May Allah the Lord of Heavens bless our meeting. We are asking for His Forgiveness, first of all for me. If He forgives me it means that He is not angry with me. If He is angry with me, He will never bless us. That is why I am first of all asking for forgiveness from the Lord. If He sends his Servant to us, I hope it will be a spritual feast. We believe in Jesus Christ and that he received a spread table from Heavens. That was one of the miracles which he received. Nowadays we can ask and anytime the Lord may send a spiritual banquet to us. Everything is a Divine Banquet anyway, because originally everything comes from Heavens. It is not necessary to see the banquet coming down from Heavens, because what we really need in our days is a spiritual banquet. People are like robots, without hearts and feelings and they do not ask for any spiritual enjoyments. They are running after their physical demands and enjoyments, nothing else! That is why we need to have spiritual banquets. Very few meetings are prepared to welcome such a banquet. I hope that our humble meeting will prepare people to accept spiritual and heavenly banquets.

We are not claiming anything else than to be servants. Since the first man until today mankind has been created to be servants of their Lord, of the Creator. Can anyone claim anything else? The Lord Almighty is only asking servanthood from his creatures and He has the right to do so. If you have workers, would you just let them sit down and look at you and do nothing? What are you keeping them for? For service! In the same way the Lord Almighty Allah created man for his Servanthood. He did not create us to go to work and then to go to pubs, instead of going to temples, synagogues, mosques! He created mankind for his Servanthood and for daily service. Writings on churches and cathedrals say 'Sunday service' or 'service for some occasions'. But they were built for daily services. People are never fed up to go to pubs, to go to casinos, discotheques or any other bad places. They are never fed up with that. But they never think to go to worship, to go for servanthood. That is the trouble.

All those people who are running away from servanthood are trouble-makers. The first trouble-maker was Satan. From all the creatures, all the angels, he was the one who did trouble. Whoever follows him is a trouble-maker. Who is happy with this situation? Since 20 years I am coming to London and every year I am seeing that peace is not growing, but trouble is. People are taking their hearts away. They are not using their hearts. They are also not using their minds and they are not using their will-power. They are trying to be on the level of animals, but we are not animals. We have been honoured to be mankind. The crisis is increasing. There are troubles, sufferings and fire everywhere.

We are too weak to do anything because the first responsibility is on the government. All governments are feeding trouble-makers. They are with them. They have so many laws and rules which are not being practised. We need powerful ones! The Christian world must have Kings! The Islamic world must have Sultans! Her Majesty the Queen is the Head of the Church of England, but it is only like a symbol. She cannot do anything. The Church of England has rules, but there is another parliament that does everything which is against Christianity. In the Islamic world the governments are doing everything against Islam. If all Bishops would come together... But we are not doing anything. Even if all the holy-men would come together, we couldn't do anything. It isn't even possible to ask parents to look after their children properly and to teach them Judaism, or Christianity or Islam. They can't do that, because the government is telling them not to. What kind of a situation is that? When I am seeing all this, I must say that the 20th century is the worst century, every belief has been destroyed. Atheist ideas are covering everything, it is taught in all the schools. How are troubles going to finish like this?

I hear from Jewish and Christian religious people that they want to make a co-ordination between themselves. I have been invited to some of them. When I went there and listened, I thought to myself that it is a useless meeting because the religious people do not have any power to remove anything. How should we co-ordinate ourselves when we don't have any power to remove the evil? Everything is in the hands of the devils.

We are believers and we know that this world is going to reach its last days. It has come a long way. It has come from the first man Adam and it has passed so many stations and now it is reaching its last station. Everything is written in all the Holy Books: the Old Testament, the New Testament and the Holy Quran. The last days must come. The last station of this world is now approaching. This world is not going to remain for ever. No! We are not philosophers, we are believers. We believing that there is an end for this life on this earth. We do not believe what some scientists say, that the last day will come when the sun finishes. No! That is not real knowledge. It is all imagination, nothing else. Life will reach its last station, according to the Holy Books. We take our knowledge from the Holy Books. We are not scientists. No! All scientists nowadays are atheists. They say that we come from monkeys. We do not come from monkeys, we are from mankind. But those people are very happy to be monkeys and grandsons of monkeys. Do you accept that? What kind of honour is that, to be a monkey?

We take knowledge from Holy Books and according to that information the world now is going to be full of trouble. I am fearing the Divine Revenge which is mentioned in the Holy Books. From time to time nations are being taken away by Divine Revenge when they do not keep their services. If they do not keep Divine Revenge, they will be taken away. I am afraid of this, but whether I am afraid or not, this Divine Revenge will come in any case to take bad-ones away. Don't say that all Christians are good-ones. Don't say that all Christians are bad-ones. Don't say that all Muslims are good-ones. Don't say that all Muslims are bad-ones. Don't say that all the Jewish people are bad-ones. Don't say that all the Jewish people are good-ones. Every nation has good-ones and bad-ones. When the Divine Revenge comes now it will take the bad-ones and leave the good-ones.

After the Divine Revenge we are waiting for the blessings for the good-ones. That will be the time of Jesus Christ and the time of Mehdi Alehi Salam. In that time blessings will be everywhere and this world will be filled with blessed people. Cursed people will be taken away. We are trying to bring that message to people. That is our message to people: be with good-ones, don't be with bad-ones. When Allah Almighty ordered Moses to punish Karun, Moses said to his people, "Whoever is with me, can come with me. Whoever is with him, can go with him!" Then the Divine Punishment came and the people following Karun were destroyed. Nowadays everyone is responsible for themselves. Look which side you prefer. What are you choosing: to be with good-ones or bad-ones? Don't say that you are this one or that one. Titles will not help. The Lord looks whether his servant is with the good servants or the bad-ones. Shaitan is also a servant, but a bad-one. No-one can escape being a servant. But Shaitan is a cursed servant. So whoever is with him is also cursed. Whoever goes with prophets, with saints and with good servants are blessed servants. May Allah forgive us and bless us.

"Please, Sheik, pray for us!"

I am praying, but the Lord is looking with whom his people are together. Praying is so easy. That is my job, to pray: "Oh, my Lord, bless our people!" But He will say, "Where are they standing? With which group are they standing? To whom are they giving their support? To me or to devils? If you ask me to bless devils, you are wrong! Let them be with blessed people, blessed servants, then I will accept your praying for them!"

Yes, you must be with blessed-ones. Like that, even if you are not praying, blessings will come on you too. But people are escaping from blessings. Cathedrals are empty and hospitals are full! Temples are empty but prisons are full! Mosques are empty but mental houses are full! Why? Mosques, temples and churches are blessed places and blessings come on them, but people are escaping. Curses come on prisons and mental hospitals. These are not good places. Curses and punishments come on them. If you would look after the blessed places, hospitals would be empty, prisons would be empty and mental houses would be empty. But we are leaving churches. Look! There is a gigantic church here which is empty. There are so many of them. Some are even put up for sale. I am sorry to say this St. Ann's Convent has also been destroyed. How? Before more than 100 nuns were living here and they were praying. But then nobody wanted to become a nun anymore and to come here. It was finished, destroyed. Because the new generation does not believe in anything. They are atheists. They only believe in eating, drinking and dancing. Isn't that so? Faith is decreasing. When people were blessed they were running to pray and the Lord would look and say, "Oh, my servant is coming to my service, is coming to worship me. My servant is respecting me, is praising me and thanking me!"

Where are people now? Do you think that the people in the pub are praising Allah? Or the people in the discotheques, cinemas or casinos? Because of this everyone has to do their best to be with blessed people. This convent will once more become a worshipping place. Even if it is a different kind of worshipping, it is still for the Lord of Heavens. It is a good sign and it means that whoever built this convent was a blessed-one, because it did not end up in ruins or being taken over by the council to make rooms for playing or other foolish places. Thanks to the Lord that prayings are continuing here. Next year the main part of the convent will be repaired and next year we will find big rooms to be in. We hope so. May God bless you!

If you have any difficult question, the answers are in the Heavenly Books. These are the true answers. Real knowledge is in Holy Books, not in philosophy or science. Science can tell you how ants walk and how mice run. That is science! It cannot teach you anything concerning Heavens.

Everyday I am looking and crying when I see old people here who are thrown away. People are claiming that they are living in a civilisation. How can this be a civilisation when people are not looking after their father or mother or relative? They cannot give them any room but put them in an old people's home. Old people are blessed-ones, but I am told that it is oldfashioned to keep them and newfashioned to put them away! Of course they are given everything there, but inside they are always sad. But we cannot change these things. It is like a big and a small wheel. When the big wheel turns like in one direction, the small one cannot go in the opposite one. We are like the small one. We cannot go against the big one. The wheel of the governments turns like this and we must follow them. That is all.
"But what about God's Wheel?"

God's Wheel carries it all. That is why revenge is coming.

London - 01.03.1994

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