Maulana Sheikh NazimNo Divine Laws without a Sultan

We need a Sultan. Without a Sultan we will not be able to defend ourselves in a Divine Way. There must be one Sultan for all Muslims. That is the Holy Command of Allah the Almighty. But people have lost it. 75 years ago the Turks threw away their Caliph, the Sultan. The ancestors of the Muslims of Hindistan helped to save the Maqqam-ul-Khilafa, the Sultan, but finally they were cheated. For 75 years now the Muslims have lost their Sultan. The Shariah cannot work without a Sultan, and a Sultan cannot work without the Shariah. One completes the other. You must always remind people of this. In 1999 it is the 700th anniversary of the beginning of the Ottoman Empire. We hope that Allah the Almighty will give them their power to be on the way of Islam as they were before.


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