Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Secret of Life

The spiritual world and the material world are never separated. They are both in one case, just like it is impossible for a nail to separated from a finger. People who deny spirituality know nothing about mankind or about the reality of life, about the secret of life. We are living beings today, but tomorrow, or next week, or next month, or next year, we might not be alive anymore. When you think about this you have to reach a thought: what was it that made this body move yesterday and not today? What made it live yesterday and not today?

It is the secret of life. There is something hidden which enables people to do every action. Until today no one has been able to see or catch this secret power, the secret of life which gives people energy. No one has ever seen how this secret power gets into the body of the baby in the womb of the mother. No one can catch the escaping secret power of someone who is dying. That secret power is beyond our senses and beyond our knowledge.

Oxford is a huge university-city. What do they say about the life of man? What do they know about that? What do they know about death? Nothing! They are not interested to look into the secret of life and the secret of death, even though this is the most important point of knowledge. How does a person come to life and how does he come to death? Life and death! All sciences and all the knowledge of mankind stops right there. There is only one source which can explain it: Heavenly Knowledge. Only Heavenly Knowledge can teach us the secret of life, the secret of death and the secret of being human.

Positive knowledge cannot deal with it. It can only experiment and declare. That is all. Positive knowledge has very clear limits, but that is all these huge universities deal with. They are in actual fact preventing the reality of creation and the reality of the Creator who has countless names for Himself. They even say that it is forbidden to mention the name of God in the university. It is forbidden to write the name of God in any book dealing with positive knowledge. They have such strong arguments to prevent it. If any professor would mention God, he would probably be summoned to the head of the university who would tell him to go to a church, to a mosque or to a synagogue with such subjects.

It is understandable that they do not want to deal with Heavenly Knowledge, because it is very difficult to combine it with positive knowledge. Positive knowledge will always be in limits, as it is a mind production. But Heavenly Knowledge is a production of Heavens. It has no limits. Universities should at least admit that they only produce knowledge about how to arrange physical lives. At the same time they should point out that beyond positive knowledge there is so much knowledge which cannot be dealt with using the same methods. They cannot be brought into the circle of positive knowledge. If you try to do it, you will be like someone who wants to bring the moon from the sky to earth to have a look at it. It is impossible, which why it is a very stupid idea to try to bring Heavenly Knowledge into the area of positive knowledge.

This is the main problem arising between scientists and religious people. It is a never-ending dispute, because the scholars of positive knowledge want to bring the moon down, check it and then give their opinion about it. They want to bring everything into the area of positive knowledge. Beliefs cannot come inside that area because you are dealing with the unseen, which you have to believe in. You cannot reach such knowledge within your physical being. You cannot touch these Heavenly Beings and this Heavenly Knowledge. If you want to bring something into the area of positive knowledge it will be like taking a photograph or a drawing and saying that it is like the original. A photograph cannot be like the person it is portraying. It is only a symbol. You can take a picture of the moon or the sun, but you can still not bring it into the laboratory.

Beliefs are beyond the area of positive knowledge which is why scholars of positive knowledge are fighting against it. They cannot reach it with their methods, so they deny it. But it should not be within their capacity to deny something just because they cannot control it. They can judge subjects within their own area, not beyond. It is one of the biggest mistakes of the 19th century. Since the 17th century scholars of positive knowledge have declared that anything which cannot enter their microscope, does not exist. If they cannot see something, they deny it. It is the greatest stupidity to deny something which you cannot see. Positive knowledge can only find a drop in the ocean of existing knowledge. Compared to the existing reality you know nothing. You have to find everything in books. This is the lowest level of knowledge. A real scholar should be able to speak without having to look into a book, but our brain cannot carry it. A person can sit down and speak about his knowledge and maybe one, two, three or ten books can be written out of it. Maybe even 100. But there are millions of books that deal with positive knowledge. If you don't know them, you can be considered to be ignorant.

This only concerns the area of positive knowledge. Within every aspect of positive knowledge you can find an exit which leads you to the existence of the Lord, Almighty Allah. Every branch of positive knowledge has to reach the point which will enable people to see the existence of the Creator. We have a saying, telling us that every knowledge takes people to know the real source of that knowledge, which comes from the One. For example, if you use mathematics to its limits, it will lead you to the point of recognising that there is someone who created the huge brain of the ocean of mathematics. If you enter physics, it will be like another ocean and take you to the point of asking yourself, "Where does this huge ocean come from?". This knowledge cannot have been brought from the womb of our mothers. Or take medicine, such a huge ocean! No-one can claim that we have brought all that from the womb of our mother. It has been taken from outside. From where? Our Holy Book tells us, "I have taught first man all this!", and you think you have brought all this knowledge from yourself! From where? If He had not given it to you, even positive knowledge, from where would you have brought it?

It is such an important point, because it shows, that our scholars have to be humble. They have no reason to be proud. If I would ask them to sit down and write what they know, how many book would they be able to fill? Even if they are professors, doctors, or whatever! Where do they take the knowledge from? They are all using preserved knowledge which mankind has been saving for thousands of years.

This conflict has to finish in the second millennium. These realities will have to become known. It must be made public that knowledge comes as a grant from the Creator, from nowhere else.

This is the struggle which religious people always have with people of positive knowledge, and it harms the beliefs of common people who are caught in between. The church will tell them one thing and the university something else. These two must now come together and admit the existence of Heavenly Knowledge which is the seed of our positive knowledge. Every knowledge was first given to our Prophets and to Holy People. But within our last centuries satan has come and separated the two. When the beliefs of people are injured our faith will get weaker and weaker and chaos will increase; first within ourselves, then everywhere else.

We can see that this world is living in its darkest period so far. It is a chaos which no one is able to stop. No one can create peace on earth, because peace can only be established by peaceful people and people nowadays are not in peace individually. How can you then ask for peace? If people are not in peace, how can this country be in peace? You cannot have peace within yourself until your beliefs are strong and the connection with your spiritual being is in perfection. Then you will be in peace. But our physical body is running and imprisoning our spiritual being. So the fight continues between our spiritual being and our material being.

We need a new world and we hope that the coming century will be the best century. I do not think that the new generation will carry the dirty works and lives of their ancestors into the 21st century. We hope that you, youngsters, will be careful not to take the misery, evil and devilish kingdom into the 21st century. This is your responsibility. You must prevent it and put a barrier between good and evil. Give way to goodness and take away badness. May Allah bless you and forgive me.

Oxford?, 01.01.1997

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