Maulana Sheikh Nazim Without relationship to Heavens there is no glory and no honour

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya…Allah Allah…Audhu bi-llahi ina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim…”Subhanak, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana”…ya Allah, ya Allah! You only, oh our Lord, may grant us to know (something) through Your most beloved servant, the most honoured servant in Your divinely Presence, who is representing Your Glory! Who is that one? S.Muhammad sws.

(He is) representing the Glory of the Lord of Heavens, (and) no one else. From him all chosen ones take glory; (those) chosen ones that they are in relationship with Heavens. If a person (is) not reaching a relationship to Heavens, (he has) no glory and no honour. Subhanallah, Glory be to Allah!

And (S.Muhammad sws) he is that one who (is) granting (that glory) on behalf of the Lord of Heavens. On behalf of the whole creation and creatures S.Muhammad sws (is) representing (Allah’s) Glory. Glory is (a) divinely Attribute, and if it is not dressed on a person, you can’t see it. Glory is (a) divinely Attribute, but, to be seen, (it) must be dressed on someone, so that people may see, may look, (and it) may be seen the Glory of the Lord of Heavens. Allah’s Glory is dressed on S.Muhammad sws, and you may see (something) from Allah’s Glory in S.Muhammad’s glorious being; (there is) no being there except (the) appearance (of the divinely) Attribute (of) Glory on S.Muhammad, peace be upon him!

Who is not reaching to him, (they are) never taking any Glory here or Hereafter; and everyone who (is) asking for eternal Glory must be in relationship with that glorious one. Allah’s Glory just may be seen on him (, S.Muhammad sws) only, or (if he was not there to be dressed with that divine Attribute of Glory,) it was going to be closed; no one (was) knowing (about it). No one can see that Glory, if (there is) not that one to be dressed from divinely Glory. And (through) that divinely Glory, when (it is) dressed on him, that one (is) becoming glorious. And everyone that (is) reaching to him, may be dressed (something from that) Glory according to their capacity or abilities.

There are some atoms through (the) experiments of scientists, (when they are) asking to look and sending a powerful light on them, then they are becoming to be seen on (a) screen. If (you are) taking that light, they can’t be seen. When (they are) sending that powerful light, they may look and see these atoms’ movements. They can’t see their real being, but they may catch their movements as sparks, and (from these) they are understanding that there is some being on that screen. If you are not sending that strong powerful lights on them, they are in darkness, (and) you can’t know their existence.

And everyone also here, in creation, if it is not sent on them divinely Lights, (they) can’t be seen (to be) in existence. And those, whom they are coming in existence, (in order) to take a share from the glory of that glorious one, (they) must be in relationship to him, then that glory can be seen on them, or (else) they should be in darkness, (and there is) no glory (for them). And everyone now whom they are asking (for) that glory, (they) must search (for) the way, how they can be able to make a relationship to that one. If they are not asking (for that relationship), they are not going to be Prophets; (and) if people are not asking to reach and to be in relationship with that Glory through that glorious one, they (are) never going to take (any) Glory from the Lord’s unlimited Glorious and Glory Oceans.(The) Dominions of the Lord of Heavens (are) shining with that Glory!

(His) Dominion is something else from creation- (it is) shining. And through all Holy Books (this is) just mentioned, that if a person (is) not reaching to Lights, he can’t see, (he) can’t understand and (he) can’t reach to that Glory. Billions of people are reciting (the) Old Testament, from (the) beginning (of mankind on this earth) up today, as well as billions of people are reading and looking through (the) New Testament- but they never reach to that Glory! If one of them (is) reaching to that to Glory Ocean, (he) can’t be under the command (of) anyone except (the Command of) that glorious one! No one can be over those people, who reached (the) Glory of the Lord of Heavens through that most glorious one or the representative of the Lord’s Glory Ocean (,S.Muhammad sws,) that he is glorious; they can’t reach any Lights from (the) Light Oceans of the Greatness and Majestic Glory, (it) can’t be dressed on them.

‘Glorious’ and ‘Majestic’, that belongs to the Dominions of Allah Almighty. Dominion- this word is a very shining word in English- Dominion. Allahu Akbar! Even English people can’t know the real meaning of ‘Dominion’. That is an honour that (is) reaching from the Lord of creation to (His) creatures, (that they can) belong to the Dominions of the Lord of Heavens.

They are reading (this in their Holy Books), it is mentioned, and (in) the Last Message, through the Holy Quran, you can find (verses) like Oceans about the Dominions of the Lord of Heavens, but they are reading (the) Holy Quran also as they are reading (the) newspaper. Anyone who is looking to the Hoy Quran now(adays) they are carrying a book, (a Tafsir), through their hands and they are saying: “Around theses pages there is the meaning of the Holy Quran.” What is that foolishness? How you are claiming to put oceans in a coffee-cup? Allahu akbar! What is that foolishness? Who (is) believing (what they are claiming)? Or do you think that oceans may enter through (that) very small metal cup for needles, (that) the tailors (are) using, a thimble? It is small. They are claiming that: “We are putting (the) Holy Quran’s meanings around those pages- twenty lines, we are putting (them) around (the Arabic Quran)…” Therefore everyone is coming and bringing (a Quran) to me (saying:) “Oh Sheikh! We are looking here and never seeing what you are speaking about… From where (you are bringing these meanings)? This is verse- this is (its) meaning. From where you are speaking (and) addressing to people?” It is written, it is in it, but it is so difficult to reach to know (and) to understand, to ask, to love and to be dressed that Glory.

Therefore people are ignorant with their learned ones, saying: “Doctor X.” “Who is that one?” “Anglican Church Bishop, Dr. X.” I am saying: “Which Holy Book is mentioning that title of ‘Doctor’? (In the) Old Testament or (in the) New Testament they are finding (it)? And on their footsteps (are) our Muslims, modernised Muslims; learned people (among them) are using that title, Dr.Ahmad, Dr.Ahmak… Dr.Crazy… I am calling one of them (and asking):

”Come. What are you doing here?” “I am coming to give a speech to (the) Muslims.” I am saying: “First (of all)- you know (how) to clean this mosque? Take this brush!” “Sheikh, what you are saying! I am (a) Doctor, I am not (a) servant to clean (the) mosque!” “What is your title?” “I am Doctor.” “Take my pulse.” “I can’t take pulse.” “Look my mind.” “I don’t know (about that).” “Look my heart.” “No, (I don’t know).” From where Muslims (are) bringing the title of Doctor? Doctor, President of Azhar University… Doctor. Now the President of Azharu Sharif (and all responsible ones there), all of them they are Doctors.

From where (is) coming this title? Through (the) Holy Quran you are looking? (But they are) gnorant ones, (they have) no lights to see from where honour (is really) coming to them! (It is) not coming through empty imitated titles that they are imagining or making. They are making imitated titles, (they are) imitated, not real ones. They are thinking that each title gives them something and (they are) running after such nonsense titles, and (yet) they are ignorant.

Therefore- if I am looking and seeing (that at) the beginning of their name (it is written) ‘Doctor’, I am saying: “Leave him. (He is) never understanding the existence of (the) Glory of (the) Dominions of the Lord of Heavens, Allah Almighty. Leave that one- don’t listen to him, you can’t learn anything from him, no!” Common people may be ignorant and they may say: “Yes, I don’t know. I am ignorant, I am not learned.” But those whom they are saying: “We are knowing, because we are Doctors”, don’t believe them! They are imitated ones. As a person that is claming: “I am (a) doctor” - and (he is) using an imitated diploma (that) it is not true- (he is) harming people. (And) also, if a person (is) using that empty title, imitated title (of Doctor of Islam), if anyone is listening to them, they are going to be much more ignorant ones, because (an) ignorant person may teach people (only) ignorance, nothing else. (If) he is ignorant, what (he is going to teach? Must teach ignorance. (A real) learned one may teach you something from knowledge that belongs to that Glorious One. And His Glory (is) covering every divinely Attribute.

Therefore- no one can reach to that point, the rank of the Seal of Prophets no, he is only one also, can’t be two. People (are) never running to learn (the) real points of Reality and what belongs to that reality: (the) glory of that glorious one. They are not understanding, and therefore their level, peoples level now, is the lowest level. Before time they were looking to understand something, real seekers were running to know something, but now people have been dressed (the) dress of Shaitan’s pride. That pride (is) making a hindrance between them and Reality. And every time (that) they are looking through that hindrance and (they are) saying: “This we are”, Shaitan is cheating them through their egos and they are falling through darkness, through dark worlds. Therefore the level of people now is (the) lowest level. And every trouble (is) coming from that point and people are in need to be saved, but those Doctors (are) making them more ill, more sick. Instead to treat them, (they are) making much more (ill), giving much more trouble to people, harming them and making them to be in a Bahrul Haira, an ocean of astonishing, (so) they are surprising, saying: “What is that!” (They are) falling in it (that ocean of bewilderment) and they can’t see, (they) can’t take a feeling and they are in fear and in (a) hopeless situation and every trouble (is) just growing through that field.

May Allah change our lives from (a) dirty life to (a) clean life and change His servants, to take (from them) imitated dressings and to put on them real dressings that (are) shining and giving glory to those who dress them…

May Allah forgive me and bless you, for the honour of the most glorious one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 02.05.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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