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Salam aleikum, astaghfirullah Al 'Azim wa atubu Ilayhi. We are living in the most difficult days.
Support us O Sultan Al Awliya'. Allah (swt) said "and follow not the footsteps of shaytan, Verily,
he is to you an avowed enemy" (2:168) Thousands of salats & salams to the Master of beginning
& end, the generous Prophet, the Prophet of the end of times, the Beloved of Allah (swt),
Rasulullah (saws). Zid'hu Ya Rabbi 'Izzan wa Sharafan, Ridwanan wa Sultanan. And salats &
salams on all the Prophets (as) and all the saints of Allah (swt). We ask our Lord that soon there
may be an opening from Allah (awj).

The Prophet (saws) came with a white Sharia, enlightened Sharia, Sharia Ahmadiya. There was
no doubt that it is a sign from Allah (swt) sent to mankind to grant them great honour. The worst
enemy for human beings who is he? For human beings, it is shaytan. It is the worst enemy to the
Prophet (saws) and to his nation & all mankind, and he has thousands & thousands of ways,
tricks & traps to deceive the children of Adam (as) and to make them all fall from the presence of
Allah (awj). And he makes their lives to be a hardship in this world and their Hereafter to be
tortuous. And he, shaytan has uncountable ways & traps to catch and he is never tired of putting
all his efforts. And Shah Naqshbandi, may Allah(swt) raise his station, used to say, "I searched to
see where shaytan & his tribe sleep even for 5 minutes, I couldn't find it." The jealousy he has
towards mankind and it's for the sake of making them fall from the eyes of Allah (swt) & to make
them of the people of hellfire. This is his target. May Allah (swt) punish him. And he has
thousands & thousand of tricks and traps, to catch....

Subhana Allah! From the time of Adam (as) he started to corrupt the children of Adam (as) and
make them see the world from a side showing them that it is beautiful from this side and like this
he catches them & makes them fall into endless hardships. And people run after him & do not
listen to the words of Al Haqq (swt). Shaytan is the enemy of Sayidina Adam (as), then became
the enemy to all the Prophets (as) until he reached the time of the Master of beginning & end,
Sayidina Muhammad (saws). Corruption of people, corruption... corruption.. The Prophets (as)
called people to goodness, but he (shaytan) called people to corruption...And he shows the ones
who do goodness as if they are the corrupt ones. And shows the rest of people, the corrupt ones,
that they are the good ones. The Muslim people, the ones who pray, are the corrupt ones & a
group that is against the Prophets (as) they are the good ones. But they are the corrupt ones.
They say that you are the corrupt ones, "Verily! They are the ones who make corruption."(2:12)
This is Holy Quran.

It has reached to that point and the Prophet (saws) showed... the Prophet (saws) of the end of
times up to our days now, he... Astaghfirullah! he (shaytan) put all his efforts, the maximum
effort to make division between the children of Adam (as) and he reached his target. In our days
now shaytan laughs. He is happy that he made between the children of Adam(as) thousands &
thousands of tricks to the point that they are killing one another & going against Allah's (awj)
orders. I am sorry that the nation of the Beloved (saws) is listening to the corruption of shaytan &
they are not listening to the advice of the Master of Prophets (saws).

"And hold fast, all of you together, to the Rope of Allah (swt)" (3:103) These are the words of
Allah (jwa). shaytan says "no, no..." be divided, so everyone of you may be on his own throne, his
kingdom... & happened what happened. Subhana Allah Al 'Aliyi Al 'Azim. Many are the reasons
from the side of shaytan, many excuses he invented to the children of Adam (as). And the biggest
curse that has fallen on people & they are in it, or they are afflicted by it, is this technology. This
destroyed the world. It destroyed the world & shaytan put all his efforts on everyone so you may
prepare things to kill one another. And he succeeded in all the world. At the end he put all his
effort to divide the Muslims and make them corrupt & enemies to each other. And Allah (swt)
says "Innama Al-Mu'uminuna Ikhwatun" (The believers are but brothers) (49:10) Do not be
enemies to one another, be brothers. Be brothers, o servants of the Lord. They did not listen & so
we reached to what is happening in our days . I am sorry, for what happened from the Muslims
between the Muslims.

The catastrophes, It's astonishing... all human beings whether believers or non believers (asking)
"how can we find a way to correct these situations." We tell them, "since you are following the
footsteps of shaytan there is no way out for you except hell fire in this world & in the Hereafter.
Until you change your steps and you follow the footsteps of the Prophets (as)... Prophets (as) and
you follow...until you follow the steps of the Master of beginning & end, you have no way out of
the massacres that are happening, because this is the matter of shaytan. "Do this, do that" this is
the order of shaytan. And people do not think "The believers are but brothers." (49:10) Everyone
will harvest the fruit of his actions. Bring good deeds Allah (swt) will whiten your faces. Do not
follow shaytan, your faces will be blackened. That's it! But there is no one anymore asking
questions about the reasons for the events that are happening.

Subhana Allah! And... people, first of all the nation of the Beloved (saws), are betrayed from
betrayed.... from the enemies of Islam. First of all shaytan entered from the door of the
Renaissance. Renewing everything, renewing thoughts renewing the way of thinking, renewing
the actions & movements. "You must not follow what has passed. Bring everything new. Control
the world specially control from this Renaissance, the Muslim people." This is the first big curse
that appeared among them for the sake of destroying Islam. Destroying Islam & the last point
made the Prince Sharif of Makka Al Muqarrama, they betrayed him. They betrayed him with a
thousand tricks until the Khilafa of Islam came to an end & afterwards formed maybe 40 states.
Everyone claims himself "me, me, me!" And this is the result, people became people.... are
divided among each other.

First of all the Renaissance started the corruption between them not intending to corrupt
themselves, but intending it for Islam. And they betrayed the High state (Ottoman Empire) with
the Tanzimat, Faraman Tanzimat (reorganization decree) "leave what you were using and bring
Tanzimat." (new reorganization decrees) Is there a better code than Sharia? But they deceived
them and it started... they have no mind. The youngsters were sent from Asitana to Europe to
learn & what have they learnt? They learnt how to destroy Islam. They were called Jon-Turk
(Young Turk) Jon-Turk, you know? Yes. They started.. they infiltrated the minds of the
youngsters and it became a group, the Jon-Turk. It means the "new Turks". They left the
ummah. They left declaring that "we are the nation of the Beloved!" And claimed nationalism,
which the Prophet (saws) cursed - to claim nationalism. They infiltrated until they reached
fitna/corruption between the Arabs. They said to the Arabs "how come you are living under the
ruling of a man who is not from amongst you?" They listened until they became divided.

We were Turkish Muslims, we used to kiss the hem of the clothes of the Muslim Arabs because
they are from the descendents of the Prophet (saws). But they deceived & caused enmity within
the essence of Islam. First the Arab Muslims, secondly the holder of the sword to defend Islam,
the Muslim Turks, the Ottomans. They caused endless corruption between the Arabs and also
between the Turks. "Leave calling yourselves Ottomans, & be Turks." But originally we were the
nation of the Beloved (saws). We use to say "we are the descendents of Adam(as) & from Ummata
Muhammad(saws)" Now this one is Jordanian, that one Iraqi, Kurdish, Turkish, Charkasi,
Egyptian, Libyan Egyptian. This is the result of what we are in today. They left respecting Islam
& who is holding onto Islam. They turned against them. What have they done the Jon-Turk with
the Ottoman? Same thing they did, the Muslim Brotherhood.

What is this Muslim Brotherhood? Are we the brothers of shaytans? Never! For what do they
bring these titles? How can you say "Muslim Brotherhood"? Why this division? What does it
mean? It is not in accordance with the Holy Sharia. Is there Muslim Brotherhood? "The
believers are but brothers" (49:10) And what happened, happened.... Respect for the people of..
People left respect... they left respecting the people worthy of respect, the great servants of the
Lord. They left them, kicked them away & lost respect for them & brought instead of them the
disobedient ones who are following shaytan. That shaytan does not order with justice. O Lord
support us! Support us O servants of the Lord! And take the revenge... Take the revenge for the
Islamic world. Send and appoint on the disobedient ones each other, and so there would be no
trace of them, nor their name. We are the Muslims. Our flag is the Muslim Banner. There are 40
states now. Each one has a different banner.

Allahu Akbar.... Unify the lines of Islam. O my Lord send us a king so we may fight in the Your
way. Our Prophet (saws) promised that Sayidina Al Mahdi (as) will come. Until the appearance
of Mahdi (as) there will be trouble among the Arabs. It has been said specifically that there will
be fighting between the Arabs just before the appearance of Al Mahdi (as). And it is happening.
They removed respect for the Prophets (as) and the saints & the martyrs and the honourable
Sahaba. They have fallen down. O Sheikh! Not a single one went to Sayid Khalid Ibn Al Walid,
and told him "O Sayidina, you are the owner here. We are helpless. Take our revenge from
them. No! In one second he would have done it, but not one went to ask. Baghdad is burning.
Not one person went to say "O Sayidina Baz (Jilani) take revenge for us from those criminals. No
one. Not even the Turks. Allah, Allah, Allah...Allahu.

We are awaiting the victory from Allah (swt). We hope that the one who was promised by the
Master of beginning and end appears, appears with the sword of Al Haqq! It will be a sword
from the Throne. Hums is burning. Why you stood up? Go to the Master of Hums, Sayidina
Khaled Ibn Al Walid, Saif-Allah! Tell him that we are helpless. Sultan. He will order you to enter
your homes and will say, "I will carry responsibility for you. This is news. Tell them O Shaykh.
If they were coming to me saying "O Sultan!" I would have satisfied not just one state, the whole
world would be satisfied. Last night he appeared on a horse and he was indicating to me about
these nations. If they came to me O Shaykh, it would be enough. Enough for the whole world,
Masha Allah.

They created a war amongst them. No success for them! Organize yourselves. Straighten up,
Allah (swt) will support you, and His Prophet (saws). Allah Allah Allah... Allah send them to
speak to me... But people stopped obeying and followed the steps of shaytan. Allah says not to
follow shaytan's steps. Let them! O Shaykh, let them! If they don't follow Allah's way, they have
no way to be saved! Let them! Let them do whatever they do! You take your children and enter
your homes. Close your doors and be there with your Lord and don't fear! Whoever enters his
house and closes his door is in safety. These are the words of the Prophet (saws). Don’t carry a
weapon. Not necessary. There is Sultan Khaled Ibn Al Walid. Allah's sword!

I was in Hums in the year 1945. The disbelieving, obscene French were bombarding...
Bombarding the country. Then came one rocket on the minaret of the Mosque of Khalid Ibn
Al Walid. I witnessed this event! I was there, a poor Dervish. He was angry! Sultan! It didn't pass
through. They were bombarding Hayy Allah, in the begining of the year 1945! At the end of
World War II. In two hours, the ones who were bombarding were French, from the side of
Aleppo came the English troups with their heavy tanks, went upwards. I was waiting they entered
& finish! Finish! They have power.

But they think that these Saints, the honored Sahaba are like them, no no no! They have a true
honour in the eyes of the Prophet (saws). Ya Sayidi Ya Rasulallah Send us a King to fight for
Your sake. This talk can continue from now to Maghrib. But I am a weak servant. Your
Highness The Prince, for his heart to be in contentment be with the good servants of Allah (swt),
and He will protect you. As much as you can, don't be with the low ones - you won't have any
luck in this Dunya nor in Akhira.

Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba astaghfirullah O people, enter your homes, and leave weapons.
Whoever closes his door, if he has one power, we have ten times that power. Let them enter and
leave. Don't fight, don't fight. Allah Allah, send us a King Mahdi (as), to arrange the affairs of
Islam and the world affairs. Ya Rabbi, we are innocent of disbelief and what disbelievers did!
We forsake them ya Rabbi. Let their power be strong amongst them, not upon us!

Tawba Ya Rabbi O our Sayidatina Ummu Hiram inform the Prophet (saws), I am a weak
servant... Allah Allah Allah Allah Jalla Jalalu Allah (swt) Jallat Azamatu Allah. Jallat Qudratu
Allah Ya Rabb, Fatiha.

Lefke, 29.07.2012

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