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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt="Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim"}}**The Perfumed Breath of Those Who Constantly Remember God**


(Sultan praying two rakats)

Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar La ilaha ill-Llah, Allahu Akbar, Allahu Akbar wa lillahi'l-hamd!

(Sultan stands)

O our Lord! Accept our servanthood for the honor of Your most honored one and we are saying, we are asking more glory for him saying, alfu 's-salaat alfu 's-salaam `alayka ya Sayyida 'l-awwaleen wa'l-akhireen wa `ala alika as-haabika wa atbai`ka ila yawm-id-deen.

O Rasulullah! We are asking your shafa’a, your intercession. (Arabic) In spite of those proud ones, they are full with dirtiness and they are coming and to saying some useless and dirty words for your rank in Divinely Presence.

O Ya Rasulullah! Give us your intercession and keep us under your hand, honored flag, liwaau 'l-hamd. We are so happy and our hearts so, so proud and happy and in enjoyment. Ya Sayidda 'l-awwaleen wa 'l-akhireen! You are everywhere in spite of those Shaytan people, you are everywhere because everything without you can’t be in existence. O our most beloved Prophet! You are real Messenger, you are most honored Messenger, you are only one who is in Divinely Presence more and more from pre-Eternal up to Eternal. And we are assaulting on Shaytans and we are saying A`udhu billahi mina ’sh-shaytanir-rajeem and we are taking our Heavenly sword that been granted to us, Bismillahi 'r-Rahmani 'r-Raheem.

(Sultan sits)

La ilaha ill-Llah., La ilaha ill-Llah., La ilaha ill-Llah., La ilaha ill-Llah. Muhammad Habeeb Allah `alayhi salaatullah `alayka salaatullah ya Habeeb Allah.

O people! We are weak ones. We are so weak creatures.

As-salaam `alaykum warahmatullah wa barakatuhu!

Try to be always under the Heavenly shelter here and Hereafter. O humble servants! Whom they are preferring to be ... not to be proud ones, the most important sign of servanthood that is humbleness. As much as we can be humble, the Lord of Heavens makes ourselves up, up, up! Don't be proud. You should be then with Fir’auns and with the armies of Nimrods; there is a stamp, Heavenly stamp (Arabic).

I am calling to my master who teaching us, and try to teach whole mankind how they must be servants, how is servanthood. And O people! O mankind! All of us from same tree of humanity. We have been granted such an honor from our Creator and we are asking that honor to be always! To continue something that the Lord of Heavens granting He is not taking it back! That is Heavenly qa'idah, Heavenly rule. If giving, not taking it back. But so many of ourselves making wrong things but wrong things may be washed, may be taken away. Ask our Lord's magfiraat, forgiveness. O Allah! Forgive us, and He is Ghafoorun and Ghafaarun. Ghafoor Who giving His forgiveness and He is Ghafaar, Endless Forgiveness Oceans.

O people! Leave your will, will power in front of the Will of the Lord of Heavens. But I am saying that is highest position to leave our will power to our Lord. That is an isti’lah, expression. (Sultan asks someone in audience, “Sleeping?!”) As an isti’lah, expression we are saying, O Allah! Forgive us.

We must first addressing to our Lord then coming down, coming down, more humble, more humble, more humble to say to your master that you belongs to him. Who is Master? Master is that one who leaving his will through the will of the Seal of Prophets Sallallahu Alayhi Wasallam and who is the Seal of Prophets? Who just left his will through his, not will, Will Oceans.

We must keep usool, traditional way that we must learn it. O people! Say I am nothing! Yes, you must say this. Some people saying, “How I can say that I am nothing? I was nothing? Or I am nothing? And I have such a power, a big belly! There is a golden chain (Sultan searching room for eyeglasses) and I have also, I have such a golden eyeglasses how I can say that I am nothing? And I am in existence with such a power.”

Those people they are learning through dragons’ schools. Who is dragon? Shaytan. Learning there. When putting this (Sultan puts on eyeglasses), "Yes sir! I am not something, I am everything, I am so powerful.” That is Shaytan. He has Shaytanic diplomas and putting this also (eyeglasses), big stomach, huh? Say! Belly! How you say this for me and I am sitting on a chair everywhere, or with golden, I am not putting my golden through case. Case? Not box, ordinary box…safe! (Sultan says to someone in audience, “Why you are saying case?”)

Because people they are thinking that I am putting my golden through safe, but I am putting inside the chair, no one hopes that it may be inside something, and I am sitting on golden, so powerful and hundreds of ships, saying through East and West, "How you are saying for me that I am not something? I am something and more than something. I may claim that I may be everything!"

That is the top point of pride! It is not true. If anyone forgetting his position falling into so many mistakes, and that mistakes taking that one to be with Shaytan because Shaytan was claiming and thinking that not I am something, no! I am all things, Shaytan saying! It was not happy to be something but he was claiming I am everything in existence.

Therefore, O people! Leave, not to be proud. Because the real sign of being a servant, the first condition for being a servant, to be humble. Humbleness making people to come closer to Heavenly beings or Heavenly beings running away from them. From them coming a bad smelling, very bad escaping. And sometimes that person when his passing time approaching, going to come out from his…through his breathing, coming so bad smelling. We are asking forgiveness.

And that one who was using Holy name of Allah Almighty's dhikr, his breathing coming to be so beautiful smelling!

Once we were with my master, Grandshaykh, in Madinatul Munawwara that the Seal of Prophets his Holy body was laying there. We were with my Grandshaykh and that year coming some pilgrims for visiting Holy place of the Holiest one's, Holiest body. One person he was 120 years and he coming and visiting our Grandshaykh who was 90 years. And Grandshaykh ordering me to embrace to that old one and I embraced him. (Grandshaykh said) “O Nazim Effendi! You smell something?” (Sultan says) “O my master! I am smelling him so beautiful breathing, so beautiful.” (Grandshaykh said) “You know what it is?” (Sultan says) “You know my master.” And he said that person never stopping his mouth to saying La ilaha ill-Llah, La ilaha ill-Llah, La ilaha ill-Llah, La ilaha ill-Llah… Even sleeping time, through his hand tasbih. Sleeping, American and America! Always saying La ilaha il Allah, La ilaha ill-Llah, La ilaha ill-Llah. That dhikr, Tawheed, we are saying to make Allah Almighty's Oneness, saying La ilaha ill-Llah,

La ilaha ill-Llah. That making his mouth and his inside so pure, so smelling as you are smelling rose.

Order from the Lord of Heavens to say His most beloved one, Sayiddina Muhammad (s) (Sultan stands)..Tahir turuq al-Quran wa'l-imaan clean the ways of Holy Quran by saying La ilaha ill-Llah, La ilaha ill-Llah, La ilaha ill-Llah even when they going to be buried, the earth that they are buried taking that good smell of rose.

Once I was in Damascus and government taking out one master that he lived only for his Lord and he was always mash’oor busy and occupied to say La ilaha ill-Llah. Just after 500 years, I was there, when they were opening his grave, he was laying with his white clothes. He is in Damascus. Shaykh Hassan al-Jibawi. And he has been taken from his tomb to another place perhaps it was one hundred steps. After one week or 10 days, I was passing there and I am looking what happened, they were making it down to open this grave. Small ones coming out running to me bringing full of hands from that one's graveyard saying, Shaykh! Smell this one! I am smelling and the earth that he was buried there 500 years it was smelling like a rose, like a rose! Taking and putting it in my pocket taking it home. It is in Damascus. Shaykh Hassan al-Jibawi. One of closer ones to most close one to his Lord Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

(Sultan stands)

Then I mean to say that their body going to be in such a position, giving such a good smelling. Holy Command tahiru turuq al-Quran wa'l-imaan, clean the ways of Holy Quran and Iman. With which thing, Ya Rasul Allah? Say daily at least hundred times La ilaha ill-Llah!

Those Shaytan, Salafi and Wahabi people saying a group of people sitting making dhikr: bid’ah bid’ah, bid’ah! That is their servanthood. Their servanthood not to Allah, they are so jealous to be said the name of Lord of Heavens or to be mentioned and to be granted with asalat wa salam. Ya Sayidda'l-awwaleen wa 'l-akhireen. They are so jealous people! Who preventing people to saying as-salaat wa's-salaam they are going to be, who preventing, they are going to be graduated by Shaytan's academy. They have Shaytanic academy PhD, O Shaykh Hisham, PhD O Shaykh Adnan, PhD so many doctors that they never like to be from ulama, they are saying we are doctor… Allah Almighty takes them away whom they are not knowing what is the honor of man, how coming honor to them they are not learning, they are not learning, they are so hard head people. That is not only blaming them because blaming them is from waajib, obligatory. We are saying this to make people wake up and look such a people they are not giving ta`zheem, respect, real respect to most respectful one in Divinely Presence; they are very jealous. As Shaytan was jealous from Sayiddina Adam, they are also very jealous from the Seal of Prophets.

O people! Come and listen. Don't be angry it is not good for you because if someone from masters being angry with you, you can’t reach tomorrow early morning or early evening, you can be passed away.

I am nothing. I am so small, like what saying now, virus! I am less than virus. Virus making man to fear, and I am saying what fear? Why you are fearing from virus? O Shaykh! That is pig virus mmm pig virus mmm. We are not fearing from pig but we are fearing from its virus. You were so cesur brave, you were so brave, how now you are trembling and saying Ooooh, coming us we are fearing, where is the serum that putting against them. I am asking, ever you saw it? No. If you are not seeing how you are saying there is a virus? And your, qa'idah, your base that if you are not seeing it you are not accepting, how you are accepting pig, swine flu. Why you are making this trouble yourself? Close your doors not to enter in it! (Sultan laughs)

O Americans! Where are you? You are happy? You are unhappy with me? You must be happy with me because I am also from mankind. I am not from animal level. No! What is your level, I am on that level. I am making you to think and I am making you to a little bit smiling. We can't smile. Laugh. We can't do. We are such an important ones. We are not like you, to make people to smile or laugh. It is best work you can do for people to make them to be happy by smiling and laughing. O Shaykh, from where you are coming such a way? I am coming from up! But you are coming from down!

May Allah forgive us! O people! Something they are making me to speak. I am not writing this to speak but I am leaving my will through Holy ones will and they are using my mouth, my tongue to speak to you. I am not looking books and writing to you but it is something to make you wake up before death coming and awakening! O people! May Allah forgives us. I am weak. I am not saying I am good one, no, but I am only making an ‘ikaaz warning, warner, warner, warner! Please forgive me then Allah forgives us, all of us. If you like, it is better, if not it doesn't matter.

Dome dome dome dome 4x

Be happy ones for the sake of your Lord!
Huuu Huuu Who created you, you, you say Huuuu,


(43 minutes)


Time yet two minutes more to make small ones happy and big ones to say to them

Dome dome dome dome 4x

O our Lord! Forgive us! O our Creator! Grant us. We are weak ones, o our Lord! We are singing for You to make Your servants happy with You and we are saying…

Dome dome dome dome 2x

To be Pope also happy with me,

Dome dome dome dome

To take away from his heart proud and to be humble one

Huuu huuu huuu huuu Huuu huuu huuu huuu Huuu huuu

Jesus Christ he is listening and he is laughing or at least smiling that one humble servant making people to be think on it and to be always happy with that one.

Dome dome dome dome 8x

(45 minutes)

Thank you for listening. They must be whole world to be happy by saying all of us…

Dome dome dome dome 3x

Because You are our Lord Almighty, Almighty, Almighty, forever Mighty, forever Merciful, forever Most Beneficent and Most Munificent Lord for the creation.


(Sultan talking to Mawlana Shaykh Hisham on phone)

Lefke, 26.09.2009

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