Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimFrom Where Comes the Power to Move, to Live, and for Health?

(Mawlana Shaykh stands) A`udhu billahi min ash-Shaytani'r-rajim. Bismillahi'r-Rahmani'r-Rahim. Alhamdulillahi rabbi'l `alamin. w'as-salaat was salamu `alaykum Sayyidina Muhammad (s), Sayyid al-awwaleena wa'l-akhireen. Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar al-akbar! Subhanak allahumma wa bihamdik.. anta sultan Anta Subhaan, a`eeyna ...Help us, Ya Rabbana. Wa ya Sayyid al-awwaleena wa'l-akhireen. Ya Sayyidee ya Rasulullah! Help us, we are saying... We are asking your support for your ummah to take away shaytans and its sultanate to come down and to appear Islam, real Islam. (Mawlana Shaykh sits)

O people! Servants of the Lord Almighty Allah! He is the Lord of Creation from beginning up to end. One day just passed away. Our lives (are) passing. Don’t be cheated by Shaytan, (thinking) that you are going to live on this planet forever, no. Listen, and try to understand what heavenly declaration coming daily to every creature.

As salamu alaykum, O Believers! Believers have a value in the Divinely Presence.

O our Master! We are weak ones; we are powerful ones. Who is powerful? That one believing inexistence of the Creator; that is powerful. How we are saying we believe in His Existence if (there is) no existence? That means existence of the Creator (only). How we are going to be in existence? How it can be? Our existence is not from our being, no! Our existence just granted to us. To be in existence is a grant to ourselves, and Who is that One granting us to be in existence? But people are drunk now, and ignorant and heedless: no-mind people.

How they are saying our existence is from our parents, we are asking. They are thinking their existence is from their mom and dad. That is the last point of being ignorant, to say our existence is from our parents, not from anyone else. That is foolishness! If your parents can give their children to be in existence, if they have such a power, why they are not keeping themselves in existence? But people are drunk, insisting to say, there is no Creator. It is the last point of foolishness, to be idiots, last point to be stupid, to be fools. How people are so stupid to say this? No-mind ones, the Creator just grants to you an organ through your head and making it to work and to understand. Why you are not using that? Your mentality is saying to you, your mentality is something that does not belong to material world, no. Never belongs.

For example, you may say for a car it is moving by its material being. People may say something is wrong with you, because their mentality is not accepting a car is moving by itself. Car in need something. It is not from material thing. If it was material car may move by itself, but it is not from material being, you can't see. You are putting a cup of tea that we are saying petrol, petrol, cup of tea (amount) you are putting in it and beginning to move? that doesn't not belong to material world. No, it is something else. If material may do itself to move through material power of material being; it is never going to go to a petrol station putting in it one liter of petrol! What is in it, maee? It is a water, maee, it is not like a rocks. Liquid, it is a liquid. No more. But what is in it, making, a cup of liquid to make a car move? How you can say a car by itself is moving? Tell me, what saying your mentality?

Man also. Do you think that through our physical being may move by itself? We are in need of something to eat and drinking that making us to move. If no our physical being can't do anyting, it is impossible. No any other orders can work without eating and drinking. As car needs to drink a liquid and moving, man just moving, by eating and drinking. Say, “Without eating and drinking I can move!” You must be a crazy one!

The point we must say to refuse so many no-mind people, so many ignorant people, insisting that no any relationship our bodies, out of our bodies. They are insisting to say we are mustaqil, independent; there is another word. (self-sufficient?) huh? So many people saying we are independent, we are not in need of anything. But reality saying, you are saying lies! Because you are eating and drinking. Which thing coming from eating and drinking to you? You, a person, two meters high and hundred kilograms creature.

Hunger coming to finish you, to make you to fall down and to finish. Hunger. If I am bringing a cup of soup, drinking and standing up, what do you think? That secret power is through that soup, or through you or from another world coming? A horse or a donkey is like those people! A donkey is heavy worker, yes. Horse also heavy worker. When it is getting hungry, it is falling down. When you bring a handful of wheat or barley and they eat and drink a cup of water, it is standing up, carrying itself and you also. From where? O people, don’t be ignorant! Don’t be such a person living through his imagination, living imagination coming to Reality.

This is important, giving to you something, not something to eating or drinking, but the words that they are holy words, holy addressing, through holy books coming, and through our speech, passing to you and making you to stand up, to understand, to give your high glorifying, high, another word, to Allah. You are giving your most high respect to Allah! This word touching to you. Therefore, the Lord of Heavens sending prophets with some orders that those orders are heavenly beings. Heavenly orders never going to be like Man’s orders or rules, or laws, no. Heavenly orders they have such a power that when speaking, (it is) touching to you, making you to believe; making you to move; making you to glorify your Lord Almighty, Allah. Words, because words addressing something through yourself, that is spirituality. Words not touching to your material being, no! Touching to your Unseen personality. You have another personality inside that another personality that they are saying it is “our spirit” or “our souls”. We can’t see it, but that is hukmetli, not only controlling more than this, governing, unseen power controlling and governing our physical being.

Don’t think that this one cup of soup making you to stand up. No, but the Lord of Heavens making - more than making - creating such a structure for Man, that Words making him to move and to remove. If not giving, if not putting that secret power through that cup of tea, cup of milk, cup of soup, they are doing nothing to you.

O people, come and listen and believe! You must believe that that power is taking you to His Divinely and Heavenly Presence. If not, you are going to be only dust through your grave.

But 21st century people are never trying to understand. They are saying everything material. No more material—it cannot move without that secret power that just Allah Almighty putting through that strange liquid, coming under Earth one or two kilometers, coming out and giving it to people to use, and run on Autobahn, and fly through skies. O people! Think on it, don’t be donkeys! Don’t be animals! Animals understand their power comes from barley, wheat or straw. What gives straw? Something the Lord of Creation putting in it and when eating that, getting power.

How it is possible to eat straw and stand up and run, and to carry? People are drunk! Every step coming on them a trouble, and trouble means a cursing coming. Now people are running away from their Lord’s realities, therefore, on every step coming on their heads something they never like, destroying them, destroying their physical being. So many new inventions are asking to help people, but they can’t do, they can’t do; they’re always unable. As much as they are bringing new inventions, the power of Mankind is coming down. They’re saying, “Take this,” bringing inventions, tablets, antibiotics, countless. But they can’t help Mankind.

Therefore I am saying to whole people, come and listen to Reality! There is an Unseen Power with its secret ability! That one is a grant from heavens to you, that may give you something, may help you. Don’t think that the names of antibiotics, so many kinds they are helping to you. No! Outlooking you are thinking that they are helping to you, no. Therefore, when the Lord of Heavens is taking that secret power, then taking from it so many kinds of antibiotics and other medicines can’t help people, can’t give any benefit to them, can’t take away their troubles, because all of them new inventions, they are not believing the secret is coming from heavens. As long as they are not believing, the secret power of medication tadawee, is treating people, they never reaching to a treatment to be happy, no to be sahih, healthy. Healthiness, O people, you must understand! Healthy is from heavenly grant! As long as you are (in) rebellion to the Lord of Heavens, you can’t reach any good result from hundreds of kinds of medicines! Never giving to you anything. O people, come and believe, if you like to be happy and healthy here and to be after your death, to reach to eternity. May Allah forgive us!

Ya Rabb! Through this holy month give us some power of understanding to follow Your holys orders and to believe in your existence, to give Your most high glorifying to You! O our Lord, forgive us! For the honor of this holy month and your most beloved, most honored servant, Sayyidina Muhammad (s) (stands in respect)!

(Mawlana Shaykh sings)

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm 4x

O people, hear and obey! Listen and obey, should reach that singing giving to you a pleassure of paradise

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm 4x

That gives to you so pleasure. You can’t find anywhere else, O people

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm 4x

O our Lord! Forgive us!

Today you are barley, enough for our donkeys. Donkeys say, “O shaykh, today it is enough! Tomorrow give us wheat, don’t give us straw.” Doesn’t matter, but not to be straw, we may eat and enjoy. If you are asking to enjoy, follow heavenly orders, to reach heavenly secret power. Through it you can find pleasure, pleasement, you can find enjoyment, endless oceans! You may come in it and enjoying never-ending in the Mighty Presence! O people! Come and listen, come and understand every prophet calling people to that endless beauty oceans, endless happiness oceans, endless enjoyment oceans, endless knowledge oceans, endless endless endless oceans! O people! Come! Don’t be homeless, the Lord of Heavens is calling you to Eternity, Eternity, Eternity!

dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm 4x
Ahhhh Eternity, ahhhh,
Eternal singings of heavens, ahhhhh
dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm 4x


Eh, ehhhhh, ehhhhhh, ehhhhhhhh
Only You, Huuuuu, huuuuuuuuuu
Only with You Eternity, O our Lord!
Huuuuu, huuuuuuuu
Like singings of Your angels
dumm, dumm, dumm, dumm 4x

45 minutes?


Hisham Efendi! (Mawlana Shaykh smiling too much)

Lefke, 07.09.2009

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