Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Audhu bi-llahi mina shaitani rajim, Audhu bi-llahi mina
shaitani rajim, Bismillahir Rahmanir-Rahim, Bismillahir Rahmanir-Rahim, Bismillahir

Assalamu alaikum, servants of the Lord of Heavens. I am welcoming you for a new
understanding about Islam. Islam is new. It is never going to be something that is old. It
is always new. Madad ya Sultan ul Awliya. It is our understanding that is to blame
because we are not trying to bring about a new understanding. Instead we are still trying
to use the understanding of the people who have now passed away and who belong to
the past times.

The Holy Quran too is always new. This is because it has to bring benefit to mankind. But
people however do not understand this nor do they try to renew their understanding,
which is still of the past. People think that the Holy Quran is an old book. Some people
from mankind understand things upside down. These people have got their minds
blocked and their minds are not conducive to thinking and their heads are like rocks and
getting even harder than rocks and they are not trying to make their understanding
progress even if it be a little.

I hear that the Chief of the Western Church (the Pope) is so keen to dress Islam with a
new dressing (Pope Benedict 16th's Regensburg Speech Sept, 12th 2006).
Their heads are like rocks. They think that with their dresses they are
changing. If they are wearing something on their heads or on their shoulders they think
that they are trying to become someone else. They are thinking that titles are giving them
something and these titles have been invented by them. They think that the titles that
they use like Catholics or Orthodox or Christian World are going to give them something
from people. Recently the Chief of the Catholic Church was speaking something which
was beyond our mentality and beyond our mind. What I mean is that our mentalities can
never accept what they are saying. Still they claim that their ways are the most suitable
for the minds and the understanding of people. This is hundred percent (100%) wrong.

How can they say these things and what is the principal behind it? I hear that the Pope
has been saying that Islamic principals have been forced on the minds of people. That
Islamic principals are making the minds of people to be hard and different. What he is
meaning to say is that Islam is not suitable for the minds of people but that Christianity is
more in keeping with the minds and mentality of the people. How can he say this? Which
principal of Christianity is the mind or mentality of people accepting? For example whose
mind or mentality will accept their claim that the Lord of Heavens was killed on a cross.
How can a mind accept this? How can the people of the 21st century accept that God can
be crucified? What stupidity is this? Still the Pope says that Christianity is closer to the
understanding of the people than Islam is.

Who is giving the Pope this authority with which he speaks? Maybe someone will say that
he is a crazy one or that he is so very old and therefore he is demented for saying such a
wrong thing, for seeing wrong as right and right as wrong. He must be a crazy person.
Some people are seeing red and some even look green because of what they say. How
can the Lord of Heavens be crucified by his creatures. What type of mentality will accept
this? But still the Pope is finding a way to talk about this. Because of this understanding
the Christians are making the cross everywhere and also making the cross to be sacred.

The axe is cutting a person’s head and then the people take the axe and kiss it saying,
“Oh axe you cut our Lord’s head.” Yes, they kiss the cross that killed Christ. This is their
mentality. How can sane people accept this mentality? The only conclusion that people
can have of the one who is having such a mentality is that he should be taken away. Yes
the Pope should be taken away because it appears that he has lost his mind and
mentality and people who have a sound mind or mentality cannot ever accept his words.

They also say that “Jesus is Lord”, “Lord of creation”. Was Jesus not carried in the womb
of Mary? He was inside her womb with so many things, which are like sewage channels
inside the womb. If you cut open the womb you will find that there are so many things
inside the womb that makes it look like a sewage channel. Therefore their mentality is to
say that the Lord of Heavens was for a period of nine months inside this sewage channel.
This is what the Christians are claiming about the Lord of Heavens. This is their mentality
and the Christians are claiming that their mentality is the most suitable for the human race.

Talking of what is suitable for the human mentality, there is still another point in the
Christian principles which I would like to point out. From where does a child arrive into this
world? Is it from the front side or the backside of the person giving birth. If one is to say it
is from the backside this would be worse than if it is from the front side. Or is the child
coming out of the mother’s mouth. Jesus was born of Mary like other children were born.

Yet they say in this manner did the Lord of Heavens come to the Earth. This is the
mentality that Christians claim is suitable to the human mind. Was Jesus a perfect man
when he was born or was he a child? Virgin Mary was carrying him and showing him to
people so it means that he was born a child. Funny it is, to say that the Lord of Heavens
was a little baby like other children. Or are they now trying to say that he came out of his
mother with a beard and say to her “Mary, I am your Lord so do Sajda and prostrate to
me”. Is this the mentality that Christianity claims is more suitable to the human mind than
Islam is.

Then we come into yet another point. We know that mother Mary breast fed the child
Jesus. This is their mentality that the Lord of Heavens has to be breast-fed. Very good.
This is what the Pope means by Christianity being closer to the understanding of man. Yet
again I would like to ask was the baby cleaned by the mother both in front and from
behind (cleaning urine and faeces). If it is so as they claim then this child who is the Lord
of Heavens was cleaned by his mother in this manner. Is this acceptable of the Lord of
Heavens. Such is the mentality of Christianity and the Pope that they claim that the Lord
of Heavens was born off a woman, born of Mariam. What is this nonsense? The most
important characteristic of the Lord of Heavens is to be Powerful and not to be weak. It is
impossible for God to be weak in front of His creatures. Is this true or is this false.

Why was Jesus running away from his persecutors if he was the Lord and had the Power
of the Lord? Why was he trying to run away from his creatures? Lord means that He is the
Creator. This means that he feared that his enemies would harm him. This is certainly
not becoming of the Lord of Heavens. The Creator trying to escape from His creation is to
say the least not of sound reasoning and still the Pope is claiming that Christianity is more
in conformity with sense and sensibility. The Pope must be getting old and deteriorating
in his mental health and therefore making everything upside down.

Then again there is still another point about Christianity that does not seen to be sensible
to a person with a good mentality and mind. How can the Lord of Heavens be eating and
drinking like others do. Even the angels are privileged enough not to eat and drink and
still the Christians claim that the Lord of Heavens needed to eat and drink because Jesus
ate and drank during his lifetime in this world. This is what Christianity teaches and it is
shameful to teach such teachings. Yes, according to them the Lord of Heavens is even
weaker than the angels and so needs to eat and drink. The Pope should be ashamed to
state that Christianity is more in tune with the human mind and mentality than Islam.

I am also asking the Pope why is it that the Lord of Heavens that you believe in needs to
go to the toilet. This cannot be if he is the Lord of Heavens. The Germans are also no
mind people because they are taking the Pope to be for the German people and the
Italians are also very sad with the new Pope because they want the Pope to be Italian
after the Polish Pope. Who are the people who appoint the Pope? Is the Pope appointed
by the Heavens or by the Cardinals? Was this title of Pope granted by the Heavens or
was it given by the cardinals? This highest rank is granted by the Cardinals and not by
the Heavens. Even so some of the Cardinals are against the appointment of this
particular Pope. Some Cardinals say that he is good and some other Cardinals believe
that he is not good. I am asking these Cardinals, “was your Lord eating and drinking?”
and they answer, “yes, he was not an angel therefore he was eating and drinking.” Then
I ask them, “does he need to go to the toilet because when someone eats and drinks
something must also come out.” To this question they cannot answer, “no.” Yes it is
blame on them for making the Lord of Heavens to enter the toilet. This then is their
mentality and this too in this 21st century and still the Pope says that Christianity is more
in keeping with sound mentality and mind than Islam. What can we say. Yes, what can we
say. This means that they have lost their understanding and they have lost their
mentality. Yes, they have lost their minds. They have also lost their knowledge. I do not
know how else to describe them.

They are however saying so many things against the Seal of Prophets and still the Seal of
Prophets never said “I am your Lord.” He was instead saying, “I am the servant of my
Lord.” Christianity says that Jesus is the Lord of Heavens and Islam says that Muhammad
is the servant of the Lord of Heavens, now which of these two statements seem like being
more closer to the truth and understanding of the mind and mentality of mankind. But the
Christains are not ashamed of saying such things and this is why the Islamic world is
getting up and attacking them. Why is this? This is because Islam is the right way. They
say that Islam was using the sword. Yes, we were ordered to use the sword against
Shaitan and the Shaitanic groups who were against the truth. The followers of Shaitan
have their ways and these ways are like the ways of dragons. We use the sword against
dragons and not against everyone. No. They are blaming us that we used the sword and
say that Islam was spread by the sword.

Did Jesus Christ use a knife or a sword? It is forbidden in Christianity to use the sword,
but then how are the Christians of today using the sword and have been using the sword
for the past 2000 years. In Islam it is not forbidden to use the sword and therefore even if
I were to carry a knife or use the sword it is allowed. But how can Christians use this when
they have been forbidden to do so. They are killing each other today and have been
doing so for the past 2000 years and yet it is forbidden for them to use the sword as
Jesus never advocated the use of the sword. If they are real followers of Jesus Christ it is
not possible for them to even carry a knife. But they are making all kinds of weapons that
is used to kill people and to destroy humanity on earth. Yes, you can witness this now.

Why is the Pope not blaming all these Christian nations and instead blaming Islam?
These nations are today killing and burning and destroying everything, but still the Pope
is silent about these things and is blaming Islam saying that it was spread by the sword.
The Pope is simply not speaking the truth. Islam did use the sword to take away tyrants
and shaitanic groups in order to prevent these groups from harming people. We used it
for this purpose. Why are they not blaming Moses, as he was using the sword. Why do
they not blame David who was both a king and a Prophet. Did he not use the sword? But
they attack Islam. Islam is perfect. In spite of these people attacking Islam, Islam remains
as the perfect religion. These people are born to refuse Islam and to be enemies of Islam.

Allah Almighty gave power to the Seal of Prophet. Before he was born his father passed
away and this was while he was still in the womb of his mother. His mother passed away
when he was only four years old. He was an orphan and he had no armies, no power, no
money, no treasures and everyone was attacking him when he began to preach Islam.
They were asking to harm him and to defeat him. They were asking that he be killed. The
Lord of Heavens told him, “Oh my most beloved one in my Divine Presence, don’t worry
and don’t fear because I am with you and your religion shall cover the whole world. Even
if it be for just one day I shall make the whole world accept Islam and to surrender to Me
and to declare your prophecy”.

I am however sorry to say that today the Muslims have been cheated by the Christians
and they are now following the Christian world. They are now not using Islamic principles
and are instead hurrying to become westernized Muslims. There cannot be westernized
Muslims. Muslims are purely Muslims and they have principles, and these are the
principles of Islam. Those who use these principles have been granted honour through
this life and through their physical beings. They have also being granted spiritual
powers. Yes, we also have spiritual power and when Jesus returns he is going to declare
this power and to blame the Christians. May Allah forgive us and bless you for the honour
of the most honoured one in His Divine Presence. Oh Allah, You know. Fathiha.

Lefke, 17.09.2006

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