Maulana Sheikh NazimRecognise Your Size!

Don't joke with children or with people who have no mind or who are ignorant or crazy. If people do not understand your joke, don't attempt. Jokes can be good as an entertainment within a meeting to keep it alive, it can take your attention from one channel to another keeping you awake. It is a method of all prophets, to give comfort to their attendees.

Never meet for longer than 3 hours. Make an interruption by renewing your wudu, praying and then sitting down again. Anything lasting for more than 3 hours is heavy for people. It is like feeding a baby even when it is full, to the extent that it will vomit. Our hearts and minds are in limits. If you give too much, you will waste wisdom. There will be no benefit. More than 3 hours are prohibited in the Naqshbandi Tariqat. So many people are not keeping this rule. They start meetings after sunset and stay together until sunrise. This is not according to our order. It is part of good manners not to overburden people. Even on Leila-t-ul-Qadir, the shortest of all nights, I go and rest for just half an hour. Only if I get an order to be awake and not to be here, but according to the Prophet's (s) order to go to the Heavenly Presence, I will put a representative of my spiritual power into the room, or into the mosque, and I will be where I have to be.

Imam Razam used to recite the whole Quran within 2 rakats every night. According to the power that you have been given, you can even pray the whole Quran within one rakat. What would you think of a person who prays 100 rakats in one night and completes the Quran in each rakat? Or of someone who prays 1000 rakats with 7 Qurans in each rakat? People like that are special servants in the Divine Presence, they can do that. Some of them pray 100.000 rakats every night, in each one 10 times the Quran. What about servants who pray one million rakats every night and in every rakat 100 Qurans? Don't ask if it is possible, or not. It is. Allah is greater, He has servants who are even able to do more than this, they can pray a billion rakats with 1000 Qurans in each. I only speak about facts which are within the limits of possibility. A trillion rakats and in each rakat a million Qurans, and it is nothing in Divine Presence! These people are full of fear of Allah and are increasing their service into infinity. Even if you put 1000 zeros after one, or 10.000 zeros after one, all full of power to be able to pray rakats to Allah, it will still only be like a spot in the Divine Presence, or smaller than that.

It teaches mankind not to be proud. Muslims in our days think that praying 5 times is a reason to be proud. They are proud of their charities, of their zikr, of their fasting, or with their hajj... If you had the size of the Seven Heavens, what could an ant give you? What can we give Allah? All Tariqats train their people to be humble and to use their actual size. People see themselves bigger than they are and think they are giants.


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