Maulana Sheikh NazimNo Prophet ever had two faces

Run away from artificial things. Don't be artificial. What I mean by that is: official. When people become official, they lose sincerity. We are not in court here. Those who are artificial are different on the inside from outside. Show yourself as you are. No prophet ever had two faces. No saint does. The Lord of Heavens doesn't like it. Maulana Rumi said, "Be like you show yourself to people!" Sometimes you give a good show to others, but you don't feel like it inside. Try to be the way you are showing yourself. This is an excellent target to try to reach for everyone. Everyone wants to make a good impression on others so that they will not hate him. No-one likes to be hated. Everyone wants to be respected, loved and accepted in the community. This is a deep desire within us. What we show when we are in the community we should try to be.

Especially women want to be attractive. They never want others to be like them. It is an excellent characteristic to want to be unique, but it should be used for a good purpose, not to show off by putting others down. Men too want to be unique. This is a secret characteristic which comes form the Creator to His servants. Everyone has been created in a different form. You cannot find two identical people, not even twins. The Lord is one, He has unity. When He created mankind as His deputies everyone wanted to be in unity, to be unique. No-one wants anyone else to be like themselves. This is why people want to show themselves in the optimal way in the community. It is not right just to do that when others are looking, and then to change when you are alone, it would be a bad characteris-tic. Be as you show yourself! If you don't, try to!

Everyone must go to the Lord of Heavens. No-one has a permanent residence in this life. We are all temporary. When I come here the immigration officer asks me how long I want to stay. When I say, "2 months!" he will give me 6 months. Even if I would stay for 100 years, it would still be in limits and I would have to go. Those who don't want to go will be taken by Heavenly Beings by force. It is a temporary life.

In the traditional books brought to us by the prophets we learn Heavenly Knowledge. In one of those articles we are being told that when a person dies and is put in a coffin and brought to the cemetery, he will be addressed by the Lord, "Oh my servant...". He will be asked 10 questions. " know that during your life you were taking so much care about your appearance... Were you aware of the Lord looking at your heart and that you should try to make your heart look its best?" That is the first question. "Every part of you belongs to you, only your heart is mine."

Especially in our days people are so interested to show themselves in the best way, forgetting that the day will come when they will be going to the Divine Presence of the Lord. Every lady wants to be seen as beautiful. Real beauty is a grant from Heavens to His servant. Someone can be young, but except from having a fresh skin, no good feeling comes from them. Some elderly ladies have been granted lights on their faces which makes them more beautiful than any young person.

There is a tale from India: There are all kinds of vegetation there that do not grow anywhere else. There is a very strange plant there with the most beautiful scenting flower. Whoever reaches and starts to wear that plant will be loved by everyone because they will feel an unimaginable familiarity to them. Don't think it is easy to find, it grows in the midst of cobras. Because it is so precious, people are prevented from taking it. You cannot reach it without sacrificing. That is an unchanged rule: If you want to reach something precious, you must sacrifice. If you want to reach Paradise, you must sacrifice to enter. People think that it is free, but it isn't. Sacrifice this life to your Lord and He will give you the next. A billion Christians are saying that Jesus was on the cross and sacrificed himself. I am now speaking on their level: He sacrificed his soul and reached to his Lord.

The beehive is full of honey. If you are not patient in taking the honey, you cannot reach it. You must pay for everything which is precious. You can find shells on the beach, but they are empty. Pearls are under the sea, and they too are protected by sharks. All Holy People and Prophets are telling us that every night our Lord is looking at His servants to see if anyone is thinking about Him, or if they are all sleeping. We are asking for so many things. In the night when He is looking at us, why aren't we looking at Him? He is telling us to stand up, to come into His Divine Presence and to ask Him what we are asking for. When we ask for something we must sacrifice our sweet sleep, even if it is only for 10 minutes. The longer you stay with Him the more grants He will bestow on you.

Within our traditional knowledge we have been told that if a person gets up in the last part of the night and asks His Lord for this and that, Heavenly enlightened clothes will come on him. A person who is with His Lord by night will be more beautiful during the day, he will be enlightened. You will not have to go to India and to look for the plant. Try to take more and more lights from Heaven. One day you will need them. Particularly when you leave this life and you are accompanied by lights, your soul will not go through darkness, it will go through enlightened worlds. Enlightened people are beloved.

On Judgement Day everyone will have to come to the plain. People will be divided into two parts: enlightened and dark. Look after yourself! If you want try to come enlightened into the Divine Presence. You have a chance now. Don't stay in darkness. If someone is with their ego they will be in darkness. Those who go on the path of the Prophets, will be enlightened. That is the last target of mankind: to leave this world enlightened.


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