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Turkey is the successor of the Ottoman Empire, but these new Turks never want to accept this. The Ottoman Empire was the guardian of the Holy Quran and of Holy Islam. That is why they are trying to become Europeans. They refuse to follow the Holy Sharia, the Holy Rules which Allah sent through His Holy Prophet, the most praised Prophet, the most beloved servant Sayyidina Muhammad*.

They have not been following these Holy Rules for the last 70 years, instead they are trying to be Europeans. But Turks are Muslims and Europeans are Christians! Even though the Europeans don't want them, and are saying, "You are Muslims, you cannot be with us!", they still insist. That is the biggest mistake for these successors of the Ottoman Empire.

Since that time there are troubles all over the Muslim world. They will increase. Since the beginning, when the Prophet* was claiming there to be one god, the Christians could not agree. They want there to be three. As long as we do not agree to the father, the son and the holy spirit, they will not accept the new prophecy.

The Christian world was against Islam from the beginning, because they want their false belief to remain until the end of the world. If the concept of more than one god was true, the first prophet would have told his people this. Why was is never mentioned in any Holy Book or by any Holy Prophet before? Why didn't Adam say so? Would they really have waited for 123 998 prophets until they proclaimed such an important fact? Christians claim that you cannot enter Paradise if you don't worship Jesus* too. Then what about all those millions and billions of people who have passed away? Why did the Almighty only send one son? They also say that the son is a lamb. So he is also a son of a sheep? Do they bring him from the highest station to the level of an animal?

They cannot prevent Islam from increasing. Churches are for sale, but never a mosque. We have turned the synagogue in Dalston into a mosque, the cathedral in Peckham into a mosque, this convent here in Tottenham into a mosque. I hope to be able to turn all churches into mosques. When I came to this country there we were only 3 people praying Juma with me, and now we fill three mosques every Friday.

We are sorry to say that there are so many crisis in Muslim countries; like in Turkey, Pakistan... But these countries are not following Islam properly!

Stay under the flag and the protection of the Holy Prophet* and you will be blessed here and in the hereafter!


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