Royal Army

Dastur Ya Sayyidi Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar wa lillahil hamd, Ya Rabbi. His Sultan May the
flags of Islam rise. Kufr is under our feet. Ya Rabbi, You honored us with Islam. Give us your
blessings on that way. Ya Rasulullah! Show us compassion and intercede for us. Let us carry the
flag that you carried Ya Rasulullah. Ya mashaikullah. Help us, we are weak servants. Give us
strength to destroy kufr. Our identity shall be revealed.

As-salamu aleykum, Nation of Islam! The biggest honor Allah granted us is to be of the nation of
Abraham. What is your nationality? We are the nation of Abraham. Islam, the nation of Islam
belongs to whom? To the Prophet Abraham, Prophet Abraham who submitted himself to Allah.
We, Muslims have become strange, people who claim to be Muslims. We are in the Holy Month
of Ramadan. This is the holiest month. Madad ya sultanul awliya, send us help. Let us uproot
the tree of kufr. The tree of Islam is grand. There is no holier tree than that tree. We are proud
to be Muslims because Islam is the ideal religion in Allah's Presence. Everything in heavens and
earth has submitted to Allah.

Madad Ya Sayyidina Sultanul Awliya. Say Audhu basmala. Shaytan is the enemy of Allah. The
followers of shaitan are also enemies of Allah. The enemies of Allah will go to hell. They don't
have honor here or hereafter. The Nation of Islam has forgotten their ancestors. Shame on them.
Shame on them. These are a few words. O Black sea people, you claim to be the best Muslims. I
want your claim to turn into action. Be sincere Muslims. Keep Islam. Protect Muslim countries.
This is important. This is a sohbah. Tell it in the coffee shop, city center, or at school if you like.
Wherever you like. What we say is to wake people up. Especially in this holy day of Ramadan.

In the past, the scholars used to give advice at Asr time. They woke people up. Now all the holy
ones are gone. The ones who remain can't fill their places. People walk in the streets, leaving the
mosques empty. Nobody is left to listen to advice. They go out for games, entertainment. This is
the religion of the people of the end of times. Eating, drinking is their sect. If it is their sect, O
Black sea people, animals eat and drink more than us. No honor for people in eating and
drinking. Say it. Now may Allah give salvation. I give up, Jubbeli Ahmad, because he wants to
serve on his own, but he... he isn't allowed to talk about some issues. He is accused immediately.
Who are accused? Muslims. With what? With being Muslim. Strange. Being Muslim is such a
bad thing, that they accuse you. This is the devil's sect. Countless people are in the devil's sect.
They aren't accused. Only the Muslims are accused. They follow carefully the ones who are
educated. They say, "The real intention of Ahmad Hoja is to replace modernity and bring the
order of Islam instead. Ask him. If he says no he leaves this world as an unbeliever.

Black sea people, if they ask you " Do you want an Islamic state?" They will say no out of fear.
When they say our government is good, they become unbelievers. Our system's better than the
Islamic system. They are unbelievers, no funeral prayer, not buried in an Islamic cemetery. The
mufti of Istanbul, now I gave you up Jubbeli. They are gentlemen. You can't call them "effendi"
Mufti of Istanbul, what's his name? Mr. Ahmad Dindar for example. You will say like this. You
have to name him like this. They don't let us say it. The mufti of Istanbul Mr Ahmad Caldiran.
What did he lose by theft? He lost religion and belief. What happened to religion and belief? For
100 years, they have been stolen. Our identity has been stolen since 100 years. We aren't able to
say we are Muslims. Well done, well done. We say this to the Mufti of Istanbul, Mr. etcetera.

Muftis are called "effendi" originally. They aren't called Mr. Mr. is for the ones who serve the
government. Mr. is for the government official. A mufti isn't a government official. Do you get it?
Yes, sir. Then he isn't called Mr. He is Mufti Effendi. When you say Mr. Mufti, it is against the
rules. Mufti Effendi or His Highness Mufti effendi - This is the class of scholars. Together with
Black sea people, 90 million Muslims in a huge country. Do you know how to speak? We talk
Shaykh Effendi. What are you talking about? We talk about the price of walnuts or tea... which
way our building will be constructed.. You will fish a "hamsi" You hold hamsi in your hand, then
you string them and call O people we brought fresh fish. Look they are jumping. Come O Black
sea people. How come? Black sea people's business. All right. Hamsi is sweeter or goose meat?
We will argue on this subject? Who shall we ask? We ask Mr.Mufti. Don't say Mr. Your are thick
headed. Muftis aren't Mister. Mr Mufti is pure invention. You can't call the mufti a mister. When
you say this, it is pure invention. Mufti is Effendi. You can call the officer a mister but not the

Our master (saw) - mufti of Istanbul, you know all, so I ask you - What does the Prophet say?
Why don't you say this? Welcome people according to their position. Treat people according to
their attributes because human beings are the most honorable among creation. The 1st order of
Islam, keep people in the place of most respect. This is a sohbah, about this and that, but there
are helpful points for you. Say what you want, saying he is an easy person. No problem.
If the class of scholars isn't respected there is no good in the country. There is military,
scholarship and government in a country. There are rulers, civil, military, scholars, government.
The class of scholars are superior to both the military and civil government. When you degrade
you degrade what Allah upgraded. One day the heavenly order will throw you under foot. This is
an important issue. Who does the civil rule? The civil rules over the general populace. Civil order
is with the military order. Without the military, the civil government can't do anything. That's
why the honor of the... civil government is lower than the military. The military is never ruled by
the civil government. This nation established 40 empires, 40 sultanates. 40 saltanates. The civil
didn't rule the military in any of them.

I'm addressing all the governments. My argument is right. The Sultan was a soldier himself.
Padishah is the commander, the Sultan is military - the head of the military. The civil didn't rule
over him. Civil is common people. Common people didn't rule over the padishah. Padishah is
the highest authority, who represents the military. He is the very essence of the military man. It
was the Sultan who held the army and commanded. In our tradition the civil government never
ruled over the military. Never was the army in the hands of the civil government, which was
imprisoned or was under their rule. Therefore, the name of the army in our history, in the 700
year era of the Great Ottoman State, the name of the Ottoman Army was Ordu Humayun -
Army of the Sultan! It wasn't called "Humayun" for the government or for government officials.
"Humayun" is the rank of highest honour, Army of Sultan- Ordu Humayun, Navy of Sultan -
Navy of Humayun. it was the highest rank of honour!

Now these madeup ones, who come against the order of Allah, this democracy-crapocracy thing,
they made it a mess all around. They said: "We, civilians, will rule this country." Civilians cannot
rule a country because it is the Ordu Humayun, which protects and supports the civilians. And
who rules the Ordu Humayun, at the highest level is the Sultan. The Sultan was the head of the
Ordu Humayun. This is a very important matter. No one is aware of this matter. When civilians
rule the army, they make it such a mess - these ongoing trials, etc.. about the army members,
soldiers, and soldiers to civilians, no! Everything has an order! We are not a young nation.
During the many thousand years of our history, especially after embracing Islam, that our real
homeland is Bukhara, Samarkand, Turkistan states. All of them, the system we had in all states,
and our high officials, high official of Turks at that time, there was the Khan, or Kaghan, or
Sultan, in the end, Sultan.

O Mufti Effendi, what is the order of Allah Almighty? "ati kulli dhi haqqin haqqa!" (give to
everything its right). I am saying to the Mufti of Istanbul, who thinks he is something, and speaks
here and there: saying "Don't visit the tombs, maqams of the dead ones. Don't go and visit
Hadrat Abu Ayyub al Ansari. Don't read (dua,Quran)." Leave these things, it is not your
business! You can't decide on the beliefs of people! People know their beliefs, customs. They have
nothing to learn from you! For 1000 years, our ancestors... for 1500 years, our ancestors raised
the flag of Islam. They did not raise the banner of democracy - That is the way of those who
appointed you to this position. You should say the way of Islam!

Say: The Head of Muslims is the Sultan! Why? Because Ordu Humayun recognizes the Sultan,
not civilians! For what? The Sultan, the rank/level of Sultan, is the highest level among all
people. Therefore, Ordu Humayun would salute in front of the Sultan. They wouldn't salute
civilians. This is our national custom and, tradition. They ruined this since 100 years. The army
did not know what to do. The civilian government got confused. Now they are fighting each
other. If it was Ordu Humayun, they couldn't have done anything to them because it is the
Sultan who rules Ordu Humayun. Egypt went down like this. Sham also went down like this.
Libya went down like this. Hijaz went down like this. Tunusia like this. Yemen, Iran and Iraq
went down like this. Our custom is, Ordu Humayun is the force with which the Sultan fully rules.
They both accept each other, and have become one (Sultan & army). Our Prophet did not
distinguish between civil or military government. The order of our Prophet is that, he said,
"Follow the one appointed over you, the Sultan." Whoever goes against the Sultan, it is like he
went against the Prophet. Who goes against the Prophet has gone against Allah!

Now, those who destroyed us, how did they destroy us, 100 years ago? The last Sultan of the
Ottomans, Ordu Humayun was confirming him, constantly trying. These Europeans they finally
gave the Ordu Humayun to the hands of civilians. We would say for the civilians: "Bashibazouk"
- disorderly, leaderless. Like how? Like Kabakc Mustafa made a mess in Istanbul (in
1807). Civilians made it a mess like that now. As long as Ordu Humayun existed, our sultanate
went on. Our state was the Great State of Ottomans. Whichever parliament they attended, the
Great State of Ottomans, if the Ottoman Emperor was not present, no other country would sit
and start. Ottoman Empire was the number one in the international protocol. The Germans
came after them, then Russians, then English, then French. Then would come Italian. Then
would come Austria. The highest honour was for the Ottoman emperor, meaning, "the Ottoman
Sultan will come and start our parliament." Allahu Akbar!

Allah who gave them such power, dressed on them this glory. Now, the civilian government..
they collect people from the markets, and form a government and rule the huge army? Does the
army accept this? The army didn't say anything till now, but they will start now! They will say:
"We are Ordu Humayun,the Ottoman Army, the Army of the Sultan! This means, only the
Sultan can rule us. We don't take orders from people who are below Sultan. We are Ordu
Humayun! We are an army that gave honour to history". "We condemned the new army with
the civilians." "No, can't be!" No, can't be! Say the truth. The one who is the Mufti of Istanbul,
say whether what I say is true or false. Say it! I am a man at zero level, but when 0 comes after of
1, it finds value. If not, we are zero at the left side. If you consider yourself 0 on the right side of
1, then say what you will say! Say that, "this man speaking in Cyprus, says wrong". Say this! You
will die without iman/faith.

We know the value of your army, it is Ordu Humayun. Look at the uniforms of Ordu Humayun.
Look at the uniforms with which your civilian government dressed the army. Say for Allah, fear
Allah! Declare the Truth! What we speak is the Truth. There is no one who can say "wrong." He
who says "wrong", dies without iman/faith. Give people their due rights. Not that I expect/hope
anything, but I am telling you about our customs. They corrupted our customs since 100 years.
We don't accept the ones who corrupted our customs. We will never accept them! If you accept,
go with them! Wherever he is buried, they may bury you with him. It is the Ordu Humayun, and
what do the Ordu Humayun need? Say Mufti Effendi! They need Sultan or President? President
is a civilian. The army can't accept him! Ordu Humayun says: we want a Sultan! We want viziers
with 7 horsetails. We are Ottomans, very glorious" - but they can't say it out loud. Why? Because
the civilians made so many false laws that are beyond Allah's orders, and none of them are valid!
Now, there is Ordu Humayun, which will come to existence. Until the Ordu Humayun and its
Sultan comes, nothing will work in this country, called the Turkish Republic. They can't find
their way with any of these laws.. Ordu Humayun can't enter into the service of civilians, finish!

Because the honour of Ordu Humayun comes from Heavens, these civilians, they can't find
anything like honour. Today congressman, tomorrow illness man, and thrown out! They will
throw him out! The honour coming from Heavens falls upon the Army. The army can't follow
the civilians, but they follow the Sultan. Change all of this! O Muslims, O Laz people, where are
you? You have no mind? No clever one is left in Turkey? "O Sheikh Effendi, the army..." "Ok, I
want Ordu Humayun. I don't want an army that will be like a toy in the hands of civilians. I am
free, since you say freedom, I am free to speak. You answer me! If one person says "he is wrong"
- he goes without iman.

Aman Ya Rabbi, You know better, for the honour of holy days, we said a few words like this.
May Allah forgive us. I heard Mufti Effendi is asking: "Why Sheikh Effendi wears a fez?" "Well,
fez is our traditional headgear. We wear it! I want to declare that I am Ottoman, that is my aim.
Who says "I am Ottoman", this is his identity; no need for identity card. When they see this
dress, it is known immediately that "this one is Ottoman". To declare that I am from Ottomans, I
wear my turban, which is the crown of Islam, in the prayers, and outside, in my civilian life, it
may be known that we are Ottomans. People of Cyprus still did not take the identity of Turkey.
Greeks also not accepting. British not accepting either. It is true, really our identity is left as
"Ottomans". The only Ottomans left on earth are on this island of Cyprus. Therefore if they like,
they may show it as "Ottoman" and give us our rights. If they don't give, I will sue them
upstairs." "Where will you sue them, Sh Effendi?" Lahey (International Court of Justice) is no
good for me. There is a great court above. I will send them to that court. Whoever goes to that
court, by morning they emerge ill & deaf & mute. They are left out like that. Be careful about
this! We are at a time of the manifestation of Heavenly Wrath. Keep your tongue!

Don't tell me: "Mufti, Judge.." Speak Haqq. Accept the Truth. If not, after Ramadan, I don't
know if he will be buried in Edirnekapi (Martyr's Cemetery) or buried somewhere else. Maybe
they throw you to somewhere else. What we say now is a very important matter, O Laz people
and all Muslims. We are not converts. We didn't convert from anything. We didn't turn
anywhere after Ottomans. No! We are still Ottomans! They gave us another identity, but it is not
a valid identity. Our ancestors were Ottomans, what will I do with another identity? Know
yourself! Learn about yourself, that Allah helps you. If not, shaytan helps you, and shaytan's help
ruins and destroys you. It's help is all about this.

Astaghfirullah, Tawba ya Rabbi. Tawba ya Rabbi, Tawba Astaghfirullah. This adress is to Egypt
as well, then to Libya, then to Tunusia and Algeria, then to Syria, Sham and Baghdad, then to
Sudan, then to all the small countries and emirates in Hijaz, then to Iran, then to Afghanistan,
then to Pakistan, to all those places where there are Muslims. If they accept, accept. If not you
suffer what will come on your head! Tawba ya Rabbi, Fatiha!

BT: We never heard this before.
M: Have you ever heard such a thing?
BT: No, never heard of it.
M:I haven't heard either, but look who makes me speak, not who speaks. The time has come, "ati
kulli dhi haqqin haqqa" The Mufti knows about this - "Give everyone their due rights". I give but
he can't give! Can't give the right of Ordu Humayun to the market people. The Army has an
honour, they are Ordu Humayun. You will give their honour! You put ballot boxes in the streets
and throw papers in it. This is not the way to rule! We don't have such a thing, not in our Divine
Law nor in our customs. This nation existed since the beginning of life on earth. The Sultans
come to rule with elections? Our Sultans, Khans, Hakans, did they come to rule with elections?
What is this nonsense talk? This is the calamity that came with the "Renaissance" that
unbelievers invented. They made us lose our identity. We want Ordu Humayun and Sultan!
Accept or not, as you like. I am free to think and speak as I like. They may accept or not, as they
like. Are they giving me salary? No! Fatiha!

Allahu Akbarul Akbar! Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar La ilaha illa Allah, Allahu Akbar Allahu
Akbar wa lillah al Hamd Allah does not let us down. He will give us Ordu Humayun, as well as
power. We don't follow the way of unbelievers! Aman ya Rabbi, shukr ya Rabbi. This is the
exact statement. it is not from me.
B.T. We studied in school about Ordu Humayun, in the books, but we didn't know really what it
was. Now we understand what it is!
M: Of course, the honour is there! Ordu Humayun under the rule of Sultan. What is this in the
hands of civilians? Can you put the army under the service of trash level people?
O Our Lord, You are Great. Tawba ya Rabbi, O our Lord, send us from Your servants one who
will wake up these people. We got hungry in this holy day of Ramadan too. Tawba astagfurullah.

Lefke, 15.08.2011

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