And for Hinduism and Buddhism we are not saying that they are heavenly religions - they are such preliminary beliefs which belong to very old times. They are like idol-worshippers. Therefore, we do not find any relationship between Islam and Buddhism or Hinduism, not any relationship, because they are mostly based on imagination and idol-worshippers. We are not accepting.

Do not accept any other faith, Islam is the best. If any religion or any type of belief is better than Islam, then people may choose. Islam brings a discipline, a perfect discipline, physically and spiritually, here and in the hereafter. Everyone knows that no-one likes to be under a perfect discipline, every time our ego is asking to be more free, to do everything. Therefore, even though Islam is the best, people try to run away from Islam. They may ask Buddhism, Hinduism or Zen - they are not doing anything but putting their hands together and kneeling down in front of statues and that's all. After that they are free to do everything and when they want to worship they come to the statue of Buddha and catch their hands and come on knees and say what they are saying - that is enough for them. Therefore, Hinduism may find millions of people, Buddhism may find millions of people to follow their ways, so easy - there is no authority or discipline on their followers saying do this, don't do that.

Islam is concerned with every moment of the life of mankind, Islam is giving a perfect discipline for the life of mankind from the beginning of their birth and before birth, from marriage time up to the end of their lives. Islam is bringing a perfect discipline for the whole life of mankind. Therefore, people never like to follow Islam, because at any moment you can't find any freedom for them to act according to their satanic ideas or satanic freedom, Islam is never giving them a chance.

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