Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Safety of Sham (Damascus): You know now about Damascus

(Addressing Spanish group of murids on their departure)

You know now about Damascus. As long as you are going to be in Spain and
there are no difficulties for Islam or through wars some difficult
conditions, you must think about emmigration, because it is our Prophet's
advice that if anything happening when last days approaching going to be
difficult conditions for all people, especially for Muslims who live with
Non-Muslims, because it is going to be a Big War among two parts of the
world and all the world is going to be in two groups. That time everyone is
going to think about themselves: 'Where we may go?' When going to be
difficult conditions for staying in your home or homeland and you ask 'Where
we can go for safety and freedom for our beliefs and our worshipping', if
you face such difficult conditions and people ask to save only their souls,
not thinking about their land, home, business, going to be people to ask
only for their souls. That so many times happened through wars in our days
also: people leave everything and carry as much as possible and escape. Then
you ask to where you can escape, where we can stop or land, may ask.

And Alhamdulillah, thanks to Allah Almighty, praising for Him, just He is
ordering His most honoured Prophet Sayiddina Muhammad salallahu alayhi
wassalim to advise his nation that if such difficult conditions come they
may be in some place that there is going to be more safety for you and less
fear and more satisfaction, more freedom to bring your obedience to Allah
Almighty. That is Damascus. His advice is Damascus

X just prepared a collection of holy Hadith from Hadith books, as I said to
him that I had seen one book saying about the honour of Damascus, Sham. He
prepared it and perhaps he printed it also? To give everywhere so that
Muslims may know about the honour of Damascus, the holy land.

Now you may go back to your homes, but always you must be ready for hearing
what is going to happen. Perhaps going to be easy for people to land, to
move, to come to Damascus. Even our island is so near, close to Syria, but
perhaps may be no vessels to move through sea in safety. Normally no planes
may fly, people from island to move to Turkey or Syrian beaches. You may
find a way and come here.

X. and Y. are the first Muqaddim, group of people who come to Damascus and
asking them to be here to be residents of the holy land of Damascus, as the
Prophet sws was praising this holy land. And it should be for Mehdi aleyhi
salam for all the Ummah (Nation of Islam) through every difficult position
or condition that may be going to happen when last Days approaching. This
you must keep.

And German people that so many Turkish brothers also from New Ottomans
asking to come and move from Deutschland to any place that should be good
for them and their children, because very bad conditions now through Europe.
And especially in Germany, France, England and other western countries it is
so difficult for youngsters; very bad conditions destroy the new generation
physically as well as spiritually. Therefore so many people ask also before
wars happening and difficult conditions, asking to come here and to be
resident here, as well as may be up to the time of Mehdi a.s.

These two groups of people, and in England also, some Turkish people asking
to immigrate to Damascus, some more from Germany, brothers and sisters
asking to come here to save their belief and honour and good positions. And
through Italian brothers and sisters asking, from France, from Spain- so
many brothers and sisters ask to move anywhere. They don't know where they
can go and always ask me: 'Where we may go?' And I say: 'I said to them
before that when I am going to look what is situation in Syria and Damascus,
you must be patient. When I find a suitable condition for your immigration,
I should call you.'

Now I am here 15 days in Syria and I am looking around to find a suitable
land that we may establish a new city there with gardens and earth to make
houses. Never putting in it iron or cement! I prevent anyone who is asking
to bring cement in that place, to send them away. And I am intending to
build a small village there from earth, mud. X. knows. He may do the plans-
old style homes that may be through one month a person may enter his home.
And should be in the middle of a land at least 2000 m2 a garden, and in the
middle that simple building and around a wall from earth also, not to be
seen inside. And you can keep also some animals, hens or goats- goats of
Damascus are famous- one may give every day 2 kg milk. Then going to be easy
for a simple person to live here.

And according to my opinion going to be about 5ooo Euro land and home. One
type may be for 5 people, and then if asking bigger land, more than 2ooo m2,
he may have and bigger building according to children. Always going to be
kept two sides in home: one for ladies only, another side for men only. I
never like after this time that last days are coming, I don't like to make
women with men. We must keep Shariat order as much as possible.

May begin from 5ooo Euro, means 4ooo $, and if you ask to make a bigger
building, more rooms, more land, maybe 5ooo - Euro. You may have 6ooo
m2 garden and home in it, you may come and work, keep for building. You may
be there, no need electricity. I don't like. Simple, to live with nature.

Even no need for medicine. If you are going to be friendly with nature,
nature protects you. If you come like enemy to nature, nature fights you
also. First fight: nature never likes cement. Nature hating, but it has no
tongue to speak. A cement building is like a knife put through the cheat of
a person. From earth to earth you must keep. If anyone wants to be with us
in that conditions, if not- this world is so big, he may move East, West,
North or South.

And we shall put every m2 must be a mosque. And trough every
block must be. People must pray there. For Juma (Friday prayers) we may
build according to the bigness of the land. Maybe two mosques or four for
Juma, 1, 2, 3 or 4, so that people through their areas when hearing 'Allahu
akbar', we don't use loudspeaker, no, must be a minaret and a person must
get up and call Adhan there. Till beginning and finishing around people may
be ready, through 5 minutes must reach from one position to come there.

Everyone must keep in garden fruit or vegetables or animals to be able to
live without going to be needy except for such things that you may buy from
city. Everything must be prepared through your homes and land. Even may be a
way and should be small shops for small handcrafts that people commonly may
be in need, not to go to city to look after. No. Simple life= happy life.
Complex life brings difficulties. We must come back to simple life to live
friendly with nature and Allah helps us. We are not happy to be crowded in
big cities. People just fed up to be through big cities, asking to run away.
Only ignorant people ask to come to big cities. Big cities mean dirty life;
difficult, unhappy, dishonoured, too busy, unrest life. Every badness
there.We must escape.

Yesterday you saw that place? Good place. Now I am calling first the New
Ottomans, because they are ready to move. Then one after one you may move,
or till we call you, to find a place for you. Now going to be okay until
coming more difficulties for your life.

School for Holy Quran, as Sheikh Adnan was saying: Institute of. for Holy
Quran and its knowledge. What is necessary to be learned you may learn
there. No need so many useless lessons and books to study and force yourself
to learn and you are not learning or not using it in your life.

May Allah bless you, because you ask to follow the steps and the advice of
the Holy Prophet sws, and he was saying: 'When last days approaching, best
time to climb through mountains and to keep sheep and goats ad to live
lonely there.' And it is going to be that moving from your homeland for some
times to be here in Damascus. That Big War is coming, and then coming Mehdi
and through his time wars, then Antichrist and wars, until Sayidinna Isa
(Jesus) coming and fighting Jews and their Kufr, Christians' Kufr, and to
take them away, and then to establish the Sultanate of Heavens belonging to
Allah Almighty. Up to that time you may be here. Then the whole world is
open for Muslims. If you like to continue here, it is for you, but if you
like to go here and there, it is free for 4o years. After 4o years coming
end of Sayidinna Isa and Day of Resurrection and time is finished, over.

May Allah bless you and keep you on His right path to be with Mehdi and to
be saved from devils and Antichrist, to reach to Mehdi as well as to
Sayidinna Isa, to be only for Allah, to live only for Allah, to do for
Allah, to die for Allah only. As people coming for pilgrimage- all coming to
one destination.

(Al Fatihah)

Damaskus - 14.04.2002

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