Maulana Sheikh NazimProphecy: The first University

Mankind is divided into two kinds of people. One of them have their total interest in this world. They are like sheep, busy with what they are eating and drinking, only interested in their stomach, their physical body and how to deal with their physical desires.

Is there anyone here in the university who is studying for the love of knowledge? Or for the love of wisdom? No! Everyone wants to reach a level of this life, usually the top point. Everyone wants to be number one in this life, to be able to enjoy themselves much more than others. It has been my test for the last 80 years to have to watch people going in that direction. They only want to find ways in which to enjoy themselves even more and fulfil their physical desires more and more. There is only a handful, a minority, who are looking up.

I don't think that they are teaching about the history of prophets in the universities. There is no university which is interested in Heavenly Knowledge. They might be teaching philosophy, but not the philosophy of religions, the philosophy of prophets, the philosophy of Heavens. No! If the universities were teaching about prophets and about their historical events, they would find a different perspective than the one we are in.

Prophecy is the first institution on earth, the first school teaching people. All prophets came to teach people. Mankind is created without any knowledge, but they need knowledge. The Creator wants to teach them about themselves and about Himself. Prophecy was the first university. Prophets came to teach people. What did they teach? Do you think that they came to teach badness and evil and make people suffer? Do you think that the Creator wanted His creatures to suffer? That is impossible! You, as a father, would you want your children to suffer? No! No-one wants their children to suffer. Everyone wants their children to be happy, successful and honoured in their life. You come to learn from your teachers how to be successful, happy and enjoyful in this life.

It is impossible for the Creator, Who created man, to let His creatures suffer. This is why He sent prophets and messengers with His Divine Messages to this world. All prophets came with messages for the salvation of mankind, for their happiness, honour, success and to prevent them from suffering. This much we know, and our minds agree on this point.


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