Maulana Sheikh NazimQalbun Salim - The Pure Heart, that is the perfection which Allah Almighty wants from His servants to reach that perfection

In the Name of God, the Merciful, the Compassionate, the Merciful, the Compassionate, Who created all the universes and all things; the Lord of the heavens, the Lord of the Worlds, the Lord of the sons of Adam. We are his weak servants. Every time we are here in such a gathering, we are asking for our Lord's Divine help for ourselves.

We are in need of His Divine Help at every moment. You can't imagine a unit of time which is so small that You can't count it (you might say one millionth of a second, if you could make a second into a million parts) - you can't say that the whole universe is without need, in even such a small unit of time, of Divine Help. If during that time that Divine Help is cut off, that Divine Help for all the universes in existence, then all will disappear. No one can bring it back except its Creator, its Lord, God Almighty. Therefore you must ask for Divine Help for everything, for every time, for every occasion.

As much as you may be with Him, He will be with you. Yes. But you lose yourself and forget. Then that Divine Help goes from you and you are left in the hands of your ego. Therefore, we must always ask for Divine Help. Oh my Lord, don't leave us in the hands of our egos, because our ego is proud, so proud, saying, "I am not in need of anyone," while it is in need at every moment, never without need for that support. That is why we say, "There is no might and no power except with God, the Most High, the Almighty."

Religion, and particularly Islam, brings belief to people. It asks you, first of all, to believe in your Creator who brings you into existence, because no one is able to bring self into existence or keep self in existence. It is impossible for anyone to claim that he or she can bring self into existence or keep self in existence, so that we must believe that someone brings us into existence and also takes us from existence. We appear and then disappear. That is the main point of Islamic beliefs, as it was the main point for other religions - to make people believe in their Lord Almighty, who brings them into existence and keeps them in existence and then takes them away from existence.

Secondly, He brings them to His Divine Presence. Therefore, the most important fundamental for every religion, and, particularly in Islam, is to believe in God Almighty, and then to believe that He brings you into the next life, that He returns you to another life. That is the most important thing which every religion makes its followers or believers believe in - that there is God Almighty Who created all things, including the children of Adam, and that He is able to bring them back to life after death, to give them their lives again and to bring them into His Divine Presence. That must be the belief in every religion.

Then we do believe, Oh servants of our Lord, Oh humanity. We have been ordered to do something and to leave something. Every religion teaches people to do something and abstain from something. Without commands, it is not a religion, because we act, we work, we do things. Therefore, the Lord Almighty orders something for action, and all orders that we have been commanded to act upon give us honor (karamah). Every command that we have been ordered to carry out is to make us more honorable in the Divine Presence. We have also been asked to abstain from something, from such-and-such things. This is protection for ourselves, for safety. Anything for which our Lord says, "Abstain from it" is only for our safety here and for our Protection in the hereafter.

No one can object concerning those actions which are prohibited by Islam, claiming that this was useful and Islam prevented it. If he does he must be foolish. He must be a mad person. He must be an ignorant person. Who knows more about humanity than anyone else? Its Creator must know the most about humanity. Therefore, He knows best what is worst and most harmful and dishonorable for this life and the hereafter.

Every action that you do here takes a shape, takes a form, and reaches you after death. You must see everything that you did in this life in front of you. Nothing is going to be lost. All your deeds are preserved for you. First of all, you are going to meet them when the door of your grave opens. Then you will meet everything that you did parading in front to of you. No one can see that except the owner of that grave, but your neighbours may come and look. So, then, we have been ordered to do something. God Almighty is going to look at everything that you did and to ask His servant about it.

Imam al-Ghazzali is one of the "King-sized" scholars and Imams in Islam who is known throughout the world. God Almighty gives honor to those people who are sincere with their Lord Almighty. We are following their way and accepting them. Imam al-Ghazzali wrote so many books; perhaps one lifetime is not enough to read his books - to read and to understand and to act on them, as well. He has a collection of books called Ihya Ulum al-Din (Revival of Religious Sciences). If all other Islamic books were destroyed and only those books remained, they would be enough to make everything in Islam clear. Yes, they are enough. Such peoples' hearts are always occupied with the Holy Qur'an and the Traditions (ahadith). God Almighty opens the springs of wisdom to them and gives them understanding of the Holy Qur'an and of Traditions. If a Tradition (hadith) consists of five words, we can read only five words. We can't make it six words. They may give meanings and understanding. They may understand from one Tradition (hadith) as much knowledge as a volume. According to your faith, you may receive meanings, you may receive more lights, from the verses of the Holy Qur'an and from the Traditions.

Then, Imam al-Ghazzali, may God bless him, was saying that when a person dies and is put into a coffin and people carry him to the grave - (before our time, people would carry the dead person on their shoulders to the cemetery. Now there are such gigantic cities that it is impossible to carry the coffin on their shoulders. They put the dead body into a car and quickly bring take it to the cemetery) - when that dead body is taken, the Lord asks that person forty questions; Imam al-Ghazzali says, forty different questions before the body arrives and is buried in the grave, questions which are only between the Lord and the dead person.

He says that the first question that God Almighty asks that person is, "O My servant, you always adorned yourself among people. You were very careful to look after yourself - how you dressed, fixing your hair, having so many things. You were careful to look handsome, beautiful and elegant among people, very careful, because people looked at you. But did you do anything to your heart for Me? You knew that I looked only at your heart, not at your outward appearance, what color your eyes were, or your skin color, whether you were tall or short, black or white - no. I always looked at your heart. Did you ever think to yourself, 'My Lord is looking at my heart, I must keep it pure and adorned with excellent qualities! Did you ever think of that because I was looking, saying, "My Lord is looking at my heart. I must keep it excellent for Him"? "

That is the first question. It contains everything in itself. Is it enough for believers to be doing their best to illuminate their hearts, purify them - enough for them here and in the hereafter, as well? On the Day of Resurrection, God Almighty is not going to ask you what you brought of money or of sons or of property or of ranks - no. "Where is your heart? With which heart have you come to me? The purified heart, the golden heart (26 :89) - where is it? Give it to Me. That was what I was asking from you during your life." That is the main thing which is asked of everyone: Keep your heart pure and excellent and bring it to Me.

Then, according to your heart, your purified heart, everything will appear to you for the Eternal Life. You will look at your Lord's Eternal Lights and Endless beauties through your heart's mirror. You will see your Lord's beauties, Endless beauties, Endless Lights, through your heart. Therefore there will be ranks in the Divine Presence - first, second, third, fourth.

The first rank is for prophets (anbiya) and saints (awliya), and for those who reached true faith during their lives and then, according to the degree of their faith, they go into the Divine Presence. Whoever would like to in the first rank must first take care of his or her heart.

Now we are fasting. We are keeping our stomachs from eating and drinking, but mostly we are saying to our organs, 'You are free. " We are fasting only by not eating and drinking, but for our organs, as well. We are not commanding them and saying, "You must stop this, you must keep guard on your self. " We do not say this.

Then, there is still another kind of fasting. It is the most important fast, to free our hearts from everything except our Lord Almighty, to be with your Lord with your heart. If anything wrong comes through the hearts of such people, they say that we must wash ourselves as a person who is in a state of prescribed impurity washes. If any kind of thoughts of this world or of paradise and anything in it come to the heart, he must wash himself or herself. It means, "Oh My servant, you are occupying your heart with something other than Me. Your heart is for Me alone. I must always be there and you must be there with Me always. You may be with this world with your body but, Oh My servant, you must be with Me always with your heart."

If you say that this is impossible, your Lord does not speak except the Truth, the Real. If it were impossible, He would not say it, He would not request you to be with Him with your heart. It is possible, so that He asks His servants, "Oh My servants, you may be bodily, physically, in this world, going, coming, doing everything. But you must be with Me with your heart. Don't leave Me." The reason, He says, is, "Because I don't leave you. If I leave you, you will be nothing. If I am with you, you are all things. Don't leave Me!" For this reason, when people of the first rank think of something other than their Lord Almighty, they have been ordered to wash - to wash their bodies and then their hearts, washing them from every thought except their Lord.

That is perfection which God Almighty wants from His Servants. God wants His servants to reach that perfection. Islam brought the complete ways and methods for reaching that perfection so that Islam is perfection every way. Anyone who wants to reach that perfection must follow Islam and its methods and ways. To the extent that you can follow, you may take benefit, but you must make your goal that perfection. You must not agree to less than perfection. It is not an honor for a servant if his Lord gives him or her a chance to reach that perfection and he or she remains less than that. That is also the honor of Islam which it gives to people and to which it calls them.

We are asking forgiveness from God Almighty because we always want to stay down below, not going up, and saying "I seek forgiveness from God," (istighfar Allah) for everything that we are doing contrary to the commands of our Lord Almighty. We are also praising Him with the most high praises because He made us candidates for that perfection and asking for His Divine Help by saying, "Praise belongs to God and thanks be to God" (al-hamd Allah wa shukr Allah).


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