Maulana Sheikh NazimThe power of the Sheikh

The Holy Prophet sws used to pray: “Allahumma, la takilni ila nafsi tarfataini...Oh Lord, don’t leave me in the hands of my ego for even the blink of an eye.” If you are with your ego, it cuts you off from others, and then you are alone with the ego. To feel and think that you are alone makes you depressive; it destroys the personality, and you are in a helpless situation. Loneliness is the beginning of difficulties and suffering, physically and spiritually. If you are alone, you are unable to think clearly and realize the needs of other people. And if you are speaking to people, and you are not with your Sheikh, then you are like a blind man throwing stones, unable to reach your target.

Therefore you must ask: “Oh my Sheikh, I am asking to be with you. You are with me, but I am not with you. I will try to be with you.” If these two currents meet, the power will run. The more you are able to concentrate on his being with you, the more power reaches you from his side. If you are wholly with him, then he is in you, and you are your own Sheikh. That is the meaning of being with your Sheikh... His power will surround you as much as you are with him, and then you should reach to unlimited power, because the Sheikh is connected to the Prophet, and the Prophet is in the Divine Presence.

Be with your Sheikh, and you will lose neither power, knowledge, wisdom, patience, nor your life, because everything is with him. You are never alone, not even in deserts or on seas, even if you were the only human being on earth. You will be most powerful among people; and even if the whole of mankind was coming against you, you wouldn’t fear, because you are connected to the real power station. If anyone was to touch you, he would fall down.

The fact that this power exists makes our life easy and safe. There is no need to fear if we concentrate on our Sheikh. But if we forget him, hopelessness and depression, suffering and fear may come to us. Therefore take him with you, wherever you are going. Then he will lead and guide you in everything. Then you will understand what it means to be with the Prophet, to be with Allah. You will experience Fana ... you will vanish, and He will appear in you.

Those are the people about whom the Prophet said: “When you look to them, you look to Allah.” If you are with your Sheikh, Shaitan will never conquer your heart. He can’t enter because your Sheikh is there with you. May Allah make it easy for us to be with one of His servants who is in the Divine Presence... Fatiha.


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