Maulana Sheikh NazimOne Drop of Love

The real target of everyone is to be invited by the Sultan. Allah the Almighty is the One Who can dress you with the dress of the Sultan. If He does that, you belong to Him. He is the One Who can say, "Be!" and it will be. Those who carry the Divine Orders of the Sultan will not be opposed.

How can we reach this point? Allah the Almighty says, "Oh my servant, be fully obedient to me!" Sometimes a person is obedient but he is not happy with it in his heart. Allah does not like anyone to be obedient by force.

One of the greatest Saints was Rabia-t-ul Adawia. We call her Rabia Sultana, because she was dressed in the robes of the Sultan. She used to address the Lord , "Oh my Lord, I am not coming to You because I am eager to get into Your paradise. I am also not coming to You because I am afraid of hell. I am free of that. I come to You through my love for You. You are the only One I can give myself to with full love. Even if there was no paradise and no hell, I would come to You. You must be praised. You must be respected. You must be obeyed!"

People like these are free. They have been chosen. They do not have anything of this world, or expect anything from paradise or hells. They have just given themselves for the sake of the Lord. They only want His pleasure, without a gain. They do not ask for the pleasure of their ego, because they know that if their Lord, is happy with them, they will be happy too. They will have absolute peace, love, endless satisfaction and endless pleasure in being with Him.

Muhammad* was shown every beauty on the Night Journey, but his eyes never looked at anything but His Lord. This showed his real personality. He had completely melted into the presence of the Lord. Rivers run to the oceans. When they reach the ocean they stop running. It is their target to reach the ocean. When a drop of rain reaches the ocean, can you find it? It will be the ocean!

You have been given one drop of love, one drop of existence from the Lord. Try to give it back to the endless ocean of love and existence: the unity oceans of Allah. You will be in the ocean and cannot ever be taken out into loneliness again.

Rabia wanted to reach the Lord. She used to say, "Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah..." but it was very heavy for her ego to do it. It was so anxious to be with Him. But she never gave up. For 7 years she continued, even though every "Allah" was like a mountain on her shoulders. Then she reached a point when her ego left her. She was free to be with her Lord. Her ego had melted and was finished.


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