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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}}**Pure Hearts **

He, Who created and honoured mankind, wants them to be friendly, help each other, support each other, love each other, keep justice and the rights of each other. Even an ant has rights. The smallest creatures has rights.

If Allah the Almighty does not give His Permission, nothing can harm you or hurt you. But if you leave His Divine Service and start hurting others, He will let them hurt you. Even the smallest bacteria may kill you. It can enter your body and develop into an army of bacteria. But if you go on the right path and give the rights to the Creator, He will keep you and protect you. Everything will help you, and never harm you.

We are now in the 20th century. It is coming to an end and we are entering into the 2nd millennium. What are we doing? We, these 6 or 7 billion people on earth? Are we living for the service of the Lord or for satanic trips and traps: harming each other and trying to kill masses of people?

People are trying to kill millions in one go, destroying everything which mankind has built since thousands of years. Is that the civilisation you are so proud of? People have become slaves of technology. They are not on their knees in front of their Lord, but in front of technology, handmade technology! The second millennium is coming closer, and something else too: if we do not change our attributes, a curse will come. No power on earth can stop it. Everyday we see such terrible weapons on television which have been made by us, mankind, to kill each other. We are cursed because of that.

Allah will not punish His disobedient people in the way He did in the past. Some were punished by a flood, some by earthquakes, some by winds, some by fire... Different kinds of punishment befell the people, and they were taken away. This nation will not be punished from above, but from within themselves.

People are in different groups, in different camps, becoming enemies of each other and killing each other. That is the punishment this time. There is a traditional rule: the one who kills will go to hell and so will the one who is killed. The one who is killed was intending to kill, but the other one was quicker. People with bad intentions must be punished. Pure hearts never carry bad intentions. Pure hearts never carry jealousy. Pure hearts never carry enmity. Pure hearts never carry hatred. Pure hearts never intend to harm others. Pure hearts cannot be against other people. Pure hearted people live only for their Lord. Bad people do not live for their Lord. They live for the sake of this world.

All of us have different forms, races and colours. As I was praying I had a vision of a meadow. Do you think that a meadow consisting only of green grass would be better than one with different kinds of flowers in it? No doubt the flowered one! Have you seen different kinds of flowers living side by side? Have you ever seen the yellow flower fighting the red flower? There are so many different flowers living friendly side by side in the meadow. But you, mankind, are unable to see the reality of different races and sexes and nations. Why can't you see the harmony, peace and enjoyment? Why aren't you trying to make a peaceful world?


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