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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Please discuss the idea of Property**

Property in Islam - whoever pays for the rights of property may have it. As much as he is able to pay for - there is no hindrance for Muslims to own property or land. May buy, may have. There are no limits on property, as long as we say it is a grant from Allah Almighty to His servants. If Allah makes it possible for a person to buy, he may buy as much as he can afford.

//Question - What is his responsibility for the property?//

He is responsible in the Divine Presence, but in this world he is free to do with and to use his lands and property as he likes. If a person is unable to keep his lands and property intelligently and benefit from it and is in danger of losing the property or if he is wasting it his children may apply to court. The court may check and help that person or put government control on the property in order to save it and keep it for him and his children (not to take it from him).

If something is wrong with the owner and he is unable to look after the land or property, then the government may be empowered to help him - to keep everything for him; not taking it away from him by force, this is not allowed. In Islamic law, the government takes from all people who own land or farms or fields something from the crops and produce - Islamic rules order a proportion to be taken - otherwise the owner is free.

From money, i.e. gold and silver, he should pay according to Islamic law the correct amount. For animals if he has flocks, sheep, cows, camels - he must pay every year.

It is a big sin to avoid paying or to prevent payment and not to give government and poor people their rights. There is no interest in Islam, but loans - you must be able to support poor people. Everyone must try to support poor people, as Allah Almighty says "I am making on my behalf rich people to look after my poor servants - so long as they are keeping my poor servants, I am keeping their riches, as long as they are not keeping poor ones, I am not looking after them." Therefore, rich Muslims are always looking after poor Muslims. Allah Almighty supports rich Muslims always. If they keep the rights of poor people from them by not giving, they should be punished by having their riches taken from them. Also, that money which they are keeping and not giving for the sake of Allah is going to punish them as if it were pieces of fire burning their bodies in their graves on the Day of Resurrection.

Therefore, rich Muslims try to keep poor Muslims, by helping and giving to them. A loan is more important and brings more reward than a sadaqa (charity alms giving). Sadaqa given gets for each one part, ten parts in return while for a loan - one part merits eighteen in return. To give a loan is more lovely to Allah Almighty. Yes, and no interest - a loan given without interest, takes a reward from Allah Almighty. Interest is not an Islamic, but an un-Islamic thing. We may keep and help poor Muslims with money and power as much as we can. In these days interest is going to be given by banks, big industrial companies, and trading companies. It is not that kind of Interest which Islam is speaking about. If one is dealing with banks, it is only investment premiums, only trading, business - not the same kind of interest which is mentioned in Holy Qur'an - riba (interest). It is a business and therefore we are not speaking against what banks give us for our money, because the bank is a trading company.


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