The Rain on Humanity

Yes we are created and we have through our physical body, we have soul. Soul, and the soul may
be through light, or may be through darkness. When our souls going to be in darkness, our
feelings going to disturb ourselves. When is going to be lightened our souls, our feelings going to
be changed to be enjoyful. And you... The people, sometimes you are trying to make people to
cry. Sometimes you are trying to keep people to laugh. Two extreme lights. And that is, if
somebody in our life sometimes are going to be enjoyful, lucky. Sometimes we are suffering and
we are going to cry. And it is normal for mankind through their lives to be sometimes happy and
sometimes unhappy.

According to traditional knowledge, that we reached through Prophets (as). When the Lord of
Heavens created Adam (as), and forming his body before blowing in him soul, it was only a form,
not living. The Lord Almighty Allah ordered to rain on his body rains of sadness for forty years.
Rain, then ordering to stop and that raining stopped. Then the Lord Almighty Allah, ordering to
rain on his body through one year the rain of enjoyment. Enjoyment, happiness one year raining,
then stop. That signs man to be enjoyful and happy. To be through 40 one step. And 40
occasions to make man sad. Therefore we are in need more than everything patience. Mostly we
must be patient. Really life it is a heavy burden. And our physical powers it is not enough to
carry that heavy burden. Therefore the Lord Almighty Allah giving ourselves spiritual powers to
use it, as if you are using a spiritual power like a jet plane, gigantic, but this engines may carry, if
the small ones only making it to run on runway not taking up. Therefore if we are not supported
by spiritual power our physical body going to fall down quickly and to vanish and finish!

Particularly in our days people mostly they are suffering because they are not using the spiritual
power. They are thinking that only eating and drinking or they are sucking things, lick, they are
asking pleasure or enjoyment with material things should be enough for them, but it is not going
to be enough. Therefore we must have daily some spiritual practicing. Sometimes people saying,
I heard if you are leaving a car and you are traveling for 1 month or 2 months you are saying to
your neighbour or to your son take my car time by time, go around that battery does not to come
down. Yes, and if you are not making that small practicing daily for spiritual support your
batteries, that you have been given going to be less, less, less and finish. This must be well known
by common people. It is necessary and obligatory, to be known. And at least practicing belongs
to our beliefs.

You must believe that existence, or One Whom He is Supreme Power covering everything, or
surrounding everything. And everything just surrendered to that One's Power. You must believe
that whole universe just covered with an Unseen Power. Here, there is an empty place this. Do
you feel that it is empty? Do you feel that electric power now surrounding this place? Electrical
waves or so many rays through this place, or it is absolute emptiness? It is full! It is full with
power. This world is surrounded, this atmosphere, this globe, to be moved must be either pushed
or pulled. Solar system also must be pushed or pulled. Because they move, and nothing moves
without a power. Pushing power or pulling power. And galaxies move, and it is impossible
without a pushing power or pulling power may they move. Therefore we are knowing that whole
universe is surrounded with endless power oceans, making them to move. Some of them slowly
moving, some of them speedfully moving. Some of them moving as fast as light moving. Some of
them move slowly, it means under the speed of light. Like someones their speed more than light.
Light may move 300,000 Km through second. But some galaxies may move 500,000. Some of
them may move 1 Million km per second. Which power taking this?

I am saying, same vision is through atom. Atom & electrons they too are speedfully running that
smallest part of mass. If without a power how these atoms with huge speed turning? From where
taking fuel to turn? Huge galaxies from where taking this. This one jet plane asking like river of
fuel to fly. What about these gigantic galaxies? Which power may be running in such huge
speed? Therefore people, last night coming to me one person not coming from this doors,
through 3 m, that tall. 3 meters. He is saying that, "I am not understanding or I am not knowing
the existence of Creator."

Now, science is saying such a thing! Science is a knowledge. We are saying, true knowledge is
enough, not our knowledge. And I am asking when it is just understood that this huge power
pushing or pulling everything on earth or through galaxies everywhere. The Owner of that
endless power oceans, who is that One? At least we may ask who is controlling that huge power
ocean. This electrical power everywhere. They are controlling and we are using according to our
purpose, this is it under our control. And we are asking who is that One who is controlling this
huge power oceans? That is the first step to make our spiritual power to elate, to make a
connection to the spiritual world and through ourselves. so that you may call on your knees & say
"O my Lord." O my God! You may say like this or you may call, it is all right.

That as a first step, gives you much more support for your physical being. And as long as you
may do you should feel refreshness. You may feel that "I am not alone, but I am surrounded with
a huge power." Go in it. Taking me, giving to me, taking from me. Granting to me. Making me
to live. Making me to die. And that it is my Lord's blessings. You shall see that you are not single.
You shall see that you are not alone. Endless creatures swimming through endless power oceans.
And that is a general region for whole creatures. All of us, through that, endless power oceans.
That feeling day by day increasing. And day by day, your trust in yourself going to increase,
going to increase. As a ship on ocean, it is going to be happy as much may give oceans, is going
to be more happy. It never likes to be under water. And planes they never like to be near by to
earth, they like to be up.

Therefore these feelings that surrounding you a huge power oceans, and they are asking more
power and it is going to be given according to your need, or according to your desires. And you
can be able to keep that spiritual power. It is going to be for you another view and vision. Just it
is different that common people they have a vision. There are so many big men, big personalities.
And people are surprised from their works, from their hearts, and saying, "We can't be able to
think such a things, to think or to write or to do. From where we may be able to bring?" Because
their souls going up. Their visions going to be different. They are taking that visions from that...
And only one, he can go on that way, special way. Should be on them also different visions. And
those people are happy people.

We are in need now of a good understanding, about whole religions. Now we are only interested
to outlooking of religions. Christians or Jewish, Muslims all these three religions, they are
religions. They are only interested in their outlooking faces. They are not interested in what is the
real purpose from these three religions. Must be something common, through the three religions.
And common point on the three religions, is to take people, individually or commonly, to take
them from this narrow & darkness and carry them from ugly and dirty conditions to a free &
happy enlighted area, condition, situation. All of them asking to save people from this narrow &
dark world. To take them away to an enlighted place. Every religion, they brought some
nafas/breath to make our souls to work and to give their spiritual power, and waking up. And
that is the main purpose, to take... time.

Wa Min Allahi t-Tawfiq, Bi Hurmati l-Fatiha.


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