a knife, there is a treatment for every illness, a natural
medicine. It may take more time, but it has not side effects.

We believe that there are many reasons for people to get ill. Some are physical reasons, some
spiritual. And so, as believers, we do not accept that every illness only comes from a disease
and only has something to do with this life. It is also a heavenly reaction that affects people
and makes them ill.

All prophets advised their nations, their believers, their followers, to use charities as a
protection against illnesses. It is not only in Islam that we say that charity gives you a shelter
against illnesses. Every religion has declared through their prophets the importance of giving or
doing charity.

That is the reason that we are repeating the same orders like all the prophets were giving,
including the last prophet, peace be upon him, and upon them. Charities must be done or given
first. Before using any medicine, people must try to cure themselves by doing charity. That is
why charity is so important.

When we understand this, treatment is easy for believers. For unbelievers the cure is very
difficult. The souls help the believers to be cured, but unbelievers have souls that are against
themselves and these will never support them. So the cure of unbelievers will be longer and
longer or may be even stay until the last moment of their lives.

Believers, however, because their souls support and help them, can quickly be treated and
cured. So the most important factor for the treatment and the cure of an illness is to give charity –

It is the most terrible and most dangerous time for living people and for them to be safe against
all unknown illnesses. As long as physicians and researchers are searching they will find more
illnesses and more medicines and treatments against them. It will be impossible to make a limit.
The number of illnesses and the number of treatments existing in our days have reached a
climax. This makes physicians and scientists tired and they are coming to a point of becoming
hopeless to be able to prevent the spreading of illnesses or to be able to control them.
Therefore we are looking for some main medicine to treat mankind. First treatment of all for
every ill person is: they must believe.

Unbelief brings endless reasons of illnesses as a punishment. And so, as a first treatment for all
mankind: It is the most important thing to believe in the existence of the Lord of the Universes.
Secondly, mankind needs to accept advice. First of all from the Lord of Heavens, secondly
from His Prophets and thirdly from the Friends of the Lord. If they not hearing and listening to
the Heavenly Advices of Lord Almighty Allah, of His beloved Prophet Seyidina Mohammed, of
all prophets and also not accepting advice from the other inheritors of prophets: the holy ones,
the friends of Allah, they will suffer and there will be no more cure for them.

Perhaps the treatment will even be a punishment for them. In our days nearly every treatment
is through surgery and surgery is not a real treatment. It was not until this century that surgery
started to be used in this exaggerated way. Today surgery is the most important treatment for
illnesses. Perhaps 99% of the physicians want to use the knife of surgery and nothing else.
They want to cut, to sew, to add, to destroy and nothing else! That is not treatment, it is a

That is why we are saying: everyone must believe in the existence of the Lord of Heavens,
must believe in the existence of the Creator of the whole universe and must believe in His Will
Power. They must also believe that the treatment of His servants only can come from His
Will. Only if He is willing, can treatment come to the people, to ill people. If He does not
want, only more punishment will come, not treatment.

For this reason only a small percentage of the people have not had a knife cutting their body.
That is one way in which this punishment reaches the whole world from East to West.
Illness is a punishment for people living in our days. After getting that punishment, the
treatment, which they are asking for is the next punishment, and he result of it is that they will
be crippled. In our days every part of the body has been cut and opened and has suffered:
head, heart, liver…. Every part of the body has been touched by knives. All this is another
punishment; it will not give the patient rest, never! It is not a treatment.

With my given authority I am advising all mankind to hear and to listen to the words of the
Lord. If they are not listening and obeying, that punishment will just rain on them every day
and there will be no treatment and no medicine for them. There will be no happiness and no
rest for their bodies or minds or for their hearts.

This includes to listen to His beloved messenger Seyidina Mohammed, peace be upon him.
Allah Almighty taught him every kind of treatment. Every illness is well known by the Seal of
Prophets and he has been given heavenly knowledges concerning medicines and treatments for
every kind of illness.

We are advising to use some of these divine treatments, just simple medicines, natural
medicines, because our bodies belong to nature and its cure can only come through natural
medicines. Every artificial thing that grows in our days is against the nature of mankind.
Therefore it must be stopped! Every artificial, synthetic medicine is against the nature of our
structure and so it must be stopped. It harms and damages the structure of our bodies.
People of the 20 century have lost their patience. Mankind has no more patience. They are
asking for quick treatment, and treatment through natural medicine takes time, but mankind has
no patience and ask for their pain and suffering to stop quickly. Therefore they want new
artificial strong medicines and it is not important for them if they are damaging their bodies.
Their only interest is to stop their pain and suffering quickly.

An important advice for ill people: to be patient enough to use natural medicines. These natural
medicines have been used through centuries since the beginning of life on earth. Mostly they
have been taught to the people through heavenly knowledges, through prophets and
messengers. It has been completed by the Seal of Prophets, Seyidina Mohammed, peace be
upon him.

Mankind must also try to keep their bodies safe. The way of doing this, is to keep everything
away which harms our body. Everything which harms our physical body is mentioned in the
heavenly messages, heavenly knowledges, heavenly advices and heavenly treatments. You
must keep these rules and stay away from every damaging and harming thing which is written
in the Holy Books and is prohibited by the Lord Almighty Allah. As long as you are going
against these, you will be punished and have no treatment.

Illnesses never come without a reason: either it is as a punishment to make that person to obey,
or it is to demonstrate the treatment for others. And so, who drinks alcohol must be punished.
All drinks that harm he body are prohibited and should not be drunk. Anyone who comes
against this and says, ‘Oh, just a little bit ..’ will be punished just a little bit. If a person drinks
a little bit of poison he will suffer a little bit. If he takes more, he will suffer more. This is
because prohibited things are poison, spiritually and physically.

If anyone smokes, he must be punished. If only a little bit, he must be punished a little bit. If
very much, the punishment will be very big. If a person eats pork and that which is prohibited of
dead animals, it will harm his body he must be punished.

If man and woman make illegal actions: once, twice, three times, something may attack her and
him and they will be punished. Until people leave all these things that I am mentioning, they will
be punished sooner or later.

In the time of Prophet most of the people were ignorant and they were doing everything. Then
Islam came, they accepted it and were cleaned by following the Lord’s command. And so, if
anyone today is doing wrong out of ignorance and then say, ‘I am finishing this and now, my
Lord, I am listening and obeying…..’, then the illnesses can be carried away by Divine Will
without even using any medicine. That is the treatment for him or for her then, and it is
allright. When unbelief, ‘Kufr’, is taken away, everything else that is bad is taken away too.

But it must be well known that every prohibited thing brings illnesses, unknown illnesses. As in
our days unknown illnesses are coming to us through homosexual people, and there is no
medicine, no treatment, because it is against the Holy Command of the Lord of Heavens. If
they find some cure, another hopeless illness will come, because the Creator creates so many
bacteria and viruses, it is endless….

Therefore the first protection is not to put the body in front of danger. In the same way as
someone who puts their hand on an electric wire also will feel the painful reaction.
The parents of children born with illnesses are the ones being punished, not the children. If
people take care, then they are protected. For these people it is easy to be treated. Simple!
Even water, the source of life, gives them treatment and can be medicine.

Allah created cold water and hot water. You may lie in cold water or in hot water on in mud
and your body can be like renewed. You may drink some water and it can clean your inside.
You may eat grapes and it will be like medicine. You may eat melon and it will give you
strength. You may eat wheat and it will give you power. Everything that we are using as a
grace or as a favour from Allah Almighty will at the same time be power and medicine for us.
In that way, there is no need to look for other medicines because of he Lord of Heavens, the
Lord of the children of Adam, created everything and gave a treatment for everything. Life
power is in every food and likewise every food is a medicine. The only condition is to say, ‘In
the name of Allah Who created this for his servants’ wealth and health; when eating or
drinking. Use everything in His Name and it will be medicine and treatment for you.

That is the only purpose for which the Lord created it. Not to be avoided by His servants.
When you are going to important physicians or specialists who then say, ‘Don’t eat this, don’t
touch that, don’t use that…’ That is not a treatment, it is a punishment because you were not
using it in the name of the Lord that created it. And so Allah prevents you and as a
punishment the doctors will tell you: ‘Don’t eat sugar, don’t eat fruits, don’t eat meat, don’t
touch butter, and don’t touch honey….’

Mankind must learn to come and declare their humbleness towards the Lord of Heavens. As
long as they are not doing that, as long as they are not declaring their servanthood, they will be
punished and nothing will give them any treatment or health even if they kill the whole world
with medicines. The whole world can be filled with doctors and medicines and specialists and
still it will be impossible to give mankind any health or rest or peace or satisfaction or take
away their suffering and miseries. This must be wellknown.

I am speaking to all mankind so that they may be warned by Heavenly Warnings. Everything
that has been declared in this small booklet has been said with this condition. I hope for
endless blessings by the Lord of Heavens for it to be useful for mankind. May Allah bless us
and accept our excuse and grant us from His endless blessings so that we may believer and be
good servants.


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