Maulana Sheikh Nazim No one understanding Allah except Muhammad

Destur, ya Sayyidi, ya Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah…Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim, la haula wa la quwatta illa bi-llahi-l ‘Aliyu-l ‘Azim…Subhanak! La ‘ilma lana illa ma ‘alamtana, innaka ‘Alimu Hakim…

We know nothing, oh our Lord. If you are teaching, we can know. If (You) are not teaching, oh, oh… we know nothing. Allah, Glory be for Him, He is teaching, He is (the) teacher to whom? To one! No one (is) understanding from Allah except him, that must be known. One teacher, one student. One (is) giving, one accepting. One (is) granting, one keeping. One (is) honouring, one accepting. No one can be in His divinely Presence except one- from pre-eternal up to eternal.

Therefore it is written through pre-eternal: La ilaha ill-Allah. Only? No! Written in front of it: Muhammadur Rasulullah sws. Muhammadun abduhu wa rasuluh. No one can be in divinely Presence to be addressed directly, only one- (the) most praised one. Must be. No one can reach his position, no one can be praised by his Lord as that one (is) praised. Therefore he is Muhammadun sws, (the) praised one, from pre-eternal up to eternal. Ghaghma anfihim- in spite of Wahabi people that are not asking to give that praise (to him). They are greedy people to give to (the) most praised one in divinely Presence his honour, (and they are) saying: “He is only a servant.”

But everyone (is) his servant! He Almighty (is) making everyone to be that one’s servant. They are not understanding! (The) whole world’s people must try to know that reality. For what? To be honoured here and Hereafter, or (else) their level should be under the level of animals. (Those) who are not accepting the Lord’s Praising (of) that one that he is Muhammad, (the) praised one, they should be under the level of animals.

(He was the) first teacher, from pre-eternal up to eternal. Grandsheikh- peace be upon him, Allah’s Blessings be upon him- he was saying that (the) Holy Quran (is) ‘natiqi’, continuously. (The) Holy Quran is not in limits of time, no, its meaning (is) just reaching (to the) whole time and (the) whole space. (There is) no any time out of (the) Holy Quran’s addressing. Every time there are creatures, because Allah Almighty’s creating (is going on) from pre-eternal up to eternal; every divinely Attribute- azzeliyun, abadiyun- (is) continuously, without stopping or without going to be in limits, no! Past time, present time (and) future time (are) for ourselves. In (the) divinely Presence past, present and future (are) on (the) same level.

And He is creating and His creation is continuously, without stopping, and His creation (is) just appearing through one’s existence. If that existence is not there, no any creation may appear. From His Lordship (there is) running countless unlimited continuously creation and He is the Lord of all, but it is impossible (for) creatures or (the) creation to reach directly to Allah Almighty; (it) can’t be! (There) must be a mediator- (and that is) Muhammadun Rasulullah sws- that he is the representing the Lord of Heavens and he is (the) representative for all creation from His Lord. He is (the) only representative in existence for (the) whole (of) creation from pre-eternal up to eternal.

Don’t read, don’t recite (the) Holy Quran as you are reading newspapers or magazines! (The) Holy Quran (contains) oceans, oceans! That one (is) just supported or granted (a support) and put in front of everything with divinely Support. Everything depends on him. If that reality of that most praised one is taken away, nothing (is) going to be in existence. (He is) the main pillar that just (is) supported (by a) full support from Allah Almighty. When I am saying ‘full support’ it is only according to creation, it is (a) full support for creatures; the support that is coming to the Seal of Prophets is according to creatures, or: (from) his full support oceans you are taking only one drop and that one drop (is) supporting everything in creation.

And that drop from that oceans is an imitated drop, (it is) not real, because Allah Almighty (is) never giving from His Existence to any creature. Because creation can’t carry even one drop that you may say its bigness may be as an atom. No! Allahu Samad! (He is) never giving (from His Existence). (Therefore the existence of creatures is) imitated; only a (divinely) Order (is) giving (them) existence, (when He is) saying: “Be!” and (they are) coming in existence. (Creation is) only (with) an Order! It is not something from (the) endless Power Oceans, not taking anything. (It is) only that Word, Command, holy Order according to His Will, (when He is) saying: “Come (in existence)” and the creation (is) coming through that most beloved, most praised one and that Order (is) giving existence (to the creation). But who is coming in existence from creatures, don’t think it is something from Allah Almighty’s Existence, no- real Existence is only for your Lord Allah Almighty! All of them (belong to) ‘Alem-u ‘Amr, to (the World of the) divinely Order. He is saying: “Be”, and (creation is) coming, according to His Willpower.

And He is Musawwir, Designer, Manifestor- manifesting, forming or designing according to His Willpower. That Order makes to appear (the) whole creation, and (the) whole creation has nothing from (His) real Being; only through His Order (they are) coming in our view, (so) we may look and see, but no one (has a real Existence)- this, what we are seeing everywhere. And (the) only one- that the Order (is) coming to him and then appearing as creation- that is (the) most praised one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, and that belongs to him.

(The) most praised One- that one He is, He, Almighty, no one can be (most praised One except Him). What about Muhammad sws? Muhammad is only a figure, appearing through His holy Command, or (only through His holy Command Muhammad) may keep (being) in that existence. When He Almighty (is) asking (Muhammad) to disappear, (when) that Order (is) coming, and (it is) only going to (be) in existence (the) real Existence for the Lord of Heavens. When He (Almighty) is asking to bring creation (in existence), (He is) opening a small door from His Existence and from there by His Order (is) coming a show of countless creation.

Astronomers who (are) looking (to) space are finding now Black Holes, and Black Holes are really signing (these) small holes. There are some White Holes also, that creation is coming out (from them), and when He (Almighty) (is) asking to take them in, gigantic galaxies, coming (a Black Hole sucking)… taking it in and disappearing. Everything you can find in the Holy Quran what we are saying, (this is) evidence. Where they are? Finished! What is that Black Hole, what is its identity? Who can say? (Even) if you use your mind, you can’t touch anything. That is beyond your mind and mentality. No, they are looking only and seeing giantic galaxies coming nearby (to a Black Hole) and disappearing. Where is their existence if they have a real Existence? Where (they) Went? How they disappeared? Don’t make an objection on these words! What we are saying is nothing now, because we can’t be able to swim through that oceans; as a child- (it) may put its feet at beach, can’t go inside.

Allahu akbar! La Maujuda ill-Allah! No Existence only for Allah! Don’t claim (existence for yourself)! This- for what we are saying, (for what they are) making me to speak on that point? That you must understand your position that you are servant (and) He is Sultan, (but) we forget out servanthood on earth and every cursing is raining on people now, because they forget their Lord’s praising, they forget to give their most high respects and to do their most perfect servanthood for Him. Therefore they are falling down and a Black Hole is approaching this planet also to swallow it! But (what it is) swallowing (is) only (what is) on its surface, not wholly this, taking (only) these heedless people (away) who are turning their faces (from Allah), (those whom) they are forgetting their Lord’s servanthood. They should be taken away!

That Black Hole (is) coming and as a Taifun (it) should run all over the world. Those who (are) not keeping their servanthood, (who are) not trying to give their most high respect to their Lord, that storm (is) coming and swallowing them and throwing them away. Should be cleaned this earth!

May Allah forgive us and bless you. His Blessings (are) only for His servants. Those who are slaves for Shaitan should be swallowed and carried by that terrible storm, taking them away. May Allah give His Shelter for His weak servants who are running to keep their servanthood. May Allah forgive me and grant to you from His Blessings! For the honour of the most honoured one in His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 03.06.2004, transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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