Maulana Sheikh NazimNow be on Allah’s Side - use the heavenly Balance!

As-salamu alaikum!… Good people…good people!
Audhu bi-llahi mina Shaitan rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Meded, ya
Sultanu-l Awliya, Meded, ya Rijalallah, ai-una bi aunullah, ai-una,

Ya Rabbi o our Lord, protect Your weak servants from (Your) bad servant
Shaitan. Shaitan is (also a) servant, but (a) bad servant. All of us (we
are) His Almighty’s servants, but one group (they are) good servants,
another group (they are) bad servants. (There) can’t be a third party,
no! Hizb-Allah, hizbu Shaitan; one group belongs to Allah, running to
reach His Almighty’s Pleasure, asking their Lord’s Pleasure, trying to
make Allah Almighty pleased with them, (and the) second group they are
following (the) shaitanic way and their teacher is Shaitan. (He is a)
cursed one; Shaitan (is) never taking any care for his Lord Almighty
Allah and His Pleasure. He is saying: “I am not listening to You, I am
not respecting”-Astaghfirullah!- “Your Order, I am not taking any care
for Your servanthood“- Astaghfirullah!- ”I am free. I am going to do
everything and I am running after Your servants, to take them on my way,
not to believe. I shall try after Your servants, I shall do everything
that it is possible to do; I am not leaving any chance not using to make
Your servants not to believe in You and not to take respect for Your
Orders. That is my mission now!”

And now (the) whole world, 99 % and more, (they are) following (the)
shaitanic way, shaitanic ways! They are saying: “No God”, and he is
saying to them: “Everyone is God; you are creating yourself. You must be
ordering or not, preventing!” That is a new Methab. O people, how?
Therefore I am asking humbly from Allah Almighty: “O our Lord, don’t
leave our dirty egos to follow Shaitan and its followers!” That is the
meaning (of): “Allahumma la takilni ila nafsi tarfatain- O our Lord,
don’t leave ourselves through the hands of our dirty ego!” And don’t
say: “I am a good one“, no, say: “Ma ubariu nafsi, I am not taking my
ego’s side“, because who is taking his ego’s side, (he) is going to be
against Allah Almighty, against His Prophets, against His Awliya,
against His good servants! Who (is) taking his egos side- (the) egos
side (is the) side of Shaitan and Shaitan (is) 100 % against His Lord’s way!

Therefore: “…wa wada’a-l mizan!” Allah Almighty (is) putting (a)
balance. For what balance? People think that (it is a balance like) when
we are going to market, we are using balance for buying onion or for
buying potato or tomato or cabbage or carrots… They are making
advertising, making a donkey and putting in front of it to eat carrots…
People (are) thinking that the balance that Allah Almighty (is) saying
(about in the) Holy Quran is for that purpose. No!

He is putting (a) heavenly Balance to you; that balance, if you are
keeping (it), on the Day of Resurrection (is) going to be (your) balance
perfect. If not, you are taken away, you are going to be (on the)
garbage side: “Take this (one) to (the) garbage, dustbin!” “Where is
dustbin?” “Hells! Put them there!”…

For everything that you are doing, acting, making, for your work- you
must look (and) you must use (the) Balance of Heavens. If showing that
needle that (this) work or acting is in balance, (if it is) going to be
seen (as being on the) good side, Allah’s Side; it is okay, do it.
But that balance, if (it is) showing to you that that work, that acting
(is) against Allah’s Side, that is a trap that Shaitan is catching you
in his side, shaitanic side; you are going there and (it is) written…
just it is appearing your name that: “That one (is) taking Shaitan’s
side against (the) heavenly Side! Leave them in troubles and problems
and miseries and sufferings along their lives and then, when (they are)
coming to Me, (I am) taking (them) with My Anger. Take their souls with
My Anger and throw them through Hells! Jaza-an wifaka: (that is a)
suitable punishment for them for being against Me, against My heavenly

Therefore o people, everything that you are doing, (do it) with (that)
Balance: “This is (a) Holy Command to do this?” They are saying: “We are
not taking any care for heavenly Orders, we are free ones!” Then (He is)
imprisoning that one on a bed and he is going to shout and cry before
his soul getting away and his dirty body going to be buried in his

O people, (the) most important thing for whole nations now is to be (on)
Allah’s Side! Leave Shaitan’s side, if you like to be for you a peaceful
life! Now (there is) no peace on earth, finished, because all of them,
99% (of people, are on the) side of Shaitan. And- (there is) no more
peace through nations through East or West and they are running to find
a peaceful world- (it is) impossible, as long as they are using (the)
wrong way!

Ajaib… Allah Almighty (was) sending me also to America and I saw that
writing there, (for) some ways that drivers may be mistaken and going
(in) a wrong direction. I was seeing so many signs (written) on it:
“Wrong way!” And I never saw a person looking and seeing that warning
and coming and getting in it! No!

And the Lord of Heavens (is) sending His Holy Book, His holy servants,
to show people right way (and) wrong way, and they are insisting,
insisting against that warning. Because it is (a) heavenly Warning! They
are saying: “We are not taking care (for any) heavenly Warning!” Ahh,
you are so brave! So brave! What is your power? “… Khuliqa-l insana
daifa!” Allah Almighty (is) creating man weak, so weak- weakest! You
can’t carry one Pound stone up from (over) your hand for (even) two
minutes, you are getting tired- what is your power! You are thinking
that your power is technology? It is not your power- technology (is)
against you. You did it, technologia, that man running after Shaitan,
after shaitanic teachings, that Shaitan opening them!

And Allah Almighty (is) leaving them; as a punishment for them (He is
leaving them) to run into that dark tunnel. And now (the) whole world
just got in that dark tunnel. They are not knowing now what they are
asking, for what they are making such a dangerous weapons (and) what it
should be finally, if they are using that poisonous and dangerous
terrible weapons?

Their makers are trembling, they are not in safety (even) if they are
getting so big, terrible dangerous weapons and bombs and missiles.
Even they are in fear, because maybe before they are sending that
terrible weapons to another direction, in its place may be a big
explosion and getting whole country finished. They know this also,
therefore they are using so strong buildings to keep that terrible
missiles, not to be an accident and all of them exploding and their
country (is) going away… They are not thinking on it now…

O people come to side of Allah Almighty! “La asiman al yaum li
amri-llah…“ Allah Almighty (is) saying through Nabi Nuh, Prophet Noah
a.s., when he was knowing that (there was) coming a big flood: “O
people, come to me, come (into) my shelter, my shelter that (is) granted
from my Lord to you!” “Where is you shelter?” “That is (the) Ark.” They
are saying: “So many people (are) standing there”- they are asking, they
were joking with Noah, saying- “O Noah, you are asking people to come to
your Ark- how many people? Whole world people, how (they) can enter?”
They are not believing in the power of the Lord Allah Almighty! If He is
asking to put all nations through the shell of a walnut, He can do! Take
(out its) inside, (and) it is empty. He Almighty can do much more than
this! Not one Dunya’s people, one billion Dunyas’ people He can put in
that small walnuts shell!

They were coming to make joke with Noah a.s. and (there were) only
coming and entering in it 81 people and they take their first class side
of Ark. Then he was calling: “O animals, wild and not wild animals! Your
Lord (is) ordering to you to come and enter in my Ark. One male, one
female. Come in, because your Lord is ordering Heavens to be opened with
flood and He is going to take away everyone on earth from living ones!”
Not one of those animals (was) saying: “(There are) so many kinds of
animals- how we are coming couple, couple inside?” They are not saying,
(but) man (is) saying: “Eh, how all nations coming in it?”

Iman (faith, belief) (is) giving your heart a wideness and peace and
contentment, satisfaction! Animals (were) never saying anything, coming,
coming and his Ark just fit everyone: Hundred kinds of animals, wild
animals and no wild animals, getting in. Man not coming in it, only 81!
O people, think on it! Use your minds not to be foolish ones! Use your
minds, don’t follow shaitanic ways!

Someone that is graduated from university was saying that: “Our teacher
were preventing us from saying the name of Allah, even not to use the
word of belief. (If anyone was saying:) ‘I am believing‘, (they were
saying:) ‘No, don’t say this! No beliefs here, no God here!’ “ (And the)
same situation now through UN in New York, same! Allah wants to take His
Revenge; the Lord of Heavens angry with them, should take them away!
Someones for someones...

Therefore finished, never-ending troubles! Don’t think (that) your laws,
your orders (are) bringing a solution. If bringing solution- that
democracy (is) against the heavenly Commands. They are using (it) since
2oo years; first (the) French Government; they did their worst against
heavenly Orders and now they are falling in a very dangerous situation.
They are going to be, after a while everyone should be in need to be in
mental-house! Mental-house people… Their thinking (is) getting in limits
and happenings (are) out of their thinking capacity. They can’t do
anything and France (is) in fire, burning!… I am saying: “Why? If your
mind capacity enough, stop (it)!”

When (the) flood (was) beginning, people (were) running on the tops of
mountains, but Allah Almighty (was) ordering (the water) to rise up over
the highest mountain 7o meters more!

Now I am saying: “French government, Turkish government, Russian
government, Iranian government, Iraqi government, Serbian government,
Lebanon government, Israeli government, Egyptian government, Libyan
government, American government, UK government“, I am saying, “All of
you (are) just falling in troubles, endless problems. Use your minus,
(see), if your mindly productions can safe you(rself)! I have, I am in
contentment, because I am trying to be with my Lord, not to be with you!
But you are not asking to be with your Lord asking to be with Shaitan.
Let Shaitan teach you the way of safety, saving yourself! Can’t! I am

Now- telephone also.. bringing, I am throwing away… they are bringing
sometimes… I never learn how to look this side or that side from that side…
Alhamdulillah, (I am) rest! Not thinking anything about…There is (the)
Lord of Heavens, He is Controlling. (The) full control (is) in His
Hands, but (He is) leaving people that they are getting away, running
away from (His) holy Commands, to be punished. And He is saying: “O my
beloved one (S.Muhammad sws), I am giving their punishment from someones
to another ones!”

Eh… Democratic Party, Christian Democratic Party, Conservative Party,
Socialist Party, Communist Party, Capitalist Party, Liberalist Party,
donkeys party, snakes party, scorpions party… so many strange names!… No
sheep party! There is wolves party- (but) sheep party, no, sheep they
are very calm people, foolish ones…

and others… there is lion (saying:)… “I am happy, if you are bringing
that one, o my Darling!”… Running behind that wild cows or dears or
zebras, running, running, running, then catching, bringing… “Whooo…!“
(The) whole forest, jungle trembling of this lion…

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah…
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Kerim Allah…
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah…
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah!

Mutlak Sultan Sensin. O our Lord, You are Sultan, eternal Sultan, we are
Your weak servants. You are blessing Your weak servants. Take Shaitan
away to come what You like on earth from your holy Orders, so that we
can run after your holy Orders as Your sincere servants to make You
pleased with ourselves!

For the honour of the most honoured one in Your divine Presence, most
beloved, most praised, most respected one, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha.

Lefke, 02.04.2006

Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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