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Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim... A new page is opened... Bismillahi-r-Rahmani-r-Rahim...

Welcome to you- so many brothers and sisters just came for a visit. May
Allah bless you and your life, as well as your actions. We are asking a
blessed life, and everyone must ask for that. This is what Allah Almighty is
asking for His servants: to have a blessed life, hayatan tayyiban.

Allah created man, and then from man He created woman. The first man was
created and put in Paradise. Then from a part of his body Allah created the
first woman. He settled them in Paradise, and the life of Paradise is
blessed. No trouble, no difficulties, no ugly visions, no bad actions
through Paradise, everything in its best condition. That is our belief which
we have been offered through Holy Books and prophets. It is heavenly
knowledge, real knowledge, giving lights to mankind. Anyone reaching to holy
books and prophets is reaching heavenly lights, because Allah Almighty never
sent His prophets without lights. They have been granted heavenly lights,
and then they have been sent on earth to pass on those heavenly lights to
mankind. Who believes in them and comes to them, is given from heavenly
lights. And heavenly lights lead people to a blessed life. Without these
lights, no one can reach to a blessed life.

Don't think your studying in all of these schools, colleges, academies or
universities is giving you light- never, because from the start they tell
you: 'It is forbidden to speak about holy books and to bring to these
education centers anything of what they are informing people about.' They
are not accepting that. Therefore their knowledge remains like coal. There
may be one hundred tons of coal in a warehouse, but it will never give any
heat or light and stay as a dark material, without a match. But 21st century
people think they know something- and they don't know anything, they are
ignorant. They say: 'We are not accepting that match through our lessons. We
are supplying coal and give coal, but we are not asking light.' Therefore
they forbid the holy Name of Allah to be mentioned. No one shall say god,
dieu, dios, teos, in the universities. It is prohibited.

Allah Almighty is saying: 'It doesn't matter. If you like, take dark coal,
that doesn't give any blessed light to you.' Always there is a connection
between Heavens and earth. But if you cut it, you don't find a blessed life
on earth anymore. Finished. Now in the 21st century 1oo% of the people-
governments, states, professors, educated people- all of them cut the
connection between Heavens and earth. They fight every aspect that belongs
to Heavens and say: 'No, we are materialist people, we don't accept anything
beyond material things.' No spirituality- finished. Without spirituality
people are like rocks or robots. And they try to make people like robots-
eating, drinking and bringing generation- no more, asking to reach a
pleasure through that.

People are on two levels: The majority of people is running after their
provision, worrying about what they should eat, how they may reach to their
provision, to fill their stomach. Everyone now is trying to fill their
stomach, not to fill their mind. Everyone who is running to learn something,
runs not for their head and mind, but for their stomach, trying to find a
way that should be pleasure for their stomach, not a way, that may give
pleasure for their mind. The whole day they may work like working animals,
and then, at the end of the day, they come to fulfill their physical
refreshment, pleasures.

This is one level. They ask to reach their provision for living, and now it
is getting more and more narrow. They are coming from a large tunnel that
they are asking to reach, and the tunnel is getting more and more narrow and
dark, and they are being pushed into it. That is the general view for whole
countries, including the islamic world, and it is a shame for the islamic
world to have such a bad position. It may be for the non-muslim world, but
this crises must not be for the Muslim world and people should not have to
suffer, no. It is a big shame for the muslim world, and the blame is on the
Muslims, who believe in the Lord of Heavens as their Creator and supporter.
Allah supports Kufr or Iman?!

But the muslim world is asking support from the non-muslim world, and
therefore Allah is leaving them to fall down. They are not thinking of
Allah's support, they are not asking for it, but asking support from such
countries like America, Russia, China, Europe. It can't be. Blame to
Muslims. How it can be that Muslims ask support from unbelievers,
non-muslims, Christians, Jews? But they are no mind Muslims now, square-head
Muslims, gafil, heedless. No-muslims ask to make Muslims as themselves,
therefore they say: 'Western civilization', not saying: 'Western wildness',
'Western violence'. Where is that civilization? It is civilization to make
such terrible weapons to kill millions and millions of people? And Islam
coming to make people alive, not coming to kill people. A bad current is
coming through the muslim world, and the whole world has a bad vision of
Islam, so that they are hating Muslims. They show Muslims and Islam in a
very hated vision. They say Islam is only coming to kill.

I was reading an article in a newspaper. The editor is saying: 'I am fearing
the sword of Islam.' What an innocent, square-head editor. She is saying
this and she is not fearing the atom and hydrogen bombs and missiles? Ma sha
Allah! You may defend yourself against a sword, but not against a rocket,
that may kill hundreds and thousands of people in a second. They are showing
Islam in a bad way. The wildest creature for the non-muslim world is a
Muslim. Blame for Muslims that they make this fundamentalism and do
everything against Shariat-u-llah and make Islam to be blamed.

You are coming here from European countries. You know what is happening
there. People are not looking to you with good eyes, but they think that you
are like wolves, wild animals, that may kill and eat them. That image is
coming to the whole muslim world through no mind Muslims, that have studied
and have been prepared in Europe, in western countries. Then they come to
the East and do what Christians are doing, and make Islam in such a hated

Therefore now the islamic world is also going to be cleaned. Allah Almighty
is asking to clean muslim countries from those bad ones who act against
Islam. They must be killed and taken away. And S.Mehdi a.s. is only coming
for that. Before the Christians, among Muslims must be cleaned. Who shows
Islam from a bad side, giving a bad image for Islam, should be killed. Why
is Allah Almighty making America to come on the muslim world? Allah is
sleeping? He is not knowing? He is sending them for that purpose only. No
fundamentalism, no terrorism in Islam! Allah makes America to come and clean
the muslim community from those Shaitans, that give a bad image to Islam- a
punishment for their bad actions. It is not true to kill innocent people, to
put on oneself such bombs and go and kill oneself and other people. This is
not the way of an islamic war, but a shaitanic way of war.

Therefore Allah Almighty sends America, the super-power on earth now, making
their president number one to come on the islamic world anywhere that he can
find someone who is going against the Shariat-u-llah, claiming and cheating
people with their 'Jihad'.

No Jihad without a Sultan, no Shariat without a Sultan- they are liar! No
one can say and declare Jihad. Who are you? Therefore life on earth now, the
islamic world included, is unblessed, and all people are in miseries and

The Prophet was informing that should come a time of fitna and wrong things,
and that there should come a punishment on people. No one should be happy,
except a few people, to whom no trouble should reach. Troublemakers should
be everywhere, but Allah Almighty will protect some of His muslim servants,
so that they should not be touched nor harmed, nor suffer from anything.
Who are they? They are those who ask support from Allah. But who is asking
support from the East or West, from non-muslims countries, should fall down
and disappear.

What I am saying now is enough for you and the whole world, if
understanding. If not understanding, they should be finished... I am asking
the Muslims especially and also all who believe in Allah Almighty to ask
support from Him, not from their materials. No more will material things
give any support to mankind, not billions of Dollars, Pounds or Mark, from
now until Qiyama. Not even gold will give a support to mankind, even they
may have tons of gold. The only support is coming from Allah now.

O people, you must try to be right ones, true ones. And true ones are those
who ask support from Allah Almighty. And His support makes people true.
Without support from Him, no one can be true. And if people are not true,
there is no more chance for them anymore to live on earth, it is finished.
They will be taken away...

He is only Sultan- from pre-eternal to eternal. Try to be His obedient
servant, to be in safety and to reach to a blessed life forever, here and
hereafter through Paradise...And may Allah give more honour to His most
honoured servant Sayidina Muhammad sws.

Lefke - 26.12.2001

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