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Maulana Sheikh NazimThe "Personality" of Allah

The realities of the human soul are unfathomable. Those realities are not subject of the limitations of time and space. Therefore, you shouldn’t imagine that our existence is only of the duration of our brief lifespan – fifty, seventy or eighty years - and that we then disappear and exist no more. Don’t imagine either that our realities are confined to these forms of flesh and bones. If you imagine for yourself such a limited existence, then, in reality, you are denying that your existence is real, as reality is eternal and unchanging.

The only thing changing in our lives is our outward form. It was created from dust and water, then caused to grow and become strong, then to shrivel and die. That form survives for its destined lifespan by means of air, water and food, then it reverts to dust and water, returning to its original form once it has performed its duty and fulfilled its usefulness. The soul was tied to it for a short time in accordance with the Lord’s Will, and when it [the body] returns to its original form, the soul returns to its reality in the Divine Presence.

Don’t imagine that the existence of such a vast universe with so many creatures in it, in any way contradicts or detracts from the Unity of Allah, such imaginings would be foolishness. Yes and you must know as well that everything has a distinct personality because Allah Almighty causes endlessly varying manifestations of His Divine Names to appear through his creatures.

(Questioner) – Does Allah Almighty appear in bad people or only in good people?

Sheikh Nazim; - in the sight of Allah Almighty all are His creatures. He Almighty created goodness and evil to test His servants. Through good people appear His Divine Attributes of Mercy and Beneficence; and through evil doers and tyrants are seen the reflections of His Attributes of Force, Power and Retribution. So, one kind of people are manifestations and so are the others. Allah Almighty has endless Divine Names, and every Name is a mirror that has reflections in creation.

(Questioner) Then is there nothing bad or evil?

Sheikh Nazim; In the sight of Allah this may be so, but you must know that Allah Almighty has ordered us to purse goodness and not evil., and He has made our obedience to this order as a test, a supreme test that is at the very heart of His having created us in this world in these forms. As His creatures, who find themselves in the midst of a world which He created in order to test our ability to distinguish good from evil and to follow goodness despite the attraction of evil that He has caused to be strong in us, it is our duty to stress the distinction between good and evil and not try to downgrade it or cloud it over.

So, our level, the level of all who find themselves in this world, is to distinguish. But the Creator is never in that situation, Far Exalted be He above all limitations.

You may follow the stream to its source. If we follow creation to the main source, we may find, coming from the same source, a stream gushing forth with sweet fresh water, and another, taking another course, salty and bitter. So, if you follow everything to its main source, that source is Allah; but right from the source the two streams part. This means that mankind, and we are always included in that category, no matter who we are and no matter what we accomplish, experience the distinction between the fresh and the salty.

He is the Creator. It is His to test His servants. He is Free. HE is not under the command of anyone and He does what He wills according to His Own Wisdom. No one can command Him, but he commands all - and He commands us to do good and avoid evil.

(Questioner) - But many people .., ask “Why does Allah create badness if He is supposedly so good?”

Sheikh Nazim ; - they would be better off, much better off, not asking such questions! …. What daring they exhibit in relation to their Lord, … they are very bad mannered people indeed to ask of their Lord, “Why did You create evil?” Yes.

This life is full of every variety of good and bad, at every corner a chance to demonstrate your adherence to good or fall into temptation, every day many tests to face. And He Almighty declared: “I am going to try My servants.” – finished. You can’t ask why, as He has clearly said why:- to test His servants. If you can’t distinguish good from evil then you are on the level of animals, and you have no responsibility for your actions.

But, if you lay claim to being intelligent, clever, learned, refined, perceptive, etc. then you must know that you are responsible, and that you must ultimately answer the question, “Why did you do evil?”

(Questioner); Many people ask if Allah Almighty has foreordained everything …. how can we be responsible for our actions?

Sheikh Nazim; ….. Years ago as I was walking with my Grandsheikh in Damascus, a football that some boys were playing with hit me on the head and knocked off my turban. I got very angry and turned around, shouting; “ Oh you miserable, misbehaved brat!”

Grandsheihk said; “Oh Nazim Effendi, you have just lost your faith. How can you claim to believe that everything comes from Allah Almighty when you are ready to blame someone for something that hits you on the head?

Do you not know that Allah is the Original Cause of that event? So why are you blinded by secondary causes? When that ball hit you why did you look to see which one threw it in order to quarrel with him? Do you not know that it is from Allah?”

Then I recited the confession of faith to renew my faith.

The level of faith that our Grandsheikh was referring to is the level of prophets and saints. We are trying to attain to that level, and when men reach that level, peace will reign on earth. The reason for all trouble on earth, for all wars and suffering is that people have lost sight of their Lord’s Will behind all events. They have lost sight of the hand of the One Who is testing them through those events. They have stopped seeing events as tests from their Lord. Therefore they continue failing those tests.


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