Maulana Sheikh NazimPeace

We praise the Lord of Heavens, the Lord of the children of Adam, the Lord of Adam, the Lord of Noah, the Lord of Abraham, the Lord of Moses, the Lord of Jesus Christ, the Lord of Buddha. May peace be upon all of them. He is Allah, the Almighty, the One who can do everything. There is no-one like Him. All the power is in His Hands. He can create billions such universes in less than a moment. He is also able to take away all the universes in less than a moment. He created man, He honoured man.

The physical structure of man is nothing, it is less than an atom. But our strength within the universe is, that the Lord Almighty gave us some of His Divine Light, so that we can understand, that we are only his servants. All the messengers had the one mission, to call us back to His Divine Presence. Before He created us, the Lord created the worlds, the Heavens and the angels. He then wanted to create a creature to be His Deputy, a creature which would be able to understand Divine Wisdom and to be his sincere servant. So He created mankind. The angels objected against this. They said, "Oh, our Lord, we have been praying and worshiping you for such a long time. We are your servants. Why are you creating new creatures which will be fighting against each other? They will be jealous of each other and kill each other. They will hate each other and do every possible evil. Why are you creating them?"

The Lord answered, "I know what I have created, don't object to what I do!" The angels knew what mankind would do, but Allah choose us to be His Deputies, to be the mightiest in the universe. Just one of us is more valuable than the whole universe, because each one of us has been given a part of His Divine Soul. Because of that, we are more valuable than any other creature. Our physical body has been created of earth, but our spiritual body comes from Heaven.

Mankind has two personalities within him, one pulling to darkness, the other to light. This is the conflict of our physical and our spiritual beings. Whoever is able to control his physical desire through his spiritual power, can get harmony in himself. Without such a control there can be no harmony, and without harmony there can be no peace. If people do not establish their own individual peace, common peace is impossible. Everyone must find their own peace first. There are so many methods to reach that peace within ourselves, methods that have been used by the Holy Prophets and Holy People and which are all functioning until today. Whoever is interested in peace and in harmony, can follow any school within these methods, which have been passed from Heaven to earth.

Doves are asking for peace, but falcons and eagles don't. So what can we do? Can we defend peace with doves? No! We must be realistic and not live in illusions. We must try to be brave and see realities. If you are not able to bring white falcons as defenders of peace, you cannot do anything. Peace and war must be supported by power. Without power you cannot fight and you cannot have peace. You are trying to get peace without using power.

According to Heavenly Orders, we have been coded to establish peace on earth. We must try to establish a Divine Kingdom on earth by defeating evil and devils. As long as the doors of evil are open, it is difficult to reach peace, even individual peace. We need the peace within ourselves, but when we see something, it takes away the peace from our heart. When we hear something, it takes away the peace from our heart. So if we do not try to establish the Kingdom of Heavens, by destroying the Kingdom of Satan there is not much hope, that we will get peace.

You are asking for peace. Congratulations! You need power to do that. Take away the devils! If two terrorists would come through that door with machine-guns, our peace conference would be destroyed. I ask from the Lord to give you Divine Power, so that when devils look at you, they will escape.


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