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When salt is refined, so many things are taken away which give benefit to the body and which the body needs. The same with oliveoil: when it is refined its natural orginality changes. Everything which is refined brings harms to mankind. They are always trying to change the natural being. They think that the Lord Almighty Allah doesn't know what is suitable for our beings, so they try to change it and to make it more suitable. That is impossible! Allah knows! For thousands of years no-one ever thought of refining oliveoil. Now they remove the rich parts and use them for something else. They do not throw them away, they use them for other purposes. Maybe for other oils, or margarines. So they leave the oliveoil without essence, and the essence is the important point in it which gives the benefit to our bodies. They are trying everything in their minds to change as much as possible. But the best for mankind is that which Allah Almighty has created. It should be used without putting your hand to change its identity. Keep it as it is. If man eats that which comes from nature, the way it is, it is the best medicine for the physical bodies. But mankind is so involved with everything that they plant vegetables, corns and fruits and make people more sick.
They do not want people to be healthy, because thousands of factories work to produce medicines. Only a small bottle of medicine costs so much money. There is so much trade from medicine. You cannot find a family which doesn't use medicine. Every family! For their children, adults, men, women, sick-ones or healthy-ones. They do not even leave the healthy-ones alone! They say to them that they have to take this and that to checkup on themselves, or to prevent illnesses that could come. Everyone is being cheated to use tablets, or injections, or sirups. The goal is to make everyone a customer of the medicine factories, huge factories. People think that they cannot live without medicines. Once the idea has been established, that life without medicine is not possible, people are even grateful for all the medicines. Sometimes there is no more medicine in our countries, so people are sent to Europe to get more tablets. Very often the medicine brought is out of time, but they do not mind.
When people use herbs and everything which belongs to wild nature and hasn't been changed, they will find the best medicine. But it is now in fashion to use so many artificial medicines and everything which has been made artificially, harms the body. The worst is the antibiotics. It fights the body, every cell is harmed by it. The doctors know, but patients have no patience and that is why doctors are obliged to give their patients such quick solutions.
So to have health it is important to use what is healthy. That is the best knowledge for people. People now do not use their physical body in a good way, but in the worst. So even the bodies of the young start to finish when they are 25 years old, because they are not using spiritual power to uphold their physical body. They are wasting their physical powers without thinking. That is why many are finished when they are only 25 years old. The power of the physical bodies of prophets and holy people never get weaker. Even if they are 100 years or more, it must be the same, because the spiritual power supports them.
In London there are milk-men. Their cars work with battery, because they only go a few steps and then they stop. If they were using ordinary cars, the engine would burn out quickly. That is why they are using batteries. Those cars cannot be used on the motorway. And those who do not use their spiritual power are like that. Their bodies have only been trained to work with batteries. The power of the physical body will get weaker and weaker and weaker. So to use a battery for even 25 years is too much. But those who use spiritual power have atomic power.
There are aircrafts that work with atomic power that can go around the world for 10 years or more. Spiritual power is even more than that. It makes people to be able to live strongly without problems until the end of his life. He will be in the same at the end as in the beginning. It will never change. But people do not understand. They say, "No!" to all of this and then, when their battery has finished they come to me and they say, "Oh, Sheik, I have no power..." I tell them, "You have burned your energy, it is finished! What can I do for you?"
Italy - 01.11.1994
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