Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimO Youth! Do Not Be Deceived By This Dunya

As-salaamu `alaykum to our young visitors. You are like our grandchildren. May Allah guide you to His Right Path. May everything you do be for Allah so that Allah may make you happy and in pleasure here and Hereafter, and so that He will grant you the Eternal life. Welcome to you.

You came with goodness. It was my wish that I could welcome you myself downstairs and make a suhbah with you but because my situation can’t tolerate that much, so please listen to the words that our daughter is recording.

Know that dunya is temporary and akhirah is Eternal. No matter how long we stay in dunya, eventually we will leave it and go. We have our Eternal Life in akhirah with the pleasure of Allah Almighty! Therefore, it is good to not be deceived too much by dunya. Those who are deceived must carry its weight, but they can’t carry it, and they will perish and go.

Try to gain nearness to Allah Almighty when you have the power of your youth. Make servanthood to Him daily, at least by glorifying Him with sajda. When you wash yourselves every day, and right after it pray two raka`ats wherever you are, Allah Almighty will accept your sajda! You will be happy and prosperous in dunya and akhirah, your hearts will be filled with noor light, and your faces will become beautiful! The faces of people who have no `ibaadah, worship, are ugly, but the faces of those who have `ibaadah are beautiful. There are all kinds of appliances and equipment to make you beautiful, but people can’t be beautiful with them because beauty is a natural gift from Allah Almighty to His Servants, and the closer you are to Allah, the more beautiful you become.

O Son! Be careful about this as the dunya has destroyed many people and those who run after it will be in a terrible situation. In the end, the people who collected the goods of the dunya left them behind and passed away. Therefore, you are like the children of my grandchildren, and I will make du`a for you and I also accept this visit of yours. Inshaa-Allah you will visit Baytullah and our Prophet (s), who is the Sultan of both worlds. May you be happy and prosperous in dunya and akhirah!

Be careful, try to stop the night life; get married and you will be happy as those who do not get married wander around like street dogs. They cannot hold onto anything and they become miserable. Don’t be deceived by Shaytan. Keep the way of the beloved Prophet of Allah Almighty! Be in possession of yourself.

This is enough for you, and this is our advice to all of mankind also. I kiss you and entrust all of you to Allah! Inshaa-Allah in akhirah you will be granted Paradise. May Allah also protect us from His Wrath and make us from the People of Paradise inshaa-Allah.

As-salaamu `alaykum. Send our greetings to them. This is enough for them.

Lefke, 13.05.2012 (Translated from Turkish)

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