Maulana Sheikh NazimThere are signs on ways showing the direction

There are signs on ways showing the direction: Istanbul Ankara, Konya, Lefkosa, Girne…If someone is going to change the direction of the sign pointing to Berlin, Frankfurt, a person will not find it…

From the beginning of Dunya, since Adam a.s., Allah put signs pointing to Paradise. There are signs to Paradise, and Shaitan always tries to change the signs. Nowadays are all signs wrong. In 7ooo years, since Adam up today, has he diverted the signs and the people today are in such a confused state that they fell in a ditch and now they are in the dark and they don't now in which direction to go, because they followed the wrong signs. If Allah would not put also guides next to the signs, we had no responsibility. Because sometimes the traffic lights are not working, and one puts police there. Allah put with the signs someones that wait there and guard the signs and give information when the signs are diverted. If not, we had no responsibility. But Allah sent Adam and told him to stay there and read the signs and that Shaitan is behind him, always changes the signs. And to tell people that the sign was originally pointing in that direction.

Those who listen to you, will find safety. Don't look after those who don't ask you, 124ooo prophets were informed, shown the signs and guarded the signs. But Shaitan always changed the signs and who didn't listen to the prophets and said we look to the signs and follow them and don't wait for any message form Heavens. If there are rules in Heavens, let Him look after himself, we are governing the earth. We follow the signs, how they point. You are like us, look like us, how do you know the signs are wrong? We don't follow you.

70 of the Quraisch said to the Prophet: Your way is wrong, our way is right. What happened? They were chopped into pieces and thrown into a dry well, and stones were thrown on them. Who followed the Prophet, there were 124ooo Sahabas. There is Eyub Sultan in Istanbul. How many Sultans were paying respect to him. He came from the desert and lived in Medina. He followed the Prophet. They called him Abu Eyub Ansari, calling him Sultan. People trembled in front of him. At his makam they take hashiyat and heybet. The 36 Ottoman Sultans of the 7oo year Empire took barakat there, taking off sword and crown. The Wahabis deny this barakat and so they don't take light and they got confused and they have problems here and will be punished in the hereafter. He was one Sahaba, reaching the conquisition of Istanbul under Fatih Sultan Mehmet.

The Sahabas who were not confused by Shaitan and who followed the truth of the Prophet opened East and West, a handful of people, coming from the desert. That time Iran was like Russia, an Empire, fire worshippers, representing the communist Russia. There was a Greek Kaiser in Istanbul, representing the America, Roman Empire. The Prophet sws gave news about the breakdown of their Empire, but they didn't believe. And the big Empire disappeared, because they didn't respect the invitation of the Prophet to Islam. He tore the letter of the Prophet. They tried to kill the Prophet. And the Prophet prayed that also their Empire should be broken. Kissra disappeared and their belief, but the Roman religion is still there until Jesus will come. They finished the fire worshippers, not the Christians. They will finish when Jesus comes.

One single person came up and called: I am sent from Allah, follow me, the signs have been diverted, their original direction is this. Who followed him, became to be called Sultan. Here we have Hala Sultan. The Muslims visit it and make Dua and ask for intercession. With her intercession this island continued until today. If only they had drawn that place within our borders. But Apostolos Andreos is here and they did a wrong thing. They changed the signs and made the people to fall into problems. All signs point in the wrong direction. In the 21st century all people walk in the wrong direction and fall into darkness and the biggest confusion in history.

The Jews are confused: What happened? With all our power, how did they hit us? They think the Arabs sent an airplane. They say: We don't know who send that. Like this an airplane? I was not going to watch this, but my son in law called me to the Shaitan's wardrobe (TV room): Something is going on. One hitting, and everything was red. The Jews were surprised; they didn't think this could happen. They thought: No one is governing us. We have everything in our hands, the gold, media, everything, we do what we want. One blow and they are down. They didn't expect this. Did we go in the wrong direction, they ask? If they admitted that they are in the wrong direction, they would have to follow the Prophet's way. They ask: How can we get out? It is a one-way street, no way out. And in front there is a Bridge before Qiyamat. We go with ultimate speed, when we fly on that bridge, we are in trouble. After a little while it will be obvious.

Sheikh Hisham gave me news, June, July, August, up to September. I said we will see, if the signature is coming I will press more… Shaitan brought them to that bridge. Now the Awliyas hear his (Shaitans) laughter… what laughing. He is so much laughing and happy, that he brought them to the biggest trouble. The Dunya is going with highest speed towards the biggest trouble, the Bela, the war, the fire. It is finished. Did you hear that news? It is not a joke, it is finished. I am not reading from books and tell you news. I tell you what they send to me. Who likes it, may like it, who doesn't like it, may not like it. Amerika will go on that bridge, Russia, China, Japan, Israel blows the horn. The Jews, Christians and heedless Muslims… to Armageddon, Merhamet Kubra. Non stop, no U-turn.

I am saying: 'O Allah, You know, Your will goes on. Since they didn't listened to You, the people of the 21st century may go. Only those who call You, who know You and make Sajdah to You we ask.' The hukum is that everything is finished. And those who throw themselves out of the windows, are also finished. The modern fast trains go 3oo km per hour. They may go 5oo, it will not save them. Don't come near, or you will be finished…

After a while I may speak to you Europeans and it is not same what I said to our people, Muslim world and Turkish people, and their states- that nothing can be able to save them, impossible. The hukum is spoken. Now people ask: 'How we can come out of that mud and darkness? How did they bring us in here?' They say: 'Economical crises'. It is a lie. The root of that problem that they fell into that hole. And now there is no one to take them out. And Qiyamat is near. I am saying: 'I am calling here since 6o years: The signs are wrong, they are cheating you, they changed the signs'. They told me to shut up, preventing me from speaking. Okay, I don't speak anymore now. I didn't follow these signs.

Now they ask what to do. We will make an election. I say: 'You are in the ditch, he is also there. You will play in the ditch together'… Astaghfirullah, tubtu wa rajatu ila-llah…Allah, Allah… Sensin, Allah, Qadir mutlak, fa'alu lima yurid: Sensin. You give chance to those who don't listen to You, but then: (Sura Fajr) Innahum yakiduna kaida wa akidu kaida, wa mahilil kafirina amhilhum ruayda…This is a sharp sword. 'O Habibi, those who come against you and the religion of truth that you brought, they make traps and want to finish the religion, but I put a big trap for them and I give a little bit of chance to the Kafir, for a very little while, then will I do what I am doing.' No work, no power now… and still this still nothing. And they still have the pockets full of money to amuse themselves. And only a little while and we are approaching that bridge… The general view is this.

Ya Rabbi adkhilna fi Rahmatika maa' 'ibadika salihin. Ij'alna, ya Rabbi, wa-l muqminin, auladana, ikhwanana, akhwabana, ahbabana wa-l muqmin fi-l hirdhika wa-l hifthika wa amanika wa kalafika, ya Allah, wa Anta khairu Hafithin, ya Rabbi…bi jahi man arsaltahu rahmatan li-l 'alamin…Khafif, ya Rabbi, Innaka Afuu Karim, fafuanna, ya Karim… If You want You can stop it, but guidance, hidayet wa inayet, is from You. Your decision is truth, we don't interfere. However You decide, Your hukum is the best…You said that who is making mischief in the world you will punish them here in Dunya, and that the hukum for the Ummah of Ahmad is not left for Akhira but is finishing here in this Dunya. And therefore You are Arhama Rahim wa Ahkamu Hakimin, wa Khairu Nasirien wa Khairu Hafithin, Khairu Raziqin, ya Rabbi.

Just this is coming for our Turkish people, but I hope that today or tomorrow I may speak in another way for western people, what happened to them, who was cheating them, who was cheating mankind from beginning up today…Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Allah Allah, Aziz Allah…Kerim Allah.…. Subhan Allah, Sultan Allah…Allah is Sultan, not the President of a Republic.

Lefke, 19.05.2002 (Translated from Turkish)

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