Pictures of Maulana Sheikh NazimThe Signs of Divine Anger

We may glorify Allah Almighty. Allahu Akbar Allahu Akbar. La ilaha illa Allahu wa Allahu
Akbar. Allahu Akbar wa lillah al Hamd. Then we may send salat & salam to His Glorious
Prophet (sas). Alfu alfu salat alfu alfu salam alayka wa ala Ahlika wa Sahabatika, O You The
best of Allah's Creation, O Master of the Prophets Sayyidina Muhammad (sas).
It has been obligatory for us to say a few words for our people who understand Turkish. Because
our days have become astonishing days and astonishing events have taken place. And people
started quarreling amongst each other. They become such that they seek to destroy one another.
Wars & battles make people kill each other. Other than this, what people call 'natural disasters',
earthquakes, tornadoes, fires, floods make everywhere upside down. The seas are boiling,

These conditions that we are in, especially the wars, are showing the hatred people have for each
other. A man doesn't accept another man. But we are all creatures that Allah Almighty created.
And the order to us is to respect & love one another. For us to respect & love each other means
we respect & love Allah Almighty. Allah Almighty asks this: "O My servants, I created you. It is
not like you descended from Heavens to earth in a basket/zambil. It is Me Who created you.
Believe properly. Say the Truth. Because shaytan is always pulling you from the truth to untrue
ways, untrue beliefs". Why? Because shaytan is an enemy to man. He doesn't want people to
find goodness. Whosoever follows shaytan, he will regret in the end. He will be destroyed,
ruined. He has no dunya nor any akhirah left. O Muslims, O people who understand Turkish,
man's honour is with his belief. He who believes, has honour. He who doesn't believe, has no
honour. You may not like this. As you like, there is something to come on you.

This holy month that we are in now, is Ramadan Sharif. It is the holy month in which Muslims
are ordered to fast. I am saying this to our people who understand Turkish. When this holy
month comes, Allah Almighty says, "Fast, for Me. Pray, for Me. Do goodness/khayr, for
yourselves". How many kinds of life are there? I am asking to who sits in coffee shops. How
many kinds of life are there? "O Shaykh Effendi, how can we know how many kinds of life there
are?" You know everything but don't know this? You studied all these years. You forgot all you
studied. You have a claim: "We know everything". How many types of life, say! This is the
question for all, to the one who is on top of you to the last one. I am a man who is zero. I am
asking, how many types of life are there? "They didn't teach us that we can learn!" Who didn't
teach, they were not taught either. Life; first is honourable life, second is shameful life. Is there a
third one? I am asking all who understand Turkish. Is there a third life? Can't be. Either
honoured life, or shameful life. The honoured life is for people who live with their honour, for
people who know their honour. Shameful life is for those who forgot their humanity, who don't
know what they are doing & who have turned into beasts.

Allah Almighty says with His Majesty, "Wa La Taqtulu Anfusakum" (4:29). "Do not kill each
other. I am the Giver of life. It is the biggest sin, to kill a person. And especially, to kill the
innocent ones." This is a matter that provokes Allah Almighty's Anger. Especially the killing of
the innocent people, sinless people. This is the biggest sin. "I will punish them." He says. "I
won't leave them". They are dishonoured people, that they kill people for no reason. They
invented cannons, planes. It wasn't enough what they fired in the earth. In the sky they are
throwing something called missiles, which is a device from hell. It doesn't leave any house, any
man behind, doesn't leave children, doesn't leave old ones, doesn't leave any food. It doesn't
leave anything from humanity.

What kind of a civilization is this, that the people of this time say "we are civilized people"? Take
this civilization of yours, it is of no use! Why is this wildness coming? These are the shaytanic
philosophies of those who don't know their religion, their God, their Lord, their Prophet: "Kill,
you have the right" No! Allah Almighty is prohibiting, preventing this. "Whosoever does good
deeds, I will give his reward. If he does goodness, if he lives like a human, knows his Creator,
knows his Prophet, I will give his reward. If not, I will give punishment. When My punishment
comes, no one can stand against it".

It is heard everyday, the wars in dunya. It is different. There are the signs of Heavenly Anger.
Allah Who rules over the Heavens is angry with the people in earth. It is Heavenly Anger, they
don't listen to it. They are running after shaytan. Therefore He is giving earthquake from
Heavens as a sign of His Anger. It wasn't heard before that there is an earthquake in the oceans.
Earthquakes happen in the sea. Waves come from the sea, they take & wipe out the cities. You,
why you can't stand against this with your technology, o little man! You have no power, even as
an ant. Why do you not think? He can make a volcano explode & it makes everywhere upside
down. Stop it if you can. Who lights the fire under the earth? Who explodes the mountains? It
is seen everyday, they are signs of the Heavenly Anger. The signs of Allah's Anger are seen
everyday. Because they are not keeping His orders. With tornadoes, floods, eathquakes, fires...
Where is it from? It is the sign of the Anger, the Wrath, the Severity of Heavens towards the ones
on earth.

You sit in coffee shops in the day of the holy month of Ramadan? Why don't you stand & go to
the mosque? "I don't go". You don't go but there is something to come on you. What are you
doing in coffeeshop? Allah created you to be coffee shop keepers? No mind people. They go out
at night & wander around here there, in dirty places. Why don't you go to mosque? He doesn't
think of it. If you don't think of it, He will make you think of it. This is a small island, let's say
Cyprus. And also on a world scale, whole world is in fire. And it is not man made. The forests
are burning. Where is that from? Is it from a match? Think, o man! Man thinks, animals don't
think. What have you been created? Why do you sit in the coffee shops? Why don't you get up
to pray, to worship? To say "Aman ya Rabbi"? If Gemikonagi (Cyprus village) floods one day,
who will save you? This is an address for the people here. This is the Wrath of Heavens. Come
to your senses.

"I can move a mountain from it's place & make it fall on you. Beware!" There are all kinds of
signs that the Sultanate in Heavens can send to mankind; many signs He will show to discipline
them. Today is full with them. O man, beware! The Heavens are wrathful, angry! Suddenly a
stone may fall on your head when you are passing by & you fall there. Tornadoes are coming.
Can you stop them? You can't. They say "this city was flooded". It was not flooded for all these
years. What happened now? Because they became bad mannered. They became bad
mannered, they don't know the holy Ramadan.

"O Shaykh Effendi, we give iftar dinners". Who ordered you to give iftar dinners? You may look
for poor ones & give to them. Not setting tables & giving iftar dinners. Who ordered you to do
this? Go around & look, there are many people who don't even have a bit of food. Look for
them. Give to them. "We are in Makkah or Madinah, in iftar dinner." Angels pour down these
iftar dinners on your head! When people are killed, are hit under fire on that side, when they
don't know where to take shelter, do you offer iftar dinner on this side? "That person gave iftar
dinner" - Masha Allah! The ones you gave to, were they hungry? To show off, to display an iftar
dinner? There is no such thing as iftar dinner in Islam. You eat in your home & give what is
excess to the needy ones. They don't do this, especially our people who understand Turkish.
They are directed towards the wrong path. "We give iftar dinner". Giving iftar dinners is not an
order. There is order for you to give to needy ones who don't even have a bite to eat. Not
setting tables & putting all kinds of food on it & say "we gave iftar dinner". No, no! Wrong way,
this is the wrong way.

In this side a group of people, a tribe that is not certain whether they are human or not, they are
making the holy land & everything in it upside down. And you keep quiet. You only struggle to
support or kill a certain party. This can't be. Pull yourselves together O Turks & Arabs! La
Hawla Wa La Quwwata illa BillAhil Aliyyil Azeem. Subhana Allahil Aliyyil Azim. We are not
freeing our ego from the blame but we are obliged to speak the Truth, therefore we are saying.
The land of Sham, the land of Aleppo, the ones who put the land of Prophets under fire, can
they find goodness? They can't! If what is happening to them today, comes on the people here
what will they do? To where will they flee? "Fa`tabiru Ya 'Uli Al-'Absari" (59:2) Take warning
O people! Take admonition O you who can see! If you don't take warning, then Allah Almighty
makes you such that others take warning from you.

O Cypriots, O people of Turkey, O those who understand Turkish, Beware! This Holy Quran,
Kalam al-Qadim are the words that show the ways to the people and inform them, give them the
news whether they are dangerous or not. May you have control over yourselves. Who doesn't
fast has no control over himself And who has no self control belongs to animals, is not of
mankind. Finish, there are things to come on him. You are on this island. This island sunk into
the sea 3 times. If He shakes it once & it goes underwater, to where will you flee? Which
mountain you will climb?

O Turks who live in Cyprus, Turks who live in Turkey, Turks who are ashamed to say "we are
Muslims"! When your daughters & boys walk in the streets bare naked how do you have
honour? Disasters come on you for this reason. There are things to come on the nation who
can't rule over their women & girls. He can make a flood & they all disappear in the water.
Shame on the women who walk in the streets like bare naked and on those who can't rule over

May Allah forgive us. This is enough for today. Tawba ya Rabbi. This weather, no such
weather (heat) would be seen in this season. This is from the signs of the Heavenly Anger. We
are only to say. We don't have anything to do anyways. We are doing what we can. But this is a
warning for who doesn't do what they can do.

O our Lord, forgive us. O our Lord, send us from Your men who will show us the right way.
Tawba ya Rabbi. Tawba ya Rabbi. Tawba Astaghfirullah. Aman ya Rabbi. Send us a Master
for the honour of Your Glorious Prophet Muhammad Mustafa (sas). Send us a Sultan who will
teach us our humanity, Send us a Sultan to rule O Lord. You are Qadir al-Muqtadir. Forgive us
O Lord, forgive us O Lord. Who doesn't listen, it may be they can't reach the end of Ramadan.
Fast, pray & repent. You get saved, or else the Anger of Heavens is near. It can sink this island
& make it upside down. Tawba ya Rabbi. Aman ya Rabbi.

I can say this much. I am getting out of breath. May Allah forgive me. May Allah forgive me.
Who can't rule over their women & boys are not men. And an illness will come on the women
who don't listen to these words, for which there will be no cure. I told them about this as well,
this news has reached us. Aman ya Rabbi. Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. Aman ya
Rabbi. Aman ya Rabbi, astaghfirullah.

Where are you O muftis, O judges, O Sermonisers? Speak, don't fear. This poor one, not one
but my two feet are in the grave. Allah Almighty will call: "What have you done, O My
servant?" He will ask me & ask you also. Fortunately we have here Umm Haram Sultan. The
Mercy that descends on her supports us or else we would sink & die here. Come to your senses, o
people! If not, you are to suffer. Aman ya Rabbi, tawba ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah.

I may understand & you may understand also. Stop the nightlife, o people or else. It is not
halal/permitted for Europeans & haram/forbidden for us but it is haram for all, the nightlife.
Give it up. Pray & enter your homes. Nothing comes on you, goodness comes. If not, you are to
suffer. May Allah forgive us & forgive you also. What else can we say O Lord? Tawba ya
Rabbi. Tawba ya Rabbi, tawba Astaghfirullah. Aman ya Rabbi. Alhamdulillah, for the
barakah of our Umm Haram Sultan the disasters are withdrawing, or else He was going to
make it sink long ago. If He destroys the mountains, to where will you flee, o little man? Tawba
ya Rabbi.

All you can think of is to make buildings. All peoples minds & thoughts are occupied with
adultery. "When the Day of Judgement is near" it says, why don't you say O hojas? "From the
signs of the Hour, yaksurul bina & yaksurul zina- too much buildings & adultery" Why don't you
say O Hojas, that "From the signs of the Hour, buildings & adultery will be widespread." Dunya
is filled, why don't you warn? O government, why don't you call to the people? There are things
to come on you. There are things to come on you.. This poor one said as much as he knew & he
warned. If I am alive tomorrow & it is destined, I may say again. I may say all kinds of it that we
may pull ourselves together.


Lefke, 08.08.2012

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