Maulana Sheikh NazimNot only a hope, but a reality

We have been ordered to say something about these miraculous times and events that are approaching soon, to make your unhappiness change to happiness, and to make you more patient... As much as you can hear and believe, you can reach happiness quickly. It is not only a hope, it is going to be a reality for you to be able to see Jesus Christ and Mehdi a.s....

A person may be sentenced to 4o years of prison and be told that after these 4o years he will be set free with someone’s help, and be king of the country. Will his sufferings affect him? 4o years of prison is suffering, but he knows that his suffering will end and that a kingdom will come to him. Joseph, S.Yusuf a.s., was a Prophet, and he was imprisoned, but it didn’t affect him because he was told through his dream that he would be the King of Egypt.

Suffering is only for those who have no hope of a second life, of an eternal life... We know that the whole world is full of suffering, but that hope, our faith, our beliefs, can take all of that away from us. But those who don’t believe will always come under heavy burdens ...

So we are trying to give to everyone hope for an eternal life, so that they can carry everything with enjoyment, and not be killed with all their suffering. That is important. You cannot know now, you cannot see it now. Therefore you must believe, because you cannot know until you are in it. Belief is something, but knowledge is something else... May Allah grant us strong belief... Fatiha.


BookOnthebridgetoEternity, CategoryPatience
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