Maulana Sheikh NazimPerfect Cleanliness to Enter Paradise

We have been ordered to reach a perfection within this life. Our physical body grows up to perfection and then it gets weaker and weaker until it finishes. But if you reach real perfection, spiritual perfection, it will be with you forever. You will find your Heavenly Stations according to the perfection you reached here. There will be endless rows in the Divine Presence, according to your perfection. If you have not reached any perfection here, there will not be any room for you to be there at all.

There are two kind of works which will give you perfection: first you must be clean. Not only your body and clothes, but the important part is to be clean of all our ego's dirty characteristics. If you are able to leave all that behind you, you will reach real cleanliness. The outer cleanliness is easy, but the dirt in your character is difficult. If you don't clean yourself from these during your lifetime, you will be cleaned by force in the last moments of this life. If that is not enough, the cleaning-up will continue in your grave. If that is not enough, the operation will continue on the Day of Resurrection. If that is not enough, you will fall down from the bridge over hell on your way to Paradise, to be cleaned there. The final place for cleaning up is hell. No one can pass through to Paradise without being clean. In this century every kind of dirtiness is planted within the character. This century has the most suitable season for the bad characteristics of the ego. In this century everybody is asking for ever more freedom and more and more bad characteristics are developing. Never at any time has there been as many bad characteristics as in this century.

The system of governments is a very great foolishness. They let people do everything according to their egos. That is the definition of freedom. They are not trying to prevent bad actions, instead they only want to catch them. That is the worst system of governing people. The government should close all the doors and prevent crimes. But we have the worst satanic system operating on earth now. Islam demands all the doors of crime to be shut. That is a command. Islam prevents alcohol. It is the mother of every kind of crime. If it is prevented, so many people could rest. Instead the doors to alcohol are opened. In court the judges even uses alcohol as an excuse. People are pardoned from their crimes because of having been drunk. People are actually encouraged to commit crimes like this. Instead people attack Islam for not allowing alcohol! People who commit crimes while being drunk should not be pardoned. Instead they should be punished double and publicly. But these governments just let everything happen.

It is a perfect season to plant every kind of evil. One of the biggest illnesses of the century is pride. Everyone from small to big, men to women, are proud. We are also proud. Worshippers are proud. We are proud of our fasting, of our zikr, of our prayers, of our clothes... Mankind is using every reason to be proud, even though it is the worst characteristic. Sometimes when you stand up and pray an opening will come. The Lord has countless servants praying to Him, standing up and going into prostration. Grandsheik used to show me that there are really 5 directions. Towards the west there is a West End, not the one in London, but a real ending. There where the sun is setting there is a mosque which has been built by angels. It has 12000 entrances. From one door to the second entrance is a distance of three miles. That is the nearest one to our world. There are so many worlds. That Mosque in the west is so full with prayers 5 times a day. Imagine 1200 entrances with a walking distance of one hour between each of them, and it is full of praying people 5 times a day! This huge crowd of countless servants is still only a single drop in the ocean!

In spite of these realities we are proud of our prayers and we think we are giving something to Allah. All these countless servants who are praising their Creator. What can an ant give you? The Divine Treasures are full of glorification for the Creator. But everything we give to Him is so small within these countless worlds of creation. How great is Allah! We are nothing, so let us keep our ego down. When we are clean Allah will dress us. Take away those dirty clothes and let Allah dress you. It will make you happy and honourable in Heaven. They will see that it is the Lord Who has dressed you with His Divine Presence. Even if you prayed 20 million rakats instead of 20 for Tarawih. Even if I would not only pray each rakat with one verse of the Quran, but with a whole chapter like some big Imams do, or if Allah would give you the power of reciting the whole Quran in each rakat, and you would be proud of what you did, you would be on the same level as satan. Don't think that you are giving Allah anything. He already has absolute glory. He is in endless glory oceans. Put yourself down. Pride eats your worshipping. There is an insect which eats clothes and books. Pride does the same to your worshipping. The moment you think you are important you have lost. To pray and to be proud is worse than not to pray at all. Whoever does not pray, but who is not proud, will be in a better situation than someone who comes into the Divine Presence being proud about his prayers. You must pray, because He has rights to be worshipped and glorified.

He can dress you, you are not allowed to dress yourself. Only He can. Whoever rises his head in pride will have something fall on it. No one can raise their head in the Divine Presence. Look what happened to satan! Adam put his head down and Allah raised him. That is a great lesson. Satan dressed himself to be the one to be glorified. That is why he fell.

Beware to let your ego tell you that you are this one or that one. You will fall down and no one will be able to help you until you have left your ego. This is a Holy Month and it has been designed for that purpose: to clean us. Beware of the tricks and traps of your ego. Such associations will give everyone attending it, who really wants to be a servant and glorify his lord, a strong foundation.

This is a basic teaching and training: whatever you do it will come back to you. Pride will destroy everything like it destroyed satan and every worshipping he had done in thousands of years. Come to the level of real servanthood and don't claim to be anything. Don't say that you are German, Italian, Turk, Kurdish, African, African-American, Ottoman, Pakistani, or the tallest...


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