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(Mawlana Shaykh stands.) Dastoor yaa Sayyidee, madad yaa RijaalAllah. Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Azeez Allah. Yaa Rabbi salli wa sallim wa baarik `alaa habeebika Sayyidi 'l-awwaleen wa’l-akhireen, Sayyidina Muhammadan (s) wasahbihi ajma'een. (Mawlana Shaykh sits.) Madad, madad yaa RijaalAllah.

As-salaamu `alaykum listeners, attenders; such a humble association.. Allah Allah! SubhanAllah, SultaanAllah. Be ready, O attenders, to listen and ask from the Lord of Heavens to grant us power for keeping heavenly orders. Dastoor, O our Protector on this planet. And we say a`oodhu billahi min ash-Shaytaani ‘r-rajeem, Bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem. Take the heavenly sword with your hands and truth because for Shaytan, from beginning up to end, his main target is to take truth away and to bring baatil, falsehood. You may say, truth is from true ones and false means "untrue." Okay? Say it! Yes sir, truth. Shaytan's main target is to change people's minds and understandings of the wrong way so that they will refuse truth and run after falsehood and wrong, untrue ways. May Allah (swt) protect us! It is adab to ask from our Lord, our Creator, but He Almighty appoints on behalf of heavenly levels one to look after everything on this planet and what is happening. We must ask, "O our Lord, give Your Divine Protection." Yes, this is a title, but it is also highest protocol. You can't forget the Lord of Creation; you must address (Him)!

As was before, there were passports from a colony of Cyprus, and on the first page was written, “On behalf of His Majesty the King, I am granting on behalf of the British Empire's Emperor." There was no "Majesty King" giving that one who had been appointed on behalf of the Emperor of British Kingdom!

Therefore, no one can do anything through his existence to make everything on himself, in himself, through himself, no! He must say, bismillahi ‘r-Rahmaani ‘r-Raheem. That is heavenly protocol that everyone must keep it. What he must do is say, “On behalf of my Lord's permission, on behalf of Himself I must do this or do that.” Shaytan is making to do away with this protocol. Shaytan is making these people’s understanding going to be an unknown one, none in existence, unknown. How you can say an unknown thing is going to be in existence, and whole shaytanic disease is to make people refuse the Creator, the real Owner Who is in existence! That is from Shaytan's traps to make.

I am reading so many books, so many times I am looking and they are speaking about heavenly happenings. Speaking about holy words of prophets (a), and their followers and their representatives, they are saying something as never going to be as a belief. They are thinking that the whole prophets' prophecy and their messages are from the limit of their positive knowledge. Shaytan is trying to teach people that if something you can't prove, don't accept it. "Positive knowledge." That you can't bring a proof of it, that is the limit and the beginning of shaytanic way.

Shaytan was trying on tribes of Children of Israel. Moses (a), a great personality through chains of prophecy, oolu 'l-azaam, one of the five highest prophets. From Tur Sina, Mount Sinai, he was bringing (commandments) to be with us, to be in satisfaction. But the real bringing is from the Lord of Heavens! Are we asking for proof or we are going continuously, we are bringing down from the Lord of Heavens?

Moses (a) was saying from Mount Sinai, from his Lord, “O my Lord, the Children of Israel are always objecting on what I am bringing to them. They are coming down saying, ‘Not divinely messages or divinely books.’”

Then Allah Almighty saying, “O Musa, look among yourselves and take some people who are more objecting ones, and they think that they are sending everything.” Even Moses (a) bringing something, they are thinking they are over our knowledge, they are doing this, objecting.

When Moses (a) was objecting, saying, “O my Lord,” Allah said, “Bring those seventy ones here and listen to my declaration, My holy verse to you. I know what it is going to be, but I am speaking on their understanding level so they may say, ‘Yes, I heard such a sound like thundering declaration and now we are in satisfaction.’ Bring them! Bring them here!"

And Moses (a) went and they said, “Yes, this one, this one, this one,” and seventy people went to Sinai. Allah Almighty addressed Moses (a), “Yes, yes.”

Moses (a) asked the people, “How are you, my honored? my believers? How are you now? Are you reaching a certainty that I am bringing from the Lord of Heavens? Are you okay now?" (Mawlana Shaykh laughs) Seventy saying, "O Moses, yes, I heard that declaration, that speaking, but to be in our hearts a tumaaneenah (reassurance), we are asking to reach a satisfaction to our hearts. That verse belongs to our Lord, we must look at him!”

Moses was so angry, full like a volcano, and saying, "O, it was not this among me and among you. We are only asking to hear! I can't ask my Lord, that you can look at him! I can't do!"

And Allah Almighty saying, "Don't worry, Moses, My prophet, don't be angry. Now I am making for them what they are asking."

(Mawlana Shaykh laughs) That is the beginning of "Positive Knowledge," (a school of thought that) if they are not seeing something, they are not accepting. Up to today in universities, if they are not seeing they are refusing, what foolishness! They are insisting it is in their books, that according to holy books (such as the) Torah, is a riwaaya, fairy tale. Up to today, they haven't any yaqeen, certainty on it. They are writing in such a way that, “Moses was claiming,” and they reach a conclusion that, “We are not accepting.” Even if they are accepting, they are putting in universities "holy books." They say no, what are "holy books?" What is the meaning of being "holy one?" What is "holiness?" What is the meaning of "inspirations?"

They are not accepting! Beginning that day (with Moses) they are asking, “Show us Who is speaking." They say, "Your Lord is speaking to you? Let us look at Him when he is addressing you!" If there comes an appearance (sign), they will also say, “Perhaps you are making sihr, magic. We are not in certainty that One is speaking to you!" Now in the same way, universities, professors, and others are saying, "We must be in certainty if Old Testament, New Testament, or Holy Qur'an are revelations from heavens. We are asking, as we are learning now, what it is going to be for?"

How you are saying this? Why are you not taking care?! (It is so clear and simple, just as) three times two is six; three times three is nine, two times two is four. What is that? They are asking to know what is beyond their understanding. Their mindly production cannot give an understanding to them because their understanding is so little. It is more to say, “I am going and I am hearing, to see Allah (swt)!" If they are asking to see Allah (swt), coming a lightening on them until they finish objecting no more! Seventy people just passing away, lightening just burning them as a coal; even white ones, when lightening struck them they were as black as coal.

And Moses (a) was making sajdah, saying "O my Lord! You know about the Children of Israel, their characteristics. If I am going and seventy people have passed away, they will ask me, 'Where are our people? You killed them.’ O my Lord! For the greatness of Your most beloved one, for his honor, give them life." Throwing away, and Allah Almighty granting and they are coming (back to life).

O Salafi `ulamas! Am I saying something wrong? You are not saying anything about your universities teaching "Positive Knowledge." You can’t be able to say as you never have such courage to say to them, to have such knowledge through your university to teach holy books from heavenly knowledge to people. You are teaching atomic physics, electronical instruments, then atoms are the power center. What you are teaching, so many things? We are living in the time of technologia, what became the highest level of understanding for Mankind. They are writing this and teaching. Why you are not objecting? Why you are not teaching there and saying, “That is wrong, that bida`, that kufr!”

O People! Shaytan is teaching you to deny the Lord of Creation!!!! That is shaytanic education and Shaytan's understanding. O People! You must hear and accept, or coming on you divinely intaqamna (revenge), as in Holy Qur'an when Allah Almighty says, “And making Me to be angry, My divinely anger just taking them away, through:

فَلَمَّا آسَفُونَا انتَقَمْنَا مِنْهُمْ فَأَغْرَقْنَاهُمْ أَجْمَعِينَ
Falammaa aasafoonaa intaqamnaa minhum. when at length they provoked Us, We exacted retribution from them (43:55)

falamma asafoonaa (their lack of repentance).” O People! So dangerous events are coming. If you would like to be in safety here and Hereafter, come and look for what is heavenly, from the Lord of Heavens, Who created you. O Mankind! Why He created you? Try to know it and give your highest respect and majesty and glory to your Lord.

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, `Azeez Allah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, SubhanAllah
Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Sultan Allah

Whole nations from east to west, from north to south, are you believing that the Lord of Heavens is Sultan, the King of Kings, and the Creator, Who has no partner? Come and believe! Only this can save you, nothing else. Troubles, miseries and sufferings are coming on people because of such wrong understandings of Mankind. Day-by-day approaching to this planet to take away everything on it.


This addressing, khitab they are making me to speak is not only for Muslims, but for whole nations! They must take their care for such a heavenly knowledge or they should be taken away. Muslims, Christians, Jewish people and unbelievers, all people are responsible. They are not learning their responsibilities, and the rights of heavens will be taken away, with no chance for them to come in existence a second time! Forgive us, O our Lord!


Therefore, I am calling to His Holiness the Pope, to His Holiness the Patriarch, to priests, to rabbis, to prevent heavenly anger from reaching to this planet or everything is going to be finished! Do your best, people, and if the Lord of Heavens is going to be happy with you, He may save you here and Hereafter, for the honor of most beloved one and for their honors.

(45 minutes)

Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, `Azeez Allah

Dome dome, dome dome, Dome dome, dome dome 4x

(Mawlana Shaykh stands and sings.)

Yaa Muhammad, canim arzular seni.
Dost Muhammad, canim pek sever seni.
Yaa Muhammad, my soul is yearning for you!
Yaa Muhammad, you are my true love!

(Mawlana Shaykh sits.)

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