Maulana Sheikh NazimReligion Is Only for Training People in Good Manners

...that is our beliefs, and must be out beliefs in such a way, that if a mosquito cannot move its wings without the Will of the Lord Almighty, what about mankind that they are not believers in heavenly messages, that they may do something by themselves.

They can't do. If Allah Almighty leaving, may do, may do something; if not even whole armies of world, other nations, they can't do anything.

Heh! It was enough or it is enough only to say, the Lord of Heavens, for teknologia, or to say to new bombs: "Stop and don't do anything!"

Finished. Finished. Finished. But We are not trying to understand something. Maybe at least we must know, we must believer that the Creator everything that He is asking to be or not to be, to say "Be!" and coming in existence. And if saying "don't be!" just disappearing.

Correct, O Muslim communities, nation of Sayyidina Muhammad (s), that if Allah Almighty ordering for something to be or not to be, must be!

But Muslims beliefs going to be on deepest lowest level, lowest level a Muslim must believe that everything by Holy Order, by Holy Command of heavens may be or not to be.

That is the reason the Prophet (s) was saying, "coming some days that should remain from Islam only its name and nothing else."

You must believe that real command for everything coming from heavens and Allah Almighty, He is not, He is not, heh, we may say "empty" to look after your weapons, to look after your armies, no.

No He is not looking. He may order one creature, to make those proud nations living thru 21st century to make them to trembling, to tremble, haha, yes.

Now everyone hearing everywhere just heard and known that we are saying "pig flu, pig flu”. What is that pig flu and you have such huge huge weapons? O 21st Century people, you have so huge armies and huge weapons that may destroy this world into pieces, you think so, but Allah Almighty putting in front of you a pig flu and its reason is only that flu they are saying coming from microbes, virus? Wireless? Eh, wireless also. You need such a things, but they are not in need to use such instruments - that virus is taking directly from its Creator and it knows for what it is in existence.

That if Allah willing may do something.

If you are asking, "For what your Creator created you, O virus? Tell me, I can't see you, I can hear you, I can't touch, but tell me what is the secret power of secret of secrets through yourself that mankind they are so powerful but they are fearing from you. What is the reason?”

And it (the virus) may say, "Ooooh...” I am asking, ?? I am asking him if that virus has eyes to look. It saying, "I am not a virus to know." But making Baba Tahseen, trembling from that virus if coming. I am saying "don't fear, if it is coming walking, may bite you and you may fall down and then you should be not exists one. But if virus coming riding on horse or donkey or coming on camel or coming with plane, don't fear.”

You understand? Never understanding. Hehe. Why you are fearing from virus? Fear from that One who creating it and sending on proud mankind and they are running away from it but they are not seeing it but saying, "Our scientists they are doctors, saying that it is a very dangerous virus, that we can't fight them and we must run away."

But we are asking to run away but they are saying “it is running before ourselves to that place we are running on it.” Understanding? Never understanding.

Abdur Rauf, understanding? (you know best)

Show me a balena, whale, asking "from where coming that virus?" It may know but you can't know. O people, fear from your Creator and try to give most high Respect and Glory and Majesty for your Lord Almighty Allah that He may be the only One to protect you from that virus.

Yes, we are saying this because mankind is saying, "We are mighty ones."

"Why you are claiming that you have mighty powers?"

“Because we have such and such an instruments and we are so proud and powerful with such a instruments.”

Ay, I am saying "if you have such a powerful things why not running on that virus to send jet planes?" Try it!

Abdul Haqq! Abdur Rauf! Try it. Surround them with jet planes that they have might powers. Send on that virus such a miraculous power that your are claiming to take that away.

Religion (is) only for training people and to give to them a politeness and to give them a good characteristics, to grant to them whole good good characteristics. That is purpose of religion.

Try to be a good one for your Lord Almighty Allah, for your most most respected Prophet Sayyidina Muhammad (s) and try to keep their ways because coming some days you should be taken away from this life to another life. Try to use your mind and your knowledge for an understanding that why you are in existence and why you are on this planet and who is that One bringing you from nothing to be something, o people!

O people!

Keep your Lord's most high respect. Give to Him that He Almighty may protects you and may shelters you here and hereafter.

We are weak ones. We are coming only two weeks once the Day of most holiest day for whole nations, day of pleasure, day of honor, day of majesty, day of glory, the Day Jumah, Day Jumah, May Allah forgives us and gives us a good understanding and to be His...His Huuuuuuuuw, weak servants.

May Allah forgives us and grants you from His Endless Mercy Oceans for the honor of the most honored one Sayyidina Muhammad (s).

Salam `alaykum.

Allahuma salli `ala Sayyidina Muhammadin an-Nabee'il-Ummee wa `ala aalihi wa sahbihi wa sallim.

Lefke, 14.08.2009

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