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{{image url="images/pics/random.php" title="Maulana Sheikh Nazim" class="left" alt=Pictures of Maulana Sheikh Nazim}} **RACIAL EQUALITY**

The different forms of mankind and different colours are according to different places and living areas, Allah Almighty is making suitable for their lives. White people, if they are going to live on the equator or in such countries, they can't be white, they must change. The conditions are never giving a chance for white-coloured people to live in African, in Asian, on the equator countries, because they are not powerful enough to carry the conditions of the equator. Allah created coloured people in that area to be suitable for the life conditions there, not to make them down by their colours. Also, white people are living near to the poles - in those areas the colour black is not suitable. Therefore, Allah Almighty is giving them white colour. If coloured people are living a long time on those areas, their generations also must change, are going to be changed, and so on. Everywhere Allah Almighty is giving a special colour, a special structure, to be suitable for their lives in that area.

Colours are not a reason for mankind to be more evolved or to give them more respect through their colours. No. No religion is saying this, but those who are changing their religion, their beliefs, they are doing coloured people down and white people up. Islam is saying, no - all people must be respected by being from human nature, not to be respected by their colours. No more should there be respect for white people because they are white and no respect for coloured people because they are not white people - Islam is saying no. Islam is saying Allah Almighty is never looking to the colour of people or the outward appearance. You are carrying that this is beautiful, that is ugly, that is white, that is black; but Allah Almighty is looking to all His servants through their hearts, not through their forms or their colours or their shapes. You must understand Islam's highness. Maybe the Prophet is saying even a coloured person may be a sultan, a white person may be a servant - it is normal, it is all right.

Important for the deeds of mankind in the divine presence are their intentions, not their outward shapes - to say that is white, that is coloured, that is English, that is German, that is Arab, that is Turk. In the divine presence your deeds are important - if they are good or bad, not your colour, not your nationality, even not your beliefs; but your intentions through your beliefs and your intentions through your deeds. Allah Almighty is looking to your intentions and to your deeds and punishing or rewarding. Beware of the divine justice, O people. Don't cheat yourself or others with nonsense teachings, with nonsense sayings, with nonsense theories. Beware of the divine revenge.

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