Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim No one (is) asking to be second-class

Destur, ya Sultanu-l Anbiya, Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded Ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ’Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanaka! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim! Ya Rabbana, ya Allah!

No one (is) asking to be second-class… where is X.? First class lecturer… No one (is) accepting to be second-class, everyone (is) asking to be first class, but they are only asking, as a person (who is) asking to be on (the) Moon, asking to be on (the) Venus, on (the) Mars or on (the) Jupiter or asking to be on (the) Saturn- everyone (is) asking to be there, but only they are claiming to be there, and no one (is) asking: “How we can reach to that (planet)?”

Allah Almighty (was) sending (the) Holy Quran through (the) most honoured one, (the) most praised one, (the) most beloved one in His divinely Presence, sending His last Message that that message is on act, from pre-eternal up to eternal: “La tabtila fi kalimati-llah”- from pre-eternal up to eternal that is (the) most perfect Message for (the) whole (of) mankind. And when we are saying ‘mankind’, (that is the) mankind that we are knowing. (But) don’t think that Allah Almighty has only one world and one Adam and his descendants and his children. Such a thinking, to think in such a way, is going to be very nonsense. You can’t think in such a way! But He is making mankind to understand (something, starting) from one (world up) to countless worlds, from one (descendant of Adam) to countless children of Adam. That (one) is as a sample, (but) don’t think that Allah Almighty has only one world and only one Adam with his descendants on this planet!

Scheich Ahmad Rifai (was a great Wali)- (may) Allah bless him, may be his high power with us to support our spirituality against our egos. When you are mentioning one Wali, one Saint, you must ask from him what he had been granted through S.Muhammad sws a power; the (Saints) are spiritual power centers. Allah Almighty just granted to them from His endless Blessings and from His endless Favours. Granting to them something. If anyone (is) asking something from Allah Almighty, no one can take anything directly from Allah Almighty, (not) even Prophets- only one! No second one can be in His divinely Presence to be honoured (to) directly (take) from His divinely Powers; no one (else) can jump through that Oceans, quickly (he is) going to disappear and finishing, (and he) can’t be able to get once again in existence, finished! And Allah Almighty (is) granting to His most beloved, most honoured, most glorified servant, (the) most praised one in His divinely Presence (an) opening, (and) everyone from Prophets and Saints and Angels may take from that. And those Oceans no one can reach its limits, only one, that one! He has (the) power to reach what he had been granted.

But when he is reaching (that limit) today, tomorrow he is not going to be on (the) same limit- another opening (is) coming and he is rushing in it also. (On the) third day, third week, third month, third year, third century, don’t think that it is same Oceans, because ‘Mu’ti’, He, who is that one that (is) granting to His most praised servant in His divinely Presence, (He is) giving to him, giving to him, and he is always full: with full desire, full pleasure, full will to reach more and more, never getting to be satisfied (with) what he had been granted. Every second or less than (a) second what He granted, (he is) asking much more…

And all Anbiya, all Prophets and Saints and the representatives and heavenly beings (must have a base for their existence). That Heavens they are lands, but not like our lands; (they are) for Angels, (their) Makan, that for everything (that) they are coming in existence, without a base (it) can’t be, (there) must be for him a place, (and) according to their worlds should be that place for them. ‘Li kulli makan makil’: if anyone (is) going to be in existence, (he) must be in need (of a base) for standing on it; without anything under them, without that land for ourselves, we are not (able to) be in existence. (There) must be a place that we are landed on it.

And heavenly beings also must have something, some another existence of creation that they should be on it. Even (for the) 7 Heavens (this) must be, (and the) earth must be on it, (the) moon must be on it, (the) universe (also) must have a base to be on it. If not, (it) can’t be in existence. Everyone must have (a base) under their feet to approve their existence. If you can’t find that place, they are not going to appear in existence.

Therefore, (when the) Prophet sws was saying that this world is on the horns of an ox, and (the) ox (is) on a rock, it was only to make people to understand something. Beyond this we can’t understand; because we are in a prison of (a) material being, we can’t think on it. Therefore (he was) making an example (and saying) that (the) world (was) going to be on the horns of an ox and (the) ox (was) standing on a rock and (the) rock is standing on air and air (is) standing (in) the Lord’s endless Power Oceans.

Everything in existence must have a place to put his existence (on it) or (else) it is impossible to be seen in existence. All these universes they have a base, or they have an envelope, (that) they are in it. If this (is) not going to be, (there is) no existence of (the) universe.

Even (the) Kursi, (the) holy Chair and then (the) Holy Throne, Arch, everything (is) just -’ala-l archi stawa’- montaged on something from Allah Almighty’s Power Oceans. He is Mighty, Almighty, and (he is) granting (this) for (the) Arch, for (the) holy Throne, to be on it, (He is) covering his being. If (He was) taking that, (it) means- He knows- that every part from (the) holy Throne (was) just landed on Almighty’s Power Oceans. He is covering, not riding on it, no, no, no! (This is a) wrong understanding, wrong understanding! (And if there was) not (only) one throne, (but even) if (there were) seventy million or seventy billion holy Thrones- it is only like an atom; how you are saying that (the) Lord (is sitting) on it! What is that foolishness? How they are understanding!

Therefore Allah (is) saying: “Wa ma qadarullahi haqqa qadiri”... oh ignorant ones, don’t give wrong meanings, you are not understanding (the) real position of the Lord of (the) holy Throne and (of the) whole creation! “ ‘Ala-l Arch stawa”… every part of (the) Arch, (of the) holy Throne, (is) just covered from outside and inside; His divinely Power (is) catching (it), so that it is going to be seen in existence. If He is not making this ‘istiwa’, His power not keeping everything, every part of (the) Arch, that every part from outside of them and from inside (is) just covered from (the) divinely Power Oceans. We are saying this that everything in existence must have a base to be on it. If no base, nothing (is) going to be seen to be in existence. We said about this ‘Sama’a Dunya’, our skies, that it is going to be like a ring besides the bigness of the holy Chair, the holy Kursi, and the holy Kursi is going to be like a ring beside the holy Throne, and Allah Almighty (is) making them, asking to be in existence and giving a base. If no base, no more existence for them. Base from Allah Almighty and He is showing anything as He likes, Makan. Everything in existence is in need for a base to be on it. If not, can’t be in existence.

And (the) Prophet sws, he is in (the) divinely Presence only, and he is base for whole creation! If you are taking him away, no base for any creation, no, finished! Base for whole creation from pre-eternal up to eternal (is) S.Muhammad sws, (the) most beloved, most praised one! And coming to him… without stopping that coming from Allah Almighty Meded, support coming, coming… Countless Heavens may be. We are speaking on earth, as we are understanding that Allah Almighty He has only one world and one Judgment Day, one Paradise, one Hell- what is that! We are making it for understanding so big, so big, to make your vision to be much more wider, wider, wider… that our Dunya (is) going to finish. And no any time or unit of time you may do it less, less, less, you may divide one third, perhaps billions, quatrillions, pentillions part, He may do, and through that ones He is supporting whole creation, so every creation going to be their base from His Power Oceans coming through (the) Seal of Prophets and he is that one that appearing every creation from him, without getting any connection to Allah. No connection for anyone for Allah.

Allah only One who is not a need a base! If He has a base, He is not Allah. Allah who never needs a base for Himself, no. Therefore you can’t understand. Don’t say: “How it can be?” No! If you are coming to ask such a thing, I may say: “Show the base of moon, then ask me for his Creator base!” He is not in need base, but ever creation needs His base, must have a base. And that base (is) only from Him coming in appearance and everything (is) just getting in existence, when He is putting a base for them. If not that base, no more worlds, no more skies, no more space, no more sun, moon, stars, and gigantic galaxies, no, all of them need a base. Therefore Allah is (the) One who never needs a base, but everything must have a base for appearance, and that base coming through the Seal of Prophets. He is granting it to him and he is giving whole creation their bases to be seen in existence. If He is taking that base- nothing (is) in existence, finished, nothing in existence. If no base, nothing in existence.

Oh people, use a little bit your minds to understand something! That is from Marifatullah, from divinely Knowledge, showing you some ways for understanding for the Lord of Heavens, (and) how (creatures) they are in existence. And everything in existence needs a base, because without Makan no Makil. Nothing can be in existence, if they have not a base. And we are saying (that) we are learning something. We are knowing nothing! We are knowing nothing and we have been ordered to know something.

Therefore, oh people, don’t waste your precious life for nonsense and for useless purposes, but try to reach some perfect unchangeable aspects to understand something, because you are going to be asked the Day of Resurrection: “What you learned?”

This is something that they are making an opening, because the time of S.Mehdi a.s. (is) coming closer. People are wasting their time through this dirty life and (they are) loosing their chance for an understanding and they should be repented when they are going to be put on a base, (the) base of ignorance. Whom wasted their chances to know something, therefore they should be thrown. That is fire for them, burning them: that they are not understanding, they are not trying to understand about their Lord and His divinely Aspects, divinely Commands, divinely Orders, why He is ordering something or preventing something. To approve for you that you are on a base. When you are approving yourself in existence, then you have been loaded something that mountains can’t be able to carry and they are saying: “Oh our Lord, forgive us. We can’t carry.”

But you may understand something! When such a heavenly Knowledge (is) coming, you may understand about yourself, about the position of (the) whole creation, particularly your situation as the deputy of the Creator of everything.

May Allah forgive us and bless you and give us much more understanding for his Glory! For the honor of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha… Subhanaka, la ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim!

Lefke, 05.07.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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