Maulana Sheikh NazimPrince Charles, Hero, Defender of Truth

May Allah the Almighty bless Her Majesty the Queen and give her the Divine Present: the most respected belief. Grant her and her Royal Family to be helpers and supporters of Islam.

We are seeing that Her Majesty's son His Royal Highness Prince Charles is always praising Islam. We never hear such praise from Muslim presidents. But Prince Charles, like a hero of Truth, accepts Truth and praises Islam. Whoever praises Islam must undoubtedly have Islam and Ihsan and Iman in his heart. May Allah bless him and make him this country's Muslim Sultan. Support him with your votes and with your prayers. Ask Allah the Almighty to support him and to put him in power soon so that he may be a Defender of Truth and a Defender of Islam. May Allah give a special protection to His Highness the Prince of Wales and His Royal Family so that he may reach full power as a sultan of the United Kingdom and of other parts of the world. May the King of Kings grant His Divine Support to all sultans. May they all be given their power like before.


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