Maulana Sheikh NazimSafaru Khair - Insha Allah this month brings to these people who follow the holy Prophet sws and keep respect and love for his holy family, Ahlu-l Bait, goodness

Wednesday is the beginning of Safaru Khair. Every day recite:
3 x Shahada and 3oo x Astaghfirullah and give Sadaqa for each one (of your

Insha Allah this month brings to these people who follow the holy Prophet
sws and keep respect and love for his holy family, Ahlu-l Bait, goodness.
Don’t worry about your future, no! Allah Almighty never going to be happy if
His servants are sad for their future, no! But sadness and darkness and
hopelessness is for those who escape from Allah. Who is going after the
Prophet sws and Awliya, they should find something they never imagined, but
those who escape from holy Prophet and his followers and Awliya they should
find that they are not going to be happy, but to be always in sadness.
I was shouting yesterday, because some people bringing a new bed for me and
I slept on it and they asked me how I am feeling, if last night I slept very
well. ‘Ya Hu’, I am saying, ‘the problem is not the bed. Problem is going to
be with myself or yourself. It is not problem of bed. If I am healthy and I
am in peace, where I may out my head, I may sleep’. I was looking in TV some
soldiers sleeping on their backs. So healthy sleep. Not asking beds, not
asking blankets, no, like this sleeping. Allah protects them! I am saying:
‘Problem is my health. If I am healthy, I may sleep everywhere and I am
happy. But if not, anywhere I am not taking rest’.

And Grandsheikh bringing to my heart, reminding me, that now in whole world
buildings are so comfortable. Every kind of comfortable furniture through
homes, every kind of instruments making people to be comfortable through
their homes. People before 5o to 6o years ago were cooking on wood. They were
washing their plates with ashes, the clothes on riverside or in big buckets,
for cleaning they were using brooms. For everything they were using their
physical body’s power, everything making by their hands. Going and bringing
water from spring or well, carrying like this or putting on their heads and
bringing and they were happy. So happy, never complaining.

But now people live in so comfortable homes, everything is ready, for them-
even I am using a whistle to call people as you may use phone… you think
these comfortable buildings, furniture and instruments give to people
comfort life and satisfaction in home? I don’t think anyone is sleeping
without a pill, because they have problems either with their husbands, or
their wives, or their children, or their neighbours or with their health, or
small ones health, their health always changing, always going to doctors, to
hospitals…every day so many kind of problems and troubles for them.
These comfortable buildings and flats with everything in them, modern
instruments, giving them a peace? You think? Never. Because they are not
feeling rest through themselves, furniture and instruments never giving to
them anything.

This is what I was saying: If I am healthy, it was good what I was sleeping
on. It was not problem of my bed. But from their respect for me they think
‘We must bring a better furniture to sleep on it’ Allah gives them health
and wealth.

Out looking comfortable flats or buildings and cars never going to give to
you a life full with pleasure, no. All people are in sadness and fear.
Alhamdulillah we are not…The future is for believers. Dark future for
unbelievers. Alhamdulillah that you are not asking (such things) and you are
happy here. It is a simple life…May Allah give to our hearts satisfaction
and hope for the future…

We can’t carry even small pain anywhere…how we can be in hells? I am
thinking and whole night I am asking forgiveness from Allah Almighty…

Lefke, 31.03.2003

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