Maulana Sheikh NazimPrepare yourselves for Paradise!

Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir Rahim.
(The) Prophet sws he was saying and everything from him, the Seal of Prophets,
(the) most honoured and glorified one in (the) divinely Presence, S.Muhammad
sws- Allah Almighty (is) giving His glorious respect to His most honoured
servant, S.Muhammad sws.

If He is giving, what about for ourselves, if we are standing up? But there is
some foolish, no mind, no Adab people, Wahabi people, when we are doing this,
they are saying: “Shirk!” They are Mushriks! “Man kafara mu’min faqad kafara.”
Who is making a Mu’min Kafir, he is going to be Kafir! If I can do, if I am able
to stand up for the honour of that one up to (the) end of my life, it is nothing
for the honour that Allah Almighty (is) giving to His most honoured servant
S.Muhammad sws! But we are now in a time that is a period, (the) second
ignorance time, (the) second ignorance.

One just passed away; it was before the time of the Seal of Prophets
S.Rasulullah sws. Just he had been sent through a tribe that they were ignorant.
Everything they were doing, it was against (the) holy Commands of the Lord of
Heavens. Shaitan was leading them. They lost (the) holy Books that Allah
Almighty just sent to mankind to be guidance for them to His divinely Presence.
Allah Almighty (is) saying- astaidhu billah- : “Inna li-llah wa inna ilayhi
rajiun. We are coming from Allah Almighty, from His endless Territories just we
had been sent and settled on this planet and we are going, coming back to Allah.
Coming from Allah, going to Allah.

Now we are not knowing, how we are going to go Allah Almighty’s divinely
Presence. That is the Day of Resurrection we are going to Him, to His divinely
Presence. We don’t know anything! If they are not giving us to say something, we are
ignorant ones- Meded, ya Sultanu-l Awliya! We don’t know, but the beloved ones,
(the) holy ones, (the) Friends of Allah that (are) making me to address to
people- not to you only, (but to people) through East and West- what they are
giving to me, to my heart, I am going to speak to you and translate, or I am
knowing nothing. Therefore listen and take your lessons! One verse, holy
Verse from (the) Holy Quran (is) saying: “Inna li-llah wa inna ilayhi rajiun”,
We are coming from Allah, going to Allah. That is very short translation.

Now you know that some people that they are commanders of nations, leaders of
nations, and they are thinking that they are something, but they are nothing,
but they... You know, o our brothers, you know that mirror... you know mirror?
Don’t sleep! Mirror- if anyone (is) asking to look himself, (he is) putting that
mirror and looking... “Better... looks like Adam Peygamber...” Yes, preparing
such a people... sometimes they are making, inviting some people that they are
also thinking that they are something- like that person who (m they are)
leaders, whom (they are) leading nations- they are thinking that: “We are

I am saying: “If you are something different from common people, why you are
getting, going to be equal, going to (the) WC? Hah? If you are something else
from common people, why you are going to (the) WC, coming down? If you are
something, you must not use (WC)! We are nothing, but you are something. We are
nothing, we may go (to the) baitu-l raha, to take his rest.

“Eh, we are something.” Something! When (they are) calling (them): “Come!” “Yes
Sir, just I must go to WC...” “No Sir, everyone here they are drunk people. I
may bring a pot for you, no need there! Don’t move from your chair, because you
are chairman... Or we may put a tube, put there... Don’t move, because you are
something, people (will be) saying then (that) you are nothing. You are saying:
‘I am something’...”

Whole (people,) whom they are claiming: “We are something”, sometimes they are
asking: “Yes Sir, I must get out a little, people may continue.” “Oh Sir, you
are chairman, you are something here! Other people they are nothing, how you are
leaving? We may bring this potty, you may sit down. (We are) putting (it) there,
(you are) making in it, (and) when people they are going (to be) drunk, put (it)
on their heads...”

Why I am making this? For understanding that whole people now they are thinking
that they are something. Even (a) worker, (a) municipal worker that (is)
brushing, sweeping. They are saying (to him): “Get away!” “You can’t say
(anything) to me, because I am (a) municipal department worker. I have an
honour! Who are you (that) you can say (this) to me?” He thinks that he is
something also. From small ones to up! That is main object or main mission of
Shaitan: To make people to think that: “You are something.” And he is nothing.
No one (is) saying: “I am nothing”, everyone (is) claiming: “I am something, I
am that one.”

O Sheikh, say (it) more clear, say that whole ones (are) claiming to be VIP. Ha!
VIP- very important. Everyone (is) thinking that he is VIP, (a) very important
person. Allah Allah... Sit down! I am forgetting when such a foolish one (is) moving there...
Everyone’s target , man or woman: they are trying to be (a) VIP person.
Everyone! Shaitan (is) saying: “You must be VIP also! Why they are VIP? They
have 4 legs, more than you? How they are going to be VIP? He is like you, 4
legs?” “No.” “Tail?” “No tail.” “How they are claiming: ‘We are VIP’? What is
that?” Hassili kalam: Shaitan (is) trying to make everyone to claim that: ‘I am VIP
person’, so that, o my listeners, I don’t think that you are VIP people, coming
here, no! First level people (are) coming to listen to me. VIPs, if they are
coming, I am speaking another language for them, (so) that they should ask to
escape! I am not leaving them: “Sit down and listen to me!”

Pharaoh that he was claiming: “I am your Lord” he was getting out to (the)
toilet (every) 40 days once. That is through traditional knowledge. And he said:
“Oh! People daily they are getting out 4o times. I am getting out 4o days once,
therefore I am another one. I am not same, I am not on your level, therefore I
am your Lord!” And everyone they are claiming now to be VIP.

For what so many universities, so many high schools, so many colleges, so many
masterhood or doctorhood or muktorhood...? So many... X.! You have doctorhood?
Eh... “Make as much as possible” Shaitan (is) saying to them “more and more
universities!” Only their main target (is) to make people to claim that: “I am a
doctor”, “I am a professor”, “I am such and such person”.... They are not
opening to make people to learn something and to work and to give their benefits
to people, because hundred thousands of students, all of them they are asking to
be official people, to be employed by (the) government and it is impossible. It
is impossible, but they are reaching, only they are taking their diplomas,
making like this, photograph... (to be seen) that: “We just graduated” and on
their heads (they put a) black hat, I don’t know what is that... (They are)
putting (it) and saying: “Eh, now I am something”...

(The) main target of Shaitan (is) to make people to claim that: “We are
something” and they are nothing! We are trying here to make people not to claim
that they are something! Fana-un fi-llah, fana-un fi Rasulillah, fana-un fi
Awliya, fana-un fi themselves. They are knowing that we are coming from (the)
earth, going to (the) earth, going back. Therefore they don’t like Tariqats,
because mainly Wahabi people, they are very rich ones, how they can be...

If (one is) coming to me to be nothing, I am giving (him) a brush: “Go (to the)
toilet and clean it!” “Oh, what is that? I have such a position, not billions,
trillions and you are saying to me: ‘Take this brush and clean’? What is that?
That is Shariat for yourself?” “Naam, I know Shariat, you don’t know!” Anyone
who can come for discussing for me, in front of me, I am teaching them- through
East and West- because I am nothing! Everyone who (is) coming (and) they are
claiming (that) they are something, I am making them nothing, therefore they are

O people, we are making a long introduction, then we must open (the) first page
of our speech now... “Oh Sheikh, now you are asking to begin? Up to Asr...!”
“Don’t speak, we shall look what Sheikh (is) saying”... Yes Sir, that is (the)
introduction. It is not too long! If I am going to make an introduction from
this day, for today up to next week, (it is) never finishing. Next year- not
finishing... But we are coming to say some words, then you may think on it. If
you are understanding, what we are saying, you may do something for yourself.

Yes, VIP people, sometimes, or (from) time to time, they have some parties;
parties for some occasions and they are creating so many reasons to make a night
(a) Gala Night. What is that...? Happy Birthday Night... National Day
Night...Crowning Night... winning our parties Democrats Party Win Nights...
Aristocrat People Nights. Oh, it is not enough 365 nights, they can do every
night so many!

I mean to say: they are sending some invitations, yes?- Not sending to me! “Who
is that? Hah! No need such a person!”- Sending (an invitation) to special
people, private people, that his Majesty or his Excellency Bush, his Excellency
President (is calling you)... Alhamdulillah, (it is) not written: “His Holiness
(is) calling you”, no! (They are) calling people for such occasions to come for
a dinner, (a) Gala Night... I (am) never understanding what is (this) Gala
Night... “O Sheikh, even you don’t know cocktail?” “Hah, what is cocktail? Ya
Hu- cock- kukurikoo, it is with tail and so many colours tail it has...” “You
don’t know?” “I never been with such a people, they (are) never calling me to be
with them through cocktail... .”

There is cocktail for every occasion. They may do it. They may do it even every
week, yes? But Gala Night it is not so... some nights (are) special nights, it
is not so quickly, but cocktail party... “Tonight there is a cocktail party in
(the) HiIton Hotel” yes, for example, (the) Hilton... eh. Then (it is) written
under that invitation (for) ladies, how they should dress and men, how they
should dress. Yes? Ladies, as much as possible, if they may come naked, it is
much better... but men, they must put under their (belly)... downstairs, they
must (tie it), because so many ladies, it is... Cocktail party, for ladies, as
much as possible décolleté... If they may come nighttime, when they are lying
through their husbands, better for us!

Some old ones that (are) putting one eyeglass... “O my Darling”, and his wife
also (is) 90 years... he is 95 and (he is) saying: “O my Darling, I like to
dance with that one!” “You can’t do that! I may do with you!” “No, anyone else
may go with you, may dance, but I am looking someone! I may go and ask” and two
persons (are) keeping him, bringing (him) to that table, saying: “O
Mademoiselle, o my Darling, you are so beautiful!” Because he is drunk, drunk,
(he is) saying: “So beautiful! I like to dance with you!” “Thank you, Monsieur,
but I am looking you can’t stand up by yourself, you need two persons...” “(It)
doesn’t matter, Milady, I may dance with you! If you are looking (that) I am
falling down, catch me and I catch you!”

This (is) another introduction, Tauba Astaghfirullah, Astaghfirullah al Azim wa
atoubu ilayh... Doctor, you know better- American... Eh, Pakistan people Fukara,
new learning, new learning and they are coming to cocktail, people, they are
using also white flower, putting on their faces to be seen white... or (the)
white Mademoiselles, Mrs., (is) not coming to dance with them... Ja?... Don’t
worry, you are not going there, you have (a) big heard, (they are) saying: “From
where (is) coming this one, from (the) chapel?” Chapel, you know? (It is a)
small church. When you are putting like this your turban, (they are) calling you

They are doing this for such an occasion. That means: Men, they should use a
suit in such a way, ladies, they are free. And then people (are) preparing
themselves, men and women, to be as (it has been) ordered through their
invitations. If not, (the) (doorkeeper) border (is) saying: “Where you are
coming (to)? Here is not stable, you are not coming to cattle’s place, you can’t
come in such a way, you must use that suit!” Making him to get away. That means:
for that feast they have some conditions that: Not anyone with any suit may come
here! (And so they are) preparing themselves for that occasion.

We are saying, now we are coming first what I am saying, making this, that you
can understand: We are coming from Allah and going to Allah, jalla jallalahu wa
jallat azamatuhu.. Sultan Sensin!... Whole Prophets (are) coming for teaching
you, o mankind, the Day of Resurrection, how you should be in (the) divinely
Presence! It is a long travelling to reach that point. “O people, the Day of
Resurrection, Yaumu-l Qiyama, you should be in (the) divinely Presence- how you
should be, we are coming to teach you that one!”

That is their missions, but people, they are following Shaitan, not following
heavenly Messengers, therefore cursing (is) coming one after one, one after
one... ever seen, ever heard cursing (is) coming on people. O people, follow
Prophets and their inheritors, to learn tomorrow how you should be in (the)
divinely Presence. Not to go dirty in(to the) divinely Presence. Try to be clean
in His divinely Presence, (the) divinely Presence of the Lord of Heavens!

May Allah forgive me! They are making me to speak in such a way that you can
understand (the) final point: You must follow someone to teach you, how you
should prepare yourself (for) that Day of Resurrection, Yaumu-l Qiyama, Yaumu-l
Hashr wa karak (?), that the Lord of Heavens (is) going to make His Judgment
Day, sending people to Paradise, sending people to Hells. Try to make your Lord
happy with you, come clean to His divinely Presence, to be your way to Paradise!
Don’t go dirty and to be sent to Hells!

May Allah forgive me, forgive you, for the honour of the most honoured one in
His divinely Presence, S.Muhammad sws, Fatiha...
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah...
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Karim Allah...
Allah Allah, Allah Alah, Allah Allah, Subhan Allah...
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah. Sultan Sensin. Forgive us!
O our Lord, clean ourselves from shaitanic works, from shaitanic ways, from
shaitanic ides, to be only for You! O our Lord, forgive us. Fatiha!

Lefke, 31.7.2008 Transcribed by Khairiyah Siegel

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