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Madad ya Sultan, madad ya Rijaal. Allahu akbar kabeera, alhamdulillah katheera SubhanAllah wa bihamdihi bukratan wa aseela. La ilaaha illa-Llah, La illaaha illa-Llah, La ilaaha illa-Llah, Sayyidina Habiballah Muhammad (saw). Whole praisings, whole glory for our Lord Allah Almighty. If He granting to anyone, no one can prevent it. And Allah Almighty just honored His most beloved one through His Divinely Presence, Sayyidina Muhammad (s), alfu salaat alfu salaam `ala Sayyidina Muhammadin wa `ala aalihi was Sahaabati wa sallam. We are asking for your intercession, Ya Rasulullah (s). We are asking you to make you to be happy with us. Help us, your talab request is never going to be refused. (Mawlana sits)

And we are asking our masters support, that he is the master of our planet. He is directing it on its orbit, as well as the orbit of the solar system as well as our galaxy, going on. But through everyone, there are some others masters. And our master, he has such power to look after our planet. And Allah Almighty is honoring his deputies whom they reached to be real deputies for representing a real deputy. Granting to them such a heavenly power, and whole heavenly powers beside of divinely level going to disappear, because absolute Kingdom, absolute Territories, absolute Dominions, absolute Oceans, absolute endless countless kinds of Creation.

We are now on our planet. It is so big through our sights, but it is going to be less than an atom. That through atom, there is big difference. Yes. They are moving smaller and making an atom. They are so small, but in our sight, it is so big. Countless, they are saying that we are balancing heaviness of this planet. That is like fairy tales. If that is their imagination, it is not reality. Because it is impossible for a man to bring a number about the weight of this planet. You must have a balance in two places. One you may put our planet and you may put as a measure a second one and to look its weight. But people saying us such a thing. Doesn’t matter dhaalik mablaghahum mina'l-`ilmi - that is according to their very small knowledge, they are trying to give something for people’s understanding. If a person may think on it, he may understand something.

And I am surprised always that the speed of this planet. How much it is or how many miles through a second it is moving? I never heard such an answer for such a question. What is its speed? Even a small car there is a speed meter. People looking and understanding. But this, even one of smallest heavenly being, this world. But it is impossible for anyone to say its speed through not second, not third, not fourth, not fifth and you may go up, up, up. And time, we are dividing it smaller, smaller, and smaller. As much as you can imagine, time going to be divided. It is azamatullah, that is holy greatness of the Lord of Heavens.

We are not speaking about that for Divinely Levels, it is impossible. Therefore, impossible is forbidden. Don’t try. But we are only asking to those people whom they are claiming, “We are understanding only positive knowledge.” And therefore, I am asking those heedless people, “What do you say about our planets speed through a second, or through a minute, or through an hour, or through one day?” No one can say an exact answer. That means what they are claiming and saying that, “We only understand positive knowledge.” If it is true for them, I am asking beyond their positive knowledge something to say to answer. And they are so foolish ones, even they can’t know a speed through a second for our planet.

They are claiming that the beginning of the universe... With which authority you are saying this? What is this foolishness? How can you say this "that Big Bang" Who giving that name? They are laughing at people and cheating people. To make people not to look up, always to look down. They are not knowing that only animals are looking down, not anyone looking up. Except Bani Adam, mankind. How are you saying this? And your looking. Up to where are you looking? So foolish people.

I read on a newspaper just one week ago, that the biggest telescope in America, Pallmore, they are reaching through universe deeply points and catching something. They are saying. That just becoming a big explosion there. And they are claiming that our telescopes or radioactive telescopes, catching something from that explosion. And they are saying the time of that explosion for reaching to our place just 15 billion light years. What is that foolishness? How they are saying? How can it be? La ilaaha illa-Llah, la ilaaha illa-Llah. O Shaytan is deceiving them. To say 15 billion light years from sun. Its rays reaching through five minutes and between ourselves 150 million kilometres. What you are saying? 15 billion light years? You are saying, claiming that we just captured that happening. What is that foolishness? Allahu akbar, Allahu akbar.

Leave that. Therefore I am saying, if in such a distance you can reach some being there, that its distance is 15 billion light years. How you are reaching and saying this huge universe was just only one atom then it exploded and all these happenings come after? This, nobodies head can carry. What is that foolishness? How are you saying this? And I may show you, I shall look at that newspaper that giving this news. I am asking to show you. I am not saying lies, no. But they are liars to say from the beginning of this univers.e it was only one atom and exploded, and coming such a huge.... Mentality never accepting such a foolishness. One atom, how can include such a big universe? From where bringing? Through that Big Bang? How bringing such a huge and terrible distances? They are liars, they are servants of Shaytan, not servants, slaves. And worst is slaves, la hawla wa la quwatta.

Now we are speaking something to open through mentalities of people a small hole for understanding. We are not doing anything. And insisting those foolish ones whom they are saying, “We are only following positive knowledge.” That is your positive knowledge. Are you not ashamed to say this? No shame because they are not believers. Because they are followers of Shaytan, Shaytan’s students. What we are asking let them to give a through their shaytans or through their reports, how it happened. All imagination. And they are making their imagination as a reality. SubhanAllahi 'l-`aliyyu 'l-`adheem.

O our Lord, keep our faith and our understanding and our minds on real reality. We are trying to give people only this point to find a way to reality. And reality needs real power for reaching to that point. They are so proud ones, they are forgetting that their knowledge, what they are saying now perhaps they may be 40 years or 50 years old, 60 ears old. But later on, they should find that their knowledge is going to melt. Melting, melting, when they are reaching to 80, 90 years, if you are asking,

“What is your name?”
“Huh? My name? One moment. Hmm, ha, my name is John Bilton.” (Looking in papers.)
“You don’t know your name?”
“I know but sometimes I am busy and not remembering, therefore I am writing it here. If anyone asking ‘what is your name? I am quickly looking that I am a Christian priest or my name is cheif rabbi but what was their name?”

Making their knowledge finally on zero point. You are happy? They must put their heads on earth with highest respect and with highest glory for their Creator. That is their honor. Not to write their names on papers and when you are asking,

“Who are you?”
“Who am I? Oh my darling, what was my name?”
“Huh, you are asking?"
"I shall look. I am looking. O my darling, how old are you?”
“I don’t know, I forgot. Only you know it?”
“Yes sure I know it. O my darling we married since 50 years. Oh yes, 50 years of you and 50 years mine, becoming 100 years."
"Yes, you are so clever. Because you were very important scholar through highest academies.”
“Yes, O my darling.”
“O sir, who is your wife?”
“My wife, O my darling, who was my...”
“O my darling, you are forgetting me and looking to another one? Hah?”
“No, I am not saying this, but I just forgot what was your name.”
“My name? I am 50 years your wife and you don’t know my name! Ptuh.”

Happy? Their knowledge is coming down, because they are inheriting their knowledge from Shaytan. Therefore it is becoming less, less, less. At the end, they know nothing. Forgetting everything, but whom their knowledge is heavenly knowledge, they are like lions sitting not knowing anything but people thinking he is knowing everything. That is the power of prophecy. Prophets' powers never getting less, but getting more and more and more. Because they are coming more closer towards heavenly levels, and they are going to be granted from Heavens such a power that belongs to their spirituality.

O people, say la ilaaha illa-Llah, la ilaaha illa-Llah, la ilaaha illa-Llah, Muhammadun Rasoolullah (s). We are giving our most respect for Allah Almighty’s deputy Rasulullah (s). O People, don’t follow Shaytan. Finally you are going to forget everything, and you are forgetting yourself. You may ask,

“O my darling, do you know that before I reached 80 years of age, what I was?”
“O my darling, what you are asking this?”
"Because it is coming to my memory as if I was a donkey. Because at 80 years I changed to be a man.”
“What are you saying? O my darling, you lost your mind. You lost your knowledge. Why are you saying this?”
“Yes, it is a real reality. I think my darling, and you, I am remembering that you were a female cat.”
“Hah? I was a female cat, and you are a donkey?”
“That is our knowledge that we reached now the top of knowledge."
"I don’t think that. O my darling look at me.”
“I am looking at you.”
“Look to me! I am here, not there. You are looking at that lady, and not looking at me? You lost your memory, O my darling.”
“Kallaa, Never I lost it, but perhaps you lost it.”
“I lost it?"
"No, you lost it."
"I...! Where is my stick?”
“No, no, no, don’t get angry. O my darling, I am trying you if you are knowing positive knowledge.”
“Yes, you are becoming on negative knowledge level, but I am on the level of positive knowledge."
"Perhaps tonight you are saying such a thing. Tomorrow, perhaps you are going to change.”
“O my darling, I think so because night time everything is going to be changed and morning time, sun rising."
"How is sun rising, O my darling?"
"Our positive knowledge professors, they are saying that nighttime some powers tying the sun and taking it down, down, down through darkness. Therefore going everything of our memory going to be in darkness. But tomorrow morning, our positive knowledge professors, they are saying that some other creatures tying sun from up and they are saying, 'hello maula hello mawla'. Like this they are praying and carrying it (the sun) up. And when the is sun rising, our lives is getting up, and we are getting in a new space. Every day our space just changed.”
“O my darling, you are going to be a philosopher more than professors, learned ones. You are seeing such things.”
“Yes, my darling. Night time, I am using like this (putting glasses on one way). Daytime, I'm using like (turn glasses upside down) that to make a difference between night and day.”
“You are so clever. My darling, if you were not so clever I wouldn't have married you.”
“I am very happy that I married to you and you know nothing and I know everything.”
“What you are saying? I am teaching you and you are saying I know nothing?”
“Because, O my darling, we are learning through academies, and academies are teaching their students what positive knowledge is from negative knowledge representing nighttime and knowledge representing daytime. And sometimes we are mixing, between darkness and light and you must not take care. Thank you. O my darling, you may go.”
“No, I am not going. I am sitting here to wait for my husband to come. Hah, when did you come? Welcome to you sir, when did you come?”
“I was just here, but I am looking because I lost my eyeglasses. We may go." Holding each other's hands and singing and going out.

That is the last days of the lives of the positive knowledge people. O People, real knowledge gives people more power, more lights, more pleasure, more power. Yes sir. And positive knowledge that coming is from Shaytan. They are making us in such a way. But real knowledge, I think that it is heavenly knowledge and when their last days are approaching they are going like roaring lions.

May Allah (swt) forgive us. What we shall do? Sometimes I must make theatre to make people happy. As-salaamu `alaykum, O my listeners. How are you? Tonight you are not sleeping, like the other nights, you were so sleepy. Saying for what you are tiring of Reality. Open your eyes and your hearts. Opening and heavenly lights coming and dressing on you. And you never shall forgetting. You are never going to be an old one, you should always be a young one.

May Allah (swt) forgive us.

Dome dome dome dome 8x

If that one man may say to his wife, his wife should fall and she should be so happy, but he doesn’t know. I am teaching all people, say with me.

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44 minutes, one minute we may say once again.

Huuu Huuu Huuu Huu Hu
Huuu Huuu Huuu Hu
heyyyyyy heyyyyyy heyyyy Huuu

This jinns, jinns tasbeeh. They are singing I said, to Shaykh Adnan. He is happy. I was tired, now I am getting fresh.

Lefke, 15.12.2009

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