Allah Almighty gives honour to mankind. It is the honour which the angels wanted to have. The honour which was given to Sayidina Adam and was given to every piece of creation, is a secret which only the Creator knows. It is impossible to find it with any kind of means. Even if man would invent an electronic microscope it would not be able to find that secret. The light of our eyes can never be enough to detect that little part. Just like the light of our eyes cannot see the stars or the sun or the moon in their greatness and in the way they are.

This smallest of all pieces cannot be cut into two pieces. If you try to cut it, it will be destroyed. Who brought that piece into existence? Allah Almighty! The piece itself must also know who brought it into existence, it has a knowledge. It can recognise its Creator. It is not a dead piece. That is why we can say that everything which is in existence is alive. But everything has different kinds of minds. The highest level of mind of all creatures belong to mankind and after that to animals and then to trees and plants. Then it also belongs to that which we are saying has no life: to the rocks and earth. If earth had no life, how could it give life to plants? If the earth was not carrying the secret of life, then how could it give life to plants? The earth is feeding their life. Without earth there would be no life for plants. The earth waits for the command of its Creator. When its Creator sends water on it, when the Lord sends rain on it, then it will move and give life.

That secret which Allah Almighty is sending, is the secret of life. It is sent through the rains and comes together with the secret of earth and this is given to the plants. Every smallest piece and part of everything must know its Creator and must glorify its Creator. That means that everything has been given knowledge. But what Allah has given to earth is something, and what plants have been given, has not been given to the earth. What animals have been given has not been given to plants. What mankind has been given has not been given to animals. Even what mankind has been given has not been given to the angels.

That is why the honour of mankind is within that knowledge. Allah Almighty gave angels a lot of knowledge. But what He gave to Sayidina Adam was much more than the angels ever got. The horizon of the knowledge of Adam is over their horizon. They can never reach that. Allah Almighty honoured Sayidina Adam and appointed him and his children to be deputies. He made it possible for them to control everything. This is only possible through knowledge. Without that, this world cannot be controlled. Those who are controlling must have knowledge and through this knowledge they can control. If they don't have knowledge, they will have no authority. The knowledge which we need was first given to Adam. Allah Almighty taught Sayidina Adam the names of everything. When he gave a name to everything in creation, then he knew. To whoever that knowledge was handed on to, would have the secret power and be able to control everything in the universe. Allah Almighty has endless universes. When a candidate becomes a real deputy then Allah Almighty gives him a whole universe to be under his control. A whole universe...

When Allah Almighty wants to create, He only needs to say, "Be!". When He wants to give the servant who is going to be His real deputy a universe, He will only say, "Be!" and that universe will be ready and in existence. That servant will then be the deputy of Allah Almighty there and control. To control means that he will be like the sun, if there is no sun, there will be no life on earth. If the spiritual power of those ones would not be reaching to the universe, that universe would have no life. Those people, who are the real deputies give life, like the sun. They are granted the gift to be the controllers when they are able to control their egos. Whoever is able to control himself will be a real deputy.

He will be invited to the Holy Presence of the Prophet, who will dress him with the honour of being the real deputy. He will be dressed with the crown of being the real deputy and he will be granted to be like the sun giving Divine Light to everyone. Whoever is the deputy of this world will send his power to the sun to shine. If that is prevented, then no sun will shine, because the value and the importance in Divine Presence of that deputy is much more than the whole universe.

No-one can be able to control himself without coming and joining an authority for that purpose. If a person wants to be a doctor he must go to a doctor to learn. If someone wants to be an architect, he must join an architect. If he wants to be an advocate, then he must be with an advocate. Whoever wants to reach the real position of being the deputy must be trained in the hands of that authorised-one and then he should be able to control himself.

Shah ul Naqshiband was giving that power a little bit in each of his associations and he was preparing his followers to reach their real stations of being deputies. That is the meaning of tariqats. Tariqats take people to their real positions of being deputies. But the ignorant-ones do not understand. They think that tariqats are here to collect dunya. If a real authority of a tariqat looks at this world, he will throw it away for exchange of that secret.

Their way of looking is not like ours. The life within their eyes reaches to anyone and it must give from its secret power to that plant, or earth, or animal or human being. According to their needs, he will give them of his secret light. They do not look the way we do, therefore the Prophet was saying, "The looks of believers must be for wisdoms. They should look and take wisdoms from everything. Anything they see should feed them with wisdoms."

At all times the whole world is under the control of the holy-ones. They can be in different places at the same time. They may have different eyes within the people and within nature. These people of authority within the tariqat have the real positions of being deputies. That is the real tariqat. It is the way leading everyone to their position of being deputies. We do not come here to eat and to drink and to enjoy ourselves physically. Animals do that.

Every Prophet came to show their nation the oceans of power, the oceans of worlds. They came to show that and to bring them to that ocean of miraculous powers. They show people that above this nature there are extraordinary power oceans which are made clear in miracles. They are not only here to show this and to make people wonder about their miracles, they also want their followers to be interested in those powers which real deputies have been given. When anyone reaches his real position of being a deputy, he will be given miraculous powers. Don't think that the deputy who can control this universe only has physical powers. The physical powers are nothing! But when we are dressed with the Divine Power of being deputies, then we are marvellous and magnificent beings.

The Prophet sws. gives such secret knowledge to the holy-ones and it is said that if a weak servant is crowned by being the deputy and the lights will appear, the lights of the stars and sun will be like candles. It will be as if it had disappeared. It is like when the sun shines a candle will be like nothing. Even if you put a million candles, it will disappear infront of the sun.

That is the huge power which is inside ourselves, in our hearts. This has been granted to us, but we need an opening. You cannot be able to reach that opening if you don't go through the way of the tariqat. If you don't follow a private training of the Holy Quran, of the tariqat, you will never be able to reach it. There are so many worlds in the skies but there is no light on them. There are enlightened ones but millions or billions of them have no light.

Common people are like that. They are not enlightened. They have not been given any light, they have not been opened. The people of tariqat are trying to get an opening, because Allah Almighty will ask, "Why are you coming without an opening? I sent you everything for your opening, why are you coming without it? What did you do all these years? Why didn't you open your treasures? Why didn't you reach your real being? Why are you coming like this?".

May Allah give us a good understanding so that we can follow. If a person is understanding that there are treasures in that direction, then you may go. If you don't believe and even if all people call you in that direction you will not go. That is why we are asking for good understanding from Allah Almighty to know what He has given us, and to get the desire in our hearts. Associations like these are only to give that desire in our hearts. If that desire comes into existence it will be so easy, you will ask and you will go. May Allah forgive us. Amin.

Sri Lanka - 26.10.1991

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