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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**THE ABSOLUTE EXISTENCE OF ALLAH and the NON- EXISTENCE OF YOU**

Don’t ever say, “I can do this,” but say, “With my Lords power I may do it and if He is
supporting me I may stand up, and if He helps me I will be successful.” In this way you
should say and do everything. You must know that you are nothing. You are absolutely
nothing. If you say, “I can do,” or “I am able to do” you should be ashamed of youself.
Who are you? You are nothing! How can you claim this? Astagfirullah!

Even if one of you was granted the whole power of mankind, you would still be nothing.
Furthermore if you were granted the power of all creatures, and all heavenly beings,
still you would be nothing and you should not say, “I can do.” Even if you were given
the power of billions of Angels, (of which Gibril (alai) is only one, and he has six
hundred wings, two of which there is no space to spread between the East and the
West!) still you should be ashamed to say, “I have some power.” It is still nothing. Why
are you proud? For what reason are you claiming to be a powerful one? Is it because
of your clothes, or cars or your dollars, marks, or your property?” Why are you then
proud? Pride is the worst characteristic of the ego. You are competing with Allah, when
you say, “I am powerful also.” Who are you!?

On the other hand to know that you are weak and that you are nothing gives to you
honour. Even if you were to say, “O my Lord, I am not powerful enough, even to be
obedient to You,” or to say, “I am so weak to be your servant, O my Lord, therefore
forgive me,” gives you honour. If a servant does nothing else but is apologetic and
asks only for forgiveness, that gives that servant much more honour, than if he was
claiming to worship Allah, and is proud of his worship and servant hood. Only humility
can carry you away from difficulties, miseries, problems and troubles. If you are
humble, forgiveness reaches to you and blessings too. You do not find water springs at
the top of mountains, but you may find them at the bottom of a valley.

Every harmful thing is coming from pride, and every goodness is growing from humility.
We are such little ones, not only if taken individually, but even collectively. If we
imagine the size of this universe, or even if we use the power of our imagination and
imagine it to be billions of times bigger, still it would be so small, and it will mean
nothing, in front of the Greatness of Allah Almighty. His Greatness is beyond measure.
This cannot be reached by numbers, or any other scale of measure.

When we raise our hands, we must say, “O our Lord, we are so small, and you are so
great.” “You are the Greatest, and your Greatness has no end.” If it ends then He will
be on the level of His creatures. Nothing at all of any space, distance, size or even the
smallest spot of what is created, can claim to be in existence, and say, “I am here.” Or,
“I have such greatness.”

There is no room for creatures and creation, through the existence of Allah Almighty.
His existence covers everything so much so that all the creatures, atoms, galaxies and
universes, cannot claim to have a place, space, or room, through the existence of our
Lord. No, this cannot be so. There is no room for anything that exists from the
creation, through His existence. He is The First, and He is the Last. (Quran). Nothing
can enter there to say, “I am here.” He is Allah Almighty.

My Grandsheikh Abdullah (ral) said, “Our existence is like the existence through a
mirror. You may look and see yourself reflected there, inside this mirror, but that which
you see, cannot claim to have an existence. Your existence is like the existence of
yourself reflected in the mirror. Your existence is not there in the one you see in the
mirror. It simply cannot be.”

Therefore we say that we are indeed so small. This is because we claim an existence.
Not only do we claim this but we claim to be great ones too! Isn’t it enough for you to
say only, “I am here.” You are also saying that you are a Lord, and that you don’t want
to say that you are a servant. Come to servanthood. Lordship is for the One Who’s
existence is from pre-eternal up to eternal. Come and declare that you are servant to
that One Who’s existence is eternal, and say, “O our Lord, we are your servants.”

His Divine Existence is from eternal to pre-eternal, and His kingdom, existence and
sovereignty are never ending, it is up to eternity. Allahu Akbar! Everything you see,
touch and ask to keep through eternity is nothing! Allahu Akbar! His greatness covers
from pre-eternity, up to eternity, and His greatness is eternal and for all time. Who are
you? You are nothing. Don’t claim to be something. The something that you claim to
be means nothing. Don’t claim. Admit your nothingness, and try to make your ego to
admit its nothingness, nothingless nothing! When you do this you should reach to
perfection and satisfaction, perfect perfection, and perfect peace.

This is the highest point of what Rasoolullah (sal), the seal of prophets, was trying to
teach people. Allah’s existence is from eternal up to pre-eternal. There is no one
except Him. In existence there is only Allah. There is nothing else. Wahid un Ahad (the
Unique, the One). There is no existence except for Him. What are we? We are
nothing. As for him who is declaring an existence for himself, he is making partnership
to Allah (shirk).

As we are not counted as ones who are in existence, Allah does not care about our
making partnership anyway. This is because basically, there is nothing other than
Him. But Allah Almighty likes His servants to keep good manners. For this reason,
shariah, and the high orders of tariqats came in order to take away this claim from the
world, so that man doesn’t say, “I am present and You are not, I am existing and You
don’t exist”. Just a hundred years ago not one of us was here, and after one hundred
years from now, not one of those who are here today, will be here anymore. There is
nothing, and here is nothing and what appears between two nothings, is also nothing.

Leave your mind, self and everything, until the drop that is you joins the Ocean (fana’
billah). With your intention and good will, you may sacrifice your self, and your body.
Don’t ask to be something. Instead ask for everything.

The Truth appeared, and the creation came into existence. It didn’t even take the time
of the blink of an eye. Among the Awliya (saints), the time of this existence is like a
flash of lightening, and the appearance which we are in now is like that. It just came to
be to finish and then no one is in existence. This is why Allah Almighty will ask, ‘To
whom belongs the kingdom today?’ (Quran). But no one will answer and He will answer
Himself. “Allah, the Only one. ” Al Qahhar (the dominator).

The One who dominates His servants through death, will answer Himself, through
Himself. You will not say the answer, because the one who used to say, “I am this one
or that one”, would not be there anymore. Dominated. They are listening, but they
cannot answer, and even greater, is that He doesn’t answer by saying, “It belongs to
me.” But he says, “It Belongs to Allah, The Only One, The Dominator” (Quran).

There is also a secret that someone who is representing Him, will answer. The one who
He has made to be His representative. The one, if not for whom, Allah would not have
created the creation. The scholars say that Allah gives this answer, but the way of
answering shows that there is someone who is answering, and who could this be. This
is him whom he dressed with His attributes, and made him to be in the Station of
Mahmud. He is answering. We are very sure as this must be.

If anything, even if it be an atom, was left alone, without the observation (Muraqaba) of
Allah, it would not anymore exist. If the observation (Muraqaba) of Allah Almighty is
taken away from this atom, it would disappear. This is because true existence is for
Allah Almighty. Wa Lam Ya Kullahu Kufuwan Ahad. None is like unto Him. (Quran)

There is no space for that someone to be like Him. Absolute existence is for Allah
Almighty. Who else should there be? There is no space for a second one. There is
only Allah and no one is with Him. Your claim that you are in existence is false,
because Allah doesn’t accept that someone is equal to Him. People have made their
minds busy, with things that they are not in need of.

Without an ocean one cannot swim, and without an ocean there can be no fish. Which
of these two is better? The one who asks this has no intelligence. An ocean is an
ocean with all that is in it, and the way to reach it is by the generosity of Allah Almighty.
Standing in front of the mirror of eternity, dressed by true existence, looking to your
own reality, in the Ocean of Oneness. A fish is saying, “I am the ocean,” and to say, “I’m
here,” without an ocean, is a false claim. Astagfirullah! May Allah grant us to

These are very important points, which need to be understood. If you don’t understand
this point, you cannot be saved from the evil of your ego, or of Shaitan.

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