Maulana Sheikh NazimSultan Awliya Sheikh Abdullah ad-Daghistani & Jalaluddin Rumi (May Allah Almighty bless them both)

"Sultan Awliya Sheikh Abdullah ad-Daghistani & Jalaluddin Rumi (May Allah Almighty bless them both). May God bless them both, give respect to everyone."

God Almighty teaches His people. Each one of the children of Adam can learn teachings from God Almighty. If we can put their hearts wholly in the Divine Presence, we can always learn teachings from God Almighty in the form of inspiration.

Revelation (wahy) is for prophets, because they put their hearts wholly in the Divine Presence. Their hearts were not occupied by this world or by anything except their Lord. They were not occupied by this world or by anything except their Lord. They were occupied by their Lord only. As God Almighty called them to his Divine Presence for his worship, they said, "Here we are, ready" (labbayk). Therefore, they faced their Lord's Divine Presence wholly through their hearts. The one who faced his Lord's Divine Presence most was the Seal of the Prophets, beloved Muhammad (saws). Then, to each one of God's servants, to the extent that they can put their hearts in the Divine Presence, inspiration is directed from the Divine Presence into their hearts. Sometimes it is easier for my heart for inspiration to come when I am awake and you put your hearts toward my heart. Then it is easy, translating from the Divine Presence to the Prophet (saws) and from the Prophet (saws) to the Grand Shaykh, and from Grand Shaykh's heart to my heart.

Today when I was praying an important point just appeared on the mirror of my heart to speak about. What is the Muslim's position in relation to others? When we say "others," it means toward all people excepting yourself. It is divided into so many parts, also. What is your position toward unbelievers or toward believers in other religions? Then, what is the position of men toward women and of women toward men? What is your position in relation to older people or younger people? What is your position toward rich people, toward poor people? What is your position toward learned people and toward ignorant people, toward peasants, toward every kind of people, and toward animals, toward plants, toward non-living things - toward all things that may be in existence?

We may gather everything into a word, into a saying that the Prophet (saws) spoke advising his nation, his community (ummah). The Prophet (saws) said, "My Lord taught me and gave me the best manners. whoever wants the best manners may take them from me, through me" (addabani rabbi fa ahsana tadibi). He himself informed us that he had been taught or had been given the best manners (adab), that one may have.

Therefore, O believers, we can learn all good manners through our beloved Prophet Muhammad (saws). Now, we are in need of knowing what are the best manners for coming face to face with people, for everyone according to his or her level, because we are all of us the same in creation, but we are different in our forms, in our capabilities or abilities or characteristics. Everyone carries something different. That is from our Lord's Greatness that He can make everyone to be only one of a kind. Everyone carries a different personality. That is a sign to you that you have been honored in the Divine Presence. No one can anticipate the real honors that everyone has been given by His Lord.

Now we have, throughout this life, by Divine Wisdom, different levels. Therefore, you can't consider human beings like a factory product, all in the same mold. No, because you, the children of Adam, have been created to be God Almighty's vicegerents. Each one of the children of Adam, man or woman, has a manifestation of God Almighty's Most Beautiful Names. They are each manifestations (madhahar) of one of the Most Beautiful Names of the Lord Almighty. You can't say that your Name is the same as the next one's. No matter how many individuals you can imagine from humanity, from among the children of Adam, no matter how many millions of human beings may come, each of them is going to manifest one different Most Beautiful Name from among the Names of God Almighty.

That is a general view for you about the children of Adam. Therefore, you may stand up for everyone who comes to you, respecting that person. You must see each one of the children of Adam, all of them, as being a manifestation of a Most Beautiful Name of your Lord Almighty. That is good manners (adab). You must acquire the excellent manners which God Almighty taught His Prophet.

However, we have lost that now. We are going so far from true Islam and the true excellent manners, and we are inventing something. This is innovation (bidah). We must look at every one of humanity with respect. Therefore, if a baby is born and opens its mouth, breathing, one-two-three, and dies, you must give a name to that child. You must wash the body and you must pray over it with respect. Even if the sultan came, he would pray over the child. If there were no one but the sultan, he must pray, must give respect, to the children of Adam. That baby is one of the children of Adam, yes? That is having good manners or the best manners. We must maintain this. We must make a grave for that baby, not just throw stones and dust on that body.

That is true Islam. You can't find this in any other path, in any religion except Islam - the excellent manners which give perfect respect to the children of Adam. One day a funeral procession was going by where the Prophet (saws) was sitting. when it came near, he stood up, teaching people manners. Someone said, "Oh Prophet of God, that person was an idol-worshipper (mushrik)." But still the Prophet (saws) remained standing.

It was not good manners for a person to say this to the prophet, (saws), but at the beginning it didn't matter because the Prophet was teaching his Companions (sahabah) step-by-step. They were reaching perfection. But it was unmannerly. Then that person regretted that be had reminded the Prophet (saws ) saying that this is the body of an idol-worshipper. The Prophet (saws) knew this. How would he have been a prophet if he didn't know'? You know and He doesn't know?

What did the Prophet (saws) say then? He said one word according to the common level of people, because the Prophet (saws) kept so much knowledge in his heart, and he gave common knowledge to common people and private, special knowledge to special people. Some other knowledge was for himself and some for His Lord Almighty alone. He only said, "I am standing because the angel of Death is going with him. I see that and am standing up." And that is a form of respect, also. He was indicating that he could give respect, even for dead bodies, for everyone. When the funeral procession goes by, we may look, we may stop, because the dead body is not going alone. It is protected by angels, going with it, also. You must look and you must say, "Glory be to the Living One Who never dies" (subhana-l-Hayy al-ladhi la yamut). You must remember death and you must say that God Almighty alone never dies. Those are teachings for everyone from God Almighty to His beloved Prophet (saws) and to ourselves.

What is the measure of respect among people now, when we are claiming we have reached the peak of civilization? Rather, people are coming down. They have reached the lowest point of civilization, not the peak. No, the lowest. Islam comes with most high respect to our Lord, Almighty God, and out of respect for our Lord Almighty we respect His servants. We must respect them because everyone has been honored to be a vicegerent to our Lord Almighty and to be a manifestation of a Most Beautiful Name of our Lord, Almighty God.

Then, every trouble and every problem can be easily solved if we can do this for everyone, because the fruit of respect is respect. when you respect someone, you can find respect from that person to you, but when you are proud, trying to make him low, he will make you low, also. Therefore this world is now like a hell, people falling into it, everyday going down lower, because we have lost respect for the sake of God Almighty.

This is the excellent manners that the Prophet (saws) teaches believers in Islam. Our respect begins from the day of birth, from our birthday. Everyone has a birthday, not just certain people. But you must not think of giving some value to a person only on one day and then throw that away. No. Respect must continue from the birthday on. You must be trained, from the beginning to the end, to give respect. Islam brought respect to humanity, men and women. No faith has given rights to men and women except Islam. Islam bases itself on good manners or the best manners for men and women and the relationship between them, in respect for the sake of God Almighty only.

What makes our Lord pleased with us? Everyone must try to make his or her Lord pleased with him or her. That is the important thing for us throughout our lives. We must make Him pleased with us. If you are asking what thing makes God Almighty pleased with us, you must know it makes our Lord pleased with us to respect His servants. Give respect to everyone for the sake of your Lord and it is enough. He is going to be pleased with you.

I was, by my Lord's favor, with my Grand Shaykh, may God Almighty bless him, for forty years. He taught me and he gave respect to everyone who came to him. "Oh my son, give your respect to everyone because that makes your Lord pleased with you."

If a little child, three years old, four years old, two years old, came to his assembly, and if Grand Shaykh, may God Almighty bless him, was sitting he would get up for him, saying, "Welcome, ahlan wa sahlan." As we said, if that baby is born, taking three breaths and then dying, if no one else is there, the sultan and all statesmen must give their respects to him because he is a candidate for being a deputy of God Almighty.

That is what we have been given by our Grand Shaykh, may God Almighty bless him, and we are trying to give you also those good or best manners. And you must keep them. To the extent that you keep them, you are going to be happy and in peace within yourself. You will find satisfaction. You will be respected among creatures and among heavenly beings, as well. That is an honor for us.

Therefore, don't say that that such-and-such a person is a Christian, that one is Jewish, that is another kind; that is black that is white, that is red, that is yellow; that is rich, that is a peasant, that is a worker, that is a miner; that is a learned one, that is an unlearned one - no. You must look at everyone as a manifestation of one of your Lord's Most Beautiful Names, God Almighty looks at him or her through that Name. He or she is being trained under that Name. Therefore, everyone is perfect in that manifestation. Our Lord, God Almighty, gave to them from His Attributes and you must keep that respect for the sake of your Lord, God Almighty.

Once Jalal al-Din Rumi, a famous mystic among Grand Shaykhs was walking in the market place. A priest was approaching. When that priest saw that Jalal al-Din Rumi was coming, he bowed. Then Jalal al-Din Rumi bowed lower than that priest.

The one who has been given wisdom may understand what the meaning of this is. Knowledge you can find everywhere but wisdom is a grant from God Almighty to certain people, not for everyone. Therefore, God Almighty praises the one who has been given wisdom, saying that he has been given a great favor by his Lord Almighty.

Perhaps someone may object concerning such a Grand Shaykh. "Why, that is a priest and he is a Grand Shaykh. Why did he bow like that, more than that priest? That priest is a humble person in front of such a Grand Shaykh." Who is grand? The one who is more humble than anyone else. He is grand. Grand is not the one who is proud of people. You must understand. That is the point. But the other thing that made Jalal al-Din Rumi bow lower than that priest was because he saw a manifestation of one of the Most Beautiful Names in that priest. Although he was a priest, he manifested one of God Almighty's Most Beautiful Names. Yes.

We are carrying so many sins concerning people and concerning ourselves, as well. We must ask forgiveness every time. May God Almighty bless you and forgive you and forgive us.


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