Maulana Sheikh NazimPeople have everything except belief! Or: How to come closer to Allah Or: Teach what you know!

As-salamu alaikum!

Once Khwaja Nasrudin - Allah blesses him... Destur, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! Meded, ya Rijalallah!

O our Lord, forgive us! O our Lord, send us your Blessings! If You are not happy
from big mass of mankind, through themselves You have someones that You are
happy and pleased with them. For their honour send us Your Blessings!
We are saying: Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
It is an association. An association (is) taking away from people wildness and
their violence. To be together, coming from Heavens Blessings. If even two
believers (are) coming together and (are) sitting for the sake of Allah
Almighty, (it is) coming Blessings and Mercy. Therefore, we are here more than
two people and we hope that for someones blessings (is) coming. Ask! If you like
to be in pleasure and pleasement in divinely Presence even time by time, you
must ask someones, whom they are closer to their Lord Allah Almighty, how (you
are) going to be closer to our Creator, the Lord of Heavens? Someone may ask,
yes...Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya!

(It is) simple and easy! If you are asking to be closer to Allah Almighty, you
must try to be (far away) from your ego! You must run away from your ego, then
you are going to be closer. If you are coming closer to your ego, you can’t be
able to be closer to Allah Almighty, no! Therefore, anyone asking to be closer
from Allah Almighty: Run away from (your) ego, run away from your egoistic
demands! Leave, then you should find yourself closer to Allah Almighty!
That is important and who is coming closer from Allah Almighty, he may reach
everything here and Hereafter. But if that one (is) not closer to his Lord
Almighty Allah, everything, every goodness, every pleasure, every peace, every
hope, every beauty (is) running away from you. And in opposite: You, when you
are running to Allah Almighty and asking His Pleasure and Pleasement, everything
around yourself (is ) trying to make you pleased. No one (is) harming you, no,
it is impossible! It is impossible!

If Allah Almighty (is) pleased with you and you are trying to make Allah
Almighty to be pleased with you, how His creatures (are) trying to make you sad,
hopeless? No, nothing (is) trying to make you in sadness, through sadness
oceans, through darkness worlds! Your world that you are living in it, just (is)
going to be ordered: “Oh, who is around My servant, everything, because I am
pleased with My servant, you must try to make pleased My servant!” That is (His)
Order! And then everything (is) trying to make you in pleasure, pleasement and
peace. Nothing can give to you pleasure, if Allah Almighty (is) not ordering!
Money- it means nothing! Richness should be nothing! (A) Kingdom (is) going to
be nothing! Never (anything is) going to give you any pleasure and pleasement,
if Allah Almighty (is) not ordering- that His Order (is) through everything!
Atoms (are) hearing His Orders, and (they are) obeying! (A) Virus (is)
listening, what its Creator (is) ordering. Its Creator (is) saying: “O My
creature” and everything, it has a special name in (the) divine Presence! You
can’t find even an atom without a name, because the Lord of Heavens (is)
addressing to them: “Come into existence! Come, S., in existence, come, A., in
existence. Come, M., in existence!” and they are coming. By their names (He is)
calling (them)!

And you can't say: “How it can be?”

You must believe that your Lord may do everything that He asking to do or to be
and (He is only) saying: “Be”, and (it is) being in existence. He may say: “O
atoms”, and His divinely Addressing (is) to every atom: “O divinely Presences
atoms” or: “Heavens atoms!” One after one He knows their names; He knows where
they are, He knows for what they are in existence! Because He is (the) Creator!
(The) Creator must know every creature that He created them, for what (He has
created them)!

Without any wisdom, without any purpose, without a target, can’t be anything! An
atom must be in existence for something! It knows! And when the Lord of Heavens,
their Creator, (is) saying: “O My creatures”, they are saying: “Labbaik! O our
Lord, we are ready, we are listening to You! What is Your Command?” “Listen and
obey!” (This Order is) coming, because He is (the) Creator and He is (the) only
One who can order, He is (the) only one who (is) making Rules.

(The) biggest mistake of mankind that is: They are asking to do rules by
themselves. Man-made rules. Man-made rules (have) no value, no power! No one
(is) listening, no one (is) obeying! But heavenly Orders that Allah Almighty
only may order, His Orders must be heard, must be listened, must be obeyed! His
Orders! (The) biggest mistake of mankind through (the) 21st century that is,
that they are trying to make rules: “You (are) like me. What you are making, a
rule, I can do another (rule) and I am not obliged to obey to you. Who are you?
You are like me, (a) person, why I am going to be your servant? How I am going
to be (an) obedient servant to you? What is more, (what is the) thing that you
have more than me? No!”

Our whole mankind (is) on (the) same standard. Only someones (not)- that the
Lord of Heavens (is) making some of His servants exception- that their creation
(is) different, just different. How much different? 1oo % (they are) different
for their existence! Those Wahabi people they are saying that: “What is (that)
Prophet! He is like ourselves!” Ma sha Allah! Who said to you that (the) Prophet
looks like you? No! 1oo % (he is) different (in) his creation, he has an
exception, because he is closer or he must be closer to the Lord of Heavens, to
hear and listen and obey and to bring (to the) common people (the) Rules of
Heavens, (the) Rules of (the) Lord of Heavens.

That is (a) biggest mistake (of mankind), but in our days whole people they like
to be like Nimrods, saying: “I am the Lord on earth!” Ha? Ya Maulayi! ... Ja.
That is (a) biggest mistake... but they are forcing people: “You must obey to
me!” “For what? Who are you? You are like myself. You are putting rules on me,
because behind of you there is some foolish crowding ones, like wolves... and
you are trying to make an order on me? No, I am not accepting!”
But when heavenly Power (is) coming, Rules from Heavens- (those), whom they are
carrying that rules, they are just 1oo % different. What they are saying? They
are saying: “O man, obey or you are going to be finished!” But people they are
thinking that (there is) no any other one over themselves, (who) can order to
them or (that) they may do everything as they like and (they are) making people
to run on their imitated ways and they are falling into darkness, falling
through depthless valleys.

The Lord of Heavens (is) calling every creation: “O My creatures! That one...
that one... he is My servant. He is or she is keeping My Orders, hearing and
listening and obeying, so that everything, you must give your honours to him and
don’t harm him! Don’t harm him in any way, no! You can’t touch that one, no!”
That is the Order of Heavens to every atom through their names.
Therefore, safety for mankind is to obey to their Creator, to try to make their
Creator happy with them and pleased with them and then He (is) granting to them
(from) His kinds... from His endless Mercy Oceans, from His endless pleasure
Oceans, from His endless Pleasement Oceans, from endless Beauty Oceans, from
endless, endless, endless, endless Oceans!

People must learn! They should learn or they are going to be garbage through
dustbin, no value! No value, (so Allah Almighty is) making them (His creatures)
to give every harm (to those people)... harm is not enough for that word ‘asa’
... to make them (in) displeasure... If Allah Almighty (is) not saying:
“Give your pleasure to My obedient servants”, everything should attack on
people. When unseen creatures (are) running and attacking on a man, even one (of
them) may take that person from life to death!

O people, you must try to believe (in) your Lords Power and Possibility that His
possibility (is) endless Oceans! Possibility... understanding?... He can do
everything with His unlimited Powers! He can do everything and no one can stop
the Lord of Heavens to do like this and to do like that!

We need to believe in Him! We have everything, except belief. People, they have
everything from materials, only they lost spirituality and their Lords Commands.
Therefore, they are day by day coming down. Day by day they are falling through
(the) darkness of an endless well that no one can take them out, except, if the
Lord of Heavens (is) sending to you a rope. That rope it is impossible to be cut
off, always (it) is ready. Keep that rope, you should be saved and rewarded and
honoured and glorified in His divinely Presence.

May Allah forgive us! For the honour of most honoured and glorified one on His
divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha... Ya Rabbi, Shukr!... Welcome to you!

I was speaking for Nasrudin Hoca, (a) very popular one that he was only one
servant, but his spirituality (is) covering mankind through centuries from East
to West. And he was just a learned person and (he was) trying to teach people
something that may be (of) too much benefit, maybe useful for people. He was
advising to them. Once (he was) coming (to the) mosque and (he was) sitting...
not like this.. (on the) official seat in (the) mosque... (he was) sitting and
looking to people: “Ma sha Allah! Very good people, good crowding here... Yes,
o my listeners! Are you knowing what I am teaching to you?” (And the) people
(were) saying: “No, Sir we are not knowing what you are saying to us.” And he
was saying: “If you are not knowing, for what I am saying to you something?
Ehhh... ma’a Salaam!” “Oh!” (The) people (were) going away... “If you are not
knowing, what I am saying, for what I am saying to you something?” They left.
Next time... people (were) saying: “Nasrudin Hoca, our teacher, our advisor, he
(is) never speaking, (He is) asking that question and we are saying: ‘We are
not knowing’ and he is saying: ‘(It) doesn’t matter’. This time we must say: ‘We
know’.” And (on the) second occasion Nasrudin Hoca (was) standing (there), looking: “Ma
sha Allah! So many people here... As-salamu alaikum! Are you knowing, what I am
saying to you? “They are saying: “Yes, Sir, we are knowing!” “If you are
knowing, for what I am saying to you?” And people, they were astonished. They
were saying: “This time we must say, some of ourselves: ‘We know’, some other
say: ‘We don’t know’.” (On) a third occasion Molla Nasrudin (was) coming and sitting: “O, ma sha
Allah! Good people... Are you knowing, what I am going to teach you?” These
people (were) saying: “Yes, we are knowing” and another group (was) saying: “We
are not knowing, Hoca Effendi, we are not knowing!” “Very good! Who (is)
knowing, (they are) teaching unknowing people!”

I am coming and saying to you: “You know, what I am saying?”, but you are not
answering, therefore I am addressing to walls, and (the) floor and (the)
ceiling... What we shall do!... Yalla, go away! As-salamu alaikum...

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bsmillahir Rahmanir Rahim. Ya Rabbana, ya
Rabbi-ghfir wa-rham wa Anta khairu Rahimin, innaka Afuwu Karim, tuhibbu-l afwa,
fa-fuanna, ya Karim, bi jahi man arsaltahu Suratu-l Fatiha!

Lefke, 30.03.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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