Maulana Sheikh NazimOne group of people is motivated by Shaitan

One group of people is motivated by Shaitan, and he is using them for his
works. And he is not leaving them to rest. Who is working for Shaitan is not
tiring. Shah-u-Naqshibandi said: 'I was observing Shaitan a lot, trying to
catch a moment, when he is sleeping. But whenever I was checking, I was
never finding him asleep.' And his people also never tire. And they say: 'We
don't care about Paradise, we are not asking for it, even we may go to Hell,
we will continue.' Look to those, who do shaitanic works! How many people
have so much love for Allah that they spend the night in prayers?

They turned the night into the day. People work like donkeys the whole day,
and nightime they spend what they earned on the way of Shaitan. They tire
their bodies with work during the day, and nightime Shaitan doesn't leave
them to rest and sleep. They don't return home before Fajr (dawn)- like dead
bodies, most of them drunk. Then they sleep for five hours, or up to ten
hours, some of them sleep the whole day, then they return in the night. They
are motivated and pushed by Shaitan and they continue until they are so
finished, that they cannot move anymore.

So Shah-u-Naqshiband did not find any moment, that Shaitan was not awake.
Who is working for Dunya doesn't tire, but in the end they are finished, and
every bad thing is coming on them.

To have aspiration, himmet, is a sign of faith. Then you move according to
your faith, you have to do something. But your service is a spiritual
service, and you do goodness for the sake of Allah, and Allah is helping

There are two currents in our days among the people, so that one part of
people is active and motivated, the other part is passive. Some people never
sleep, others are asleep all the time. And sleep is necessary for the body.
What is making people to be tired? Heedlessness. They don't know how
something began and how it ended and not even what is just going on. What is
making people to be awake and aware? The belief. But they say just the
opposite, they say 'Religion is opium for the people'. Because religion is
waking people up, they don't want any religion and they want to finish with
religious people. The government wants people to sleep, they don't want them
to wake up. And they think that people are sleeping and that they can cheat
them. They say eighty years we had no war in Turkey. But the country is
finished. Even a cat may seem asleep, but every now and then it is opening
the eyes to check, what is going on around her.

And the heedless Muslims think that Europe likes us and wants to help
us... Still they don't accept us in their community, still they say we are
backwards... Nobody wants the Turks. They want to send you home. The Greeks
have a value in their eyes. They are accepted in the community. They still
build churches in every village, they respect their religion. People go to
church, either because of respect or because if they don't no one will look
after them when they die. Here, on the Turkish side of Cyprus, no one goes
to the mosque or respects the faith anymore. Europe has no interest that
the Muslims may wake up. Since eighty years they fight Islam, because it
makes the people awake and aware, and they want to continue their Sultanate.
That is why they prevent religion to be taught. They don't want to open a
way for the religion. They want to put people to sleep, so that Shaitan can
continue with his Sultanate. It would not be possible, if the people were
awake. Therefore they show religion as something bad and don't teach people.
This must be made known: they want to destroy Islam, so that their imitated
belief may rule the world.

You have to wake up! In maybe one hundred places it is written in the Holy
Quran: O people, open your eyes, don't sleep! But they are told: 'You may
sleep.' But their time is over, even they did so much harm already.
It is like when they make a cancer operation. They say they removed
everything, there is nothing left. But it is impossible to remove it 100%,
you don't see it in the microscope. From one cell it will start again and
finish the person. They think that in these past eighty years they finished
with Islam. But no! Last week we were praying the Eid prayer in Famagusta.

Among 5000 people there were maybe one hundred old ones like me. The rest
were all young people... But still they don't wake up. Look in the mosques!
Allah's Word and Promise is true, it is Haqq. You will wake up, and Batil
will be destroyed. The churches will be turned into mosques - even the Hagia
Sophia in Istanbul and the cathedral in Rome! We live to see this happen,
because we don't take any taste from Dunya (worldly life) anymore... One time already when I
was in Italy, I was invited to call the Adhan (call to prayer) in that church in Rome and we
prayed Maghreb (sundown) there. I prayed the Sura Kafirun and Ikhlas and made

Insha Allah soon Sayidinna Mehdi will put up his flag in Rome...
O Allah, please send the Sahib-u-Zaman, so Your Sultanate will appear...

Lefke - 20.12.2001

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