Maulana Sheikh NazimNo blessings for wives who go to work

We cannot expect to find ladies to marry in the West who are keeping the Shariah completely. But if we can find someone who is respecting the Shariah and not working outside, but looking after her home, her husband and her children, it is enough. A Muslim should never let his wife work. Even if she would bring home 10000 pieces of gold every month, there would still not be any blessing on it. It is against the Shariah to send your wife to work for people. She must keep her honour. If she gets out without the protection of her husband or of a maher she is putting her honour under the feet of people. Believers have honour and we must keep it. Even if we are only able to afford dry bread it is better than if your wife makes it possible for you to eat chicken and mutton, curry and halwa every day.

I'm especially advising the brothers from Pakistan not to let their ladies go to work. Perhaps they need to before they get married, that doesn't matter. But when they get married every responsibility lies on the shoulders of the husband. It is not right to let your wife work for other men. Look after her. If it is difficult to do straight away, let her come slowly, slowly back to her home.

If Muslims would keep that rule one of the biggest problems in every country: unemployment, would be solved. People think that just because they live in America, haram becomes halal! Dunya is like three days, but after that comes Akhirat. Be patient with your dry bread and salt, but don't go against Allah's Command. You did not come to this country for the sake of Allah. You think that there is another Allah in America. The provision intended for you will not change, but you will be loaded with much more work. You will be like a donkey thinking for 24 hours a day about your work. You eat the same food in Pakistan: chicken, curry and rice. I thought that you might be eating lamb, kebabs, köfte and halva here. But every time I come to a Pakistani house it is the same curry, chicken and rice. Nothing has changed. The only difference is that you have been loaded much more with the burdens of life and you have to work much more. All you are trying to do is to save more money, money, money...

Oh people, try to correct your ways! Look once again if you are living the way Allah wants you to. One way goes to Heaven the other to hell. Look on which way you are running. This life is not a joke, take it seriously. The real honour is if you are working for Him, not for this world.


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